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JULY 1-31, 2009
"July 1, 2009"
California Great show in Sacramento lat night and looking forward to tonight (not to mention next December at the Mystic Theatre in Petaluma). Thanks for the music, the stories and the inspiration through the years (39 of them with or without an official certificate!)
"July 3, 2009"
Minnesota Stopped by to cite Vincent 52 lyrics to a friend.
Florida I learned about Mr. Thompson from the Grizzly Man documentary. Truly astounding guitar work.
"July 5, 2009"
California Please let Richard know that his music has meant a great deal to me - through some very difficult times, he's provided insight and hope.
central scotland too cool for words. so, so magical
"July 6, 2009"
British Columbia Just had a great trip driving down to see the excellent show at the Kate Wolf festival where Kami Thompson appeared.
"July 7, 2009"
Massachussetts Caught your performance of 'Cry Me a River' and thought you'd like to know that the original guitarist in the recording, Don Alessi, is a good friend here in Boston. I'll be playing for him your re-interpretation of the riffs.
"July 8, 2009"
North Carolina This is really late, but, it was nice to have you venture out and mingle with us locals after your show at the Carrboro Arts Center. Come back when you can stay and sight see a little. Bestest.
California Hi Richard - Saw you in Sacramento, first night. Thanks again, it was amazing. Came back on night2 and bought a couple of your live cds... great memories.
"July 10, 2009"
New York Such an amazing musician and performer. Saw Richard in Ithaca (1000 years of Music) and in Rochester (Solo, cancelled and resched following scorpian bite). Amazing, awesome. Don't understand why more people don't know of you. Makes knowing of you and your music and talent more special.
"July 11, 2009"
Ohio French artist Georges Braque said, "Reality only reveals itself when it is illuminated by a ray of poetry." The rays of Richard Thompson's poetry have been illuminating for me - and countless other fans around the world - in ways that will always be amazing and inspiring.
Sussex and Powys Richard, I was a big fan of Fairport, Sandy etc, but I am back into Folk music now having been away. Good on you! best wishes!! Dads goona kill me is great.
"July 12, 2009"
Paraparaumu Keep putting out the music.
"July 13, 2009"
Sussex Would love to have the opportunity to see/hear RT in a small club/pub type venue, like the old day. WIll this ever be possible on the UK?
Dublin You rarely do concerts in Ireland - last ones back in 2006 would really like to see you again - so many of your songs seem to have Irish soul!
"July 14, 2009"
Ohio I really enjoyed your concert in Kent Ohio. You do us "old guys" proud
Dorset where can i see you play
California Ever since I heard,"1952 Vincent Black Lightning", I've wondered if Red Molly double crossed him to get the bike? I'M NOT BITTER! Tee, heeā€¦
Ontario There's not another like him.
"July 17, 2009"
Ontario Unhalfbricking was the second album I bought and is still a favorite.(I also bought Henry!) Richard continues to amaze and delight.
"July 18, 2009"
Aberdeenshire, Scotland Would be lovely to see Richard back in Aberdeen (or somewhere close) soon!
"July 19, 2009"
Wollongong The feel of Richards music is deep, it really goes places.
Zeeland Dranouter will be the first time for me to see and hear you live. I have already bought a ticket. I hope it will become an unforgetable concert. See you on Dranouter.
England hi there, both my husband and myself have listened to your music,i have my favorites and martin has his,i am wondering if you remember a small boy(BARRIE)WHO SHOUTED OUT TO YOU TO PLAY PSYCHO STREET IN EDINBURGH QUEENS HALL ON THE RUMOUR AND SIGH TOUR
Florida Richard, in a just world you would be a houehold name (and you'd probably hate it)! Keep the live digital albums coming!
Oregon One of Richard's biggest fans - I spread the word wherever I go. Best conversation was in a pub in NorthWest England (Heswall, where my mother was from). A young lady traded us her RT albums for some oreo cookies shipped from the U.S. Thank you, Richard - love you and your music xxoo
"July 20, 2009"
Louisiana Nov. 9, 2009 Baton Rouge date-- Christmas comes early. Gracias!
"July 21, 2009"
Wales Been listening to Richard's music for a long time, but saw him for the first time in Pontardawe last night. All i can say is 'AWSOME'! He was every bit as good, well better actually, than i ever expected. I was mesmorized! One cool dude! I love him.
Pembrokeshire, Wales I was there!!! Last night at Pontardawe was unbelievable, probably the best gig for sheer class and intimacy - just like a folk club really, standing close enough to see fingers in blurred movement - back to the 'drawing board! Thanks a lot really enjoyable.
California Listening for a very long time indeed. Thank you for sharing love.
"July 22, 2009"
Kent 22/7/09: I can't believe I just missed RT at the Barbican last weekend, curses! I look forward to getting on the email list.
"July 26, 2009"
California I love Richard Thompson's music.
"July 28, 2009"
Missouri please bring the Rich & Loud show to St. Louis!
"July 30, 2009"
Kansas superb