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JUNE 16 - 30, 2007
"June 16, 2007"
Nevada I've actually been listening to Richard for exactly 38 years which wasn't among the choices. Getting treated to a great new CD from an artist my age that I enjoyed all through college and beyond is like the fountain of youth. Video idea: How about Richard performing, Forest Gump-like, on an episode of American Bandstand? I can picture the band with their suits and ties playing a raucous version of Bad Monkey, with all the kids twisting in the audience and Dick Clark looking on with admiration. Or, maybe the band could be wearing Hawaiian shirts playing at a beach party in an Annette Funicello movie. This might be better since it would be in color instead of black and white. Also, you could hire Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson to dance in bikinis. Tell me that wouldn't be a popular video! p.s. I recently submitted an idea for a RT video. Not to belabor the issue, but I'm imagining a beach party and the band is playing Bad Monkey and the dancers are all beautiful women who have had famous break-ups with their own ""bad monkeys."" I'm imagining a very enjoyable, funny, sexy video that would make RT a household name. You'd have Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee dancing together, Carmen and Dennis Rodman, Britney and K-Fed, etc. I think any celebrity with a sense of humor would do it for free. It would be a riot.
Limburg Is there any chance of Richard Thompson coming to the Netherlands in the(near) future?
Arizona are you ever coming to dusty arizona? moved from PA where you always stopped....miss you
Kentucky Listened to you on XM radio while you were performing at Bonnaroo. Loved "Dad's Gonna Kill Me."
West Lothian, Scotland Please give "Torphichen Summer Nights" some consideration.
"June 17, 2007"
Provence Any plans to include some French dates when touring Europe in the future? Can recommend L'Usine (The Factory)in Istres, not far from Aix-en-Provence. British bands often play here with big audiences.
Iowa I saw Richard and the band play at the Englert Theatre in Iowa City last week. All I can say is, for those of you planning to see this tour, you are in for a treat. Absolutely amazing show! It's the first time I've seen Richard do an electric show. "Wow!" is about all I can say! Not only does he play a great playlist, covering all eras, but he's assembled a great band as well. Go see this tour, you will not regret it...
Illinois Thanks for a great show at Park West in Chi-town on 6/13!!
Queensland Love the tunes!!!!
"June 18, 2007"
Darlington Not seen live since Fairport in the early seventies! See you at Gateshead in October.
Pennsylvania You are coming to Harrisburg on the 25th. See you there!
Ohio Richard, I saw your performance at Bonneroo and I considered it the most inspired by far of the acts I saw there. The Del McCrory song you played was magnificent and brought tears to my eyes in recognition of its brilliant rendition. What was the name of it? I am not one given to platitudes or hero worship and am definately not a "groupie", just an aging professional from the hippie era who appreciates genuine enthusiam and technical proficiency due to hard work and true love of the art. Please play one of the fine clubs in the Cleveland area soon! Thank you
"June 19, 2007"
Texas I finally got to be in the audience for Richard's set at Bonnaroo. It was the highlight of the entire festival for me. What a master!
Ohio A fantastic show tonight in Cleveland at the HOB despite the meager crowd. Consummate entertainers all! Can't wait to buy the new album!!!
New York I truly enjoy listening to Richard's guitar work, especially with Fairport Convention and his early solo career(and also at the Cropredy concerts). I really liked his Guitar, vocal album. I haven't heard much of his recent music though. From listening to some of his music, 1990's to present, I wonder if Richard is a very happy person. I think he is a very good guitar player.
New York My favorite guitarist of all time.............
Lower Saxony Please come for a show to Groningen / Netherlands. You´ve been there a few years ago. IT WAS GREAT GREAT GREAT
"June 20, 2007"
New York I saw RT's show at the Tralf in Buffalo on June 19 and it was excellent. The boys did a great job of making up for the sudden departure of Danny Thompson and put on a show that nearly brought the house down. This was alos the first time my wife had seen him play and she was thoroughly blown away. Bravo.
New York Richard, loved the show last night in Buffalo. I've seen you many times and they were all great. None of those shows were as satisfying and fun as this one though. Great set list! Fantastic to hear so many ""deep cuts"" that I've never seen you perform before. Please, please, don't wait so long to come back. Include us on your acoustic tours! Hope you have a blast on the rest of the tour.
Oregon RT has been one of the major vibrations in the soundtrack of my adult life. I've made more than a few converts by playing discs for my friends and inducing them to buy concert tickets. Love the new album... Hey, Richard, please stop and spend a little time with us again at the Aladdin Theater here in Portland.
USA Oh My God! Where have I been?
"June 21, 2007"
New York I just found RT today watching the documentary of the Grizzly Man, I fell in love with Richards playing he is magical, I want more
Kansas i would really like to meet him sometime to tell him inperson how much his music has meant to me. "not just shoot out the lights" with my divorce but when i knew i had a real serious problem with alcohol and the song "devonside" helped me through rehab and still does to this day
California My brother Russ turned me on to Richard years ago..........but truth be told I got hooked when I heard Fairport through sifting through his voluminous LP collection whilst he was off in Europe one summer. Great to see Richard still vibrant as ever. I am just listening to the 30th Anniversary show for FC that Russ provided to me. Hmmmmm wish I could attend the 40th!
