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July 1 - 31, 2013
"July 2, 2013"
Maine Richard Thompson is a gift - a woefully underated gift. He makes me feel lucky to have seen him in concert four times. Thank you.
"July 3, 2013"
New Jersey Saw RT in Portsmouth, NH on 30.6.13. (Yes, we shouted for Brittney.) Just a brilliant show - hope to see the 3 piece as well. The last 4 self-released recordings have been fantastic. Age quod agis
"July 4, 2013"
Hertfordshire Suggestion for an album cover :- A redhead on a '52 Vincent Black Lightning - there's a '49 model at the National Motorcycle Museum in the UK
Alabama Caught the show in Tuscaloosa 7/3. I immensely enjoyed the performance of the trio and thought you guys were the surprise gem of the night, though I am a true Wilco devotee. Your music was refreshing, and everybody played great!
"July 5, 2013"
Sligo played some of my old fairport stuff and remembered just how good he is ...trying to catch up on his music now, long way to go but a pleasure to do.
"July 8, 2013"
East Sussex Clapton? Richard IS god!
Ohio Saw the RT electric trio last night at Kent Stage. Amazing show, he just keeps getting better. So lucky that he appears in a small town in Ohio. Who'd have thought, as I first saw him in London 1968 with the great Fairport.
Ohio Please add me to the mailing list. Thank you!
"July 10, 2013"
Texas Enjoyed your show in Dallas recently. First time seeing you live.
"July 15, 2013"
New Jersey Vincent Black Lighting 1952
"July 18, 2013"
Ontario Thank you, thank you. Your Sloth at Toronto, July 15 Made the whole `fest` worthwhile. So many wonderful memories of Fairport in the late 60s came flooding back. Thank you, thank you. Those were such wonderful times.
"July 19, 2013"
Channel Islands Love your playing
West Virginia I think we live to find magic. Thank you for being a spark of magic for me.
"July 25, 2013"
Lambersart un fantastique concert in Antwerpen ce 22 juillet 2013. Trop court cependant. Pourquoi pas un album sur la Première Guerre Mondiale (bataille de la Somme...) ?
New Jersey You've only gotten better!
New York love the live shows solo or with your band ,Thank You and please come to the Egg in albany again soon
"July 29, 2013"
Merseyside Been Follower of Richards music since early Fairport days and catch him on every tour whenever poss.
California Please add me to the mailing list. Thank you!