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JULY 1-31, 2010
"July 1, 2010"
Oost Vlaanderen Do you really have a Vincent Black Schadow? I had so many things to do , and could not find Rivierenhof on time. I arrived just when you had finished your show. Bought me a CD from Neeka and got it autoghrafd , so my day was not completely ruined . Next gig in Belgium I will shurely be there to enjoy your magnificent music.
New York I've been to Richard's concerts in NYC several times, I've got mostly all he's recorded, and I was looking forward to the Town Hall concert in in October... until today when I tried to buy ticket with no luck whatsover. How do American Express card holders rate so much more highly over your other fans? How do they get all the good tickets (if they do) so quickly? Is this so much more profitable for you? I'm disappointed, any chance of a second show in NYC?
mortsel RT is a very special man
Dorset Brilliant set at Glastonbury this year!!
London it's actually 43 years
"July 4, 2010"
Minnesota Keep coming back to Minneapolis. Just saw Richard with Loudon Wainwright recently. Damn good show!
"July 5, 2010"
Barnstaple Please could you let me know how I could get hold of the tab for Sunset Song? I heard Richard play it at Glastobury Festival and was totally amazed. I would love to learn how to play it. Converted with many thanks
"July 6, 2010"
Maryland Love him. The best.
"July 7, 2010"
New York love you, Richard, and moved from Chicago a year ago. I don't think I'd missed a show in 15+ years in the area, but miss you dearly now!!! Need a fix…
Plymouth Just seen Richard at Glastonbury, superb!!On the same day as Slash,no comparison
Massachussetts where is that video of you singing "Woodstock" to Joni?
"July 9, 2010"
Antwerpen last concert in Belgium in the rivierenhof,just fab, just the voice, the gitar and the lyrics.
"July 10, 2010"
North Carolina Why I never found you earlier in life is an amazement to me--wonderful music! Honored to see you @ Arts Center in Chapel Hill,NC not long ago. Fantastic!
"July 11, 2010"
Sardinia a great musician and storyteller
Devon Ive been to Glastonbury festival and just hear Richard's music. Please could you send me the tab for sunset song. I know it's on a compilation book but don't want to pay £30 for just one song. Please could you find some way of letting my have the tab many thanks
"July 12, 2010"
Southampton Have seen him om a number of occasions, at Cropredy and most recently at The Brook Southampton on a pre Cropredy show. Absolutely fantastic, would love to be able to play half as good as he is hence why I am buying the volumes of his songs. A brilliant musician who can also write some amazing words consistently. Please come to Southampton again.
British Columbia When, oh when are you coming back to Vancouver, Richard?
"July 13, 2010"
Pennsylvania I think that Richard is hands down the best guitarist/singer/songwriter ever!! I make it a point to attend all of Richard's concerts in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. I'm looking forward to Richard's appearance at the Philly Folk Festival in August, 2010. Hey Richard, are you appearing in Princeton, NJ in 2010? I sure hope so!!!
NSW Last week the Thomsongbook and box set arrived. I have been slowly devouring them since. Congratulations, as they are both superb. As the owner of two other RT box sets, I thought I might be scraping the bottom, but there is clearly a long way to go, and there are major discoveries the further you go. Matching the track listing between the booklet and CDs is a challenge, as the former was presumably printed before the final tracklists were agreed. The sound quality is wonderful. And the songbook is great. I am particualrly delighted with the guitar music and tabs, showing just how simple (and how difficult) it is to play these pieces. I love the way the editor just gave up on labelling the tunings on many of the pieces, as RT used Dropped-D in so many songs (That is my favourite tuning too). May I book a lesson next time you are in town?
"July 14, 2010"
Tennessee Though I have only been listening to his music for two years or so I am already very fond of Richard Thompson's extensive works. I hope to see this great guitar player back in Nashville, TN sometime soon, for I have only seen him once live.
New Jersey Looking forward to new CD and concert at Town Hall. After watching the Tudors and reading a new book about them, I was wondering why RT didn't get the role of Anne Boleyn's musician friend and confidant who later had his eye gouged out and lost his head. Great role, except for the ending.
Pennsylvania Question: I have Old Kit Bag T-shirt (from said tour) Where can I get other Richard Thompson stuff? (T-shirts, hoodies, posters, picks-Damn it where are Richard Thompson Strings for Guitar?
"July 16, 2010"
Dublin When will he be performing in Ireland?
New Mexico I love to sing RT's songs, just wish I had 1/4 of his guitar chops. Play on, O Bardic Genius!
USA great sound.....great performer
"July 17, 2010"
Vermont Richard, I am graced by your playing.
Inverness, Scotland If Richard is reading this, I have sourced a batch of UNPLAYED Jimmy Shand 78s!
Aylesbury Just to let you know that I was a contestant on BBC's "Mastermind" with subjct "Life and Music of Richard Thompson". Came second with 25 points- just one point (and a huge number of passes in GK section) behind the winner. Screening will be in the Autumn
"July 18, 2010"
Florida Come to Fort Lauderdale! Please...
Maryland thank you
Nebraska The very first thing I ever heard was side 4 of Live More or Less - that pretty much sealed the deal right there.
"July 20, 2010"
New York I just had to purchase tickets to your New York show through TicketMaster--three separate charges, adding $12.50 to the price of each ticket; that's about one-third of the actual ticket price. I actually walked down to the theater during my lunch hour (I'm five foot six, with a beard; feel free to imagine me walking down Sixth Avenue in New York), and when I got to the ticket window ("Two tickets to Richard Thompson, dear boy!"), I was told the only way to purchase them was through TicketMaster. Is there anything you or your management can do for future tours, to prevent your fans from being shaken down?
"July 22, 2010"
Glascow, Scotland Enjoyed liverpool on Friday ROLL ON THE BAND TOUR GOT TIX FOR GLASGOW
"July 23, 2010"
Scotland I first heard your music 20 years ago covered by a band called Kingston Bridge Trio (5 piece) who done stunning arrangements of your music in the Clutha Bar in Glasgow. kind regards
"July 24, 2010"
"July 25, 2010"
England thanks to the late John Peel for playing "I want to see the bright lights tonight"
Maryland love your music and have for years
England One of the all time great songwiters and performaers
"July 28, 2010"
Madrid happy for sharing this web page with my love...
"July 29, 2010"
Kent Trying to track down Richard's version of Move It.
"July 31, 2010"
Barry, Wales From my first hearing of "what we did on our holidays" I was hooked. Looking forward to 23rd Jan 2011 in Cadiff Wish you were at Cropredy every year.