Upton-upon-Severn I was very disappointed that the Roses, Tewkesbury gig was sold out so quickly (within a week they told me. Two nights there could have been sold out!
New York thanks for putting up with the rain in Brooklyn last night. Brilliant show!
Nebraska So how's the Eastman treating you? I have one just like it and I dearly love it, Hope yours is working out for you.
USA amnesia every day!
Washington DC keep on keeping on
Virginia Please don't stop.
California Many thanks for participating in the NPR podcast -- AWESOME!
"June 23, 2007"
Virginia A fan from and for forever. Please come to this area...I have seen RT many times in CA, but now I live where we also need to see him live!
Arkansas Sweet Warrior is awesome!! Keep the incredible music coming. Thanks Richand for many years of listening enjoyment.
Florida Can anybody get him to come to someplace in Florida again? Tampa, Florida misses him.
"June 24, 2007"
New Jersey Thank you, Richard.
Sydney Richard, I've been to your last 3 live solo shows in Sydney, I'm currently listening to the podcast from NPR with your band - when will you be bringing them to OZ? I love your solo shows dearly, but I want to hear "Valerie" with a kick-ass rythm section! Make an old man very happy - Cheers!
New York Saw Richard at the Paramount Theater in Peekskill and he and his band were fantastic. Thanks Richard.
Newcastle sings the secret thoughts that we all have but dont dare to share.
New York Thanks for a GREAT show in Buffalo. We were so happy to see you again!
"June 25, 2007"
Massachusetts I'm looking foreward to seeing Richard at the Berkley Centre on June 30th!
Florida Well, he's simply the greatest songwriter, musician of at least the past 1,000 years, no? I finally had the great fortune to see RT live for the first time recently at the Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee. It was a profoundly moving experience. He's quite easily the greatest musical artist I've ever heard, seen. I wish he would tour with his band more often and more widely in the U.S.
California Desperately seeking LA concert dates!
Connecticut Greetings, We saw the Peekskill show on the 23rd. What a great show! Thanks.
Pennsylvania What can I say but..."I love the music, I love the man."
West Virginia I have enjoyed Richard Thompson's performances since I first saw RT at the Guinness Fleadh in New York.
Germany I think i am 1 of the first buyers of the 5cd box. I bought it from amazon germany, but there is no information for getting the 6th cd ??? How can I get it ??? I am a great rt fan, I once talked to you in hamburg at the logo,I have got most of your records from the first lp of fairport to warrior, I love your music and I hope to see you soon in Germany, my son Luka is 16 years old and is a good guitarist, he is able to play some of your early songs and he is a fan of the music of your son of all for you... regards
Ohio Thanks for all your inspiration. For as long as I can remember you have provided a resonance that slides along with my life and gets in all the cracks and corners of my quandry. Many more to you brother.
"June 26, 2007"
Northumberland some things make it all worth while...
Co. Wicklow One of the best gigs I was ever at,vicer st. dublin last year (2006) First time I seen someone get a standing ovation in the middle of a performance, keep it going dude.
Pennsylvania Richard----thanks for ANOTHER super show @ whitaker center in harrisburg, pa on june 25. WOW!!!!! come back soon!!!!!!
Hameenlinna When are you coming to Finland or at least to Scandinavia?
New York just saw the sow in peekskill, ny 6/23. it was great, enjoyed it too much. thanks
"June 27, 2007"
Iowa Attended his recent concert in Iowa City, Iowa and was blown away! I've purchased everything I can get - "Sweet Warrior" is fantastic!
Ohio I will see you in concert whenever I can!
"June 28, 2007"
Strathclyde Still the Man!!
"June 29, 2007"
Ohio Thank you Richard for your tireless efforts to grow as a musician and not standing on your laurels. Each of your records presents a new sound, which considering your body of work, is quite astounding. With great respect and admiration.
Massachusetts Richard kicks major ass! Great guitar, amazing lyrics and a wit, to boot! Long may you rock, Richard! Thanks for the music.
"June 30, 2007"
Nevada Dear Beekeeper, I've really enjoyed reading the recent concert and CD reviews. Thanks for keeping the site up-to-date.
England came late to RT but more and more impressed, love the sweet warrior CD from first listening, full of classic tracks i think.
Illinois piano player that plays a number of richard's songs. i have seen him perform 6 times.absolute greatness
Nottingham OK, maybe 'my whole life' is an exagerration, but I was 13 when I first heard 'A Sailor's Life' (thanks Mr Peel!)and have pretty much followed RT's career ever since. Looking forward to seeing the man in Bristol later in the year, for the severalth time.