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July 1 - 15, 2003
"Tue Jul 01, 2003"
Northampton "Just to say I was at Richard's Northampton gig last night. Utterly brilliant! How does he manage to go on writing great songs and doing great concerts after all these years, when he should be in a retirement home for ageing legends (with his ageing fans like me). I think its great that when it gets to the 'shout out a song ' stage everybody is shouting for a different song. Nobody else has written so many that are compulsory listening. Rock on Richard."
Croydon Can't wait 'til the Croydon Concert on Monday.
Pennsylvania "The first cassette of RT's I bought was ""Shoot Out the Lights"" ... can't even remember why any more, but one listen and I was totally swept away ..."
Connecticut personal thanks to RT for years of pleasure and disturbance!
Paris "Thank you, Richard, for this trumendous electric show on Cabaret Sauvage. Acoustic and electric RT on two months in France." Two lessons of real guitar, magic voice, human and fingers touch ! I go back to my own instrument with your songs. Hope see you soon again."
Northampton Just wanted to say thanks for a superb show at Northampton Derngate last night - the two standing ovations were richly deserved. I hope Pete Zorn is getting double pay 'cos he's saving you the price of about three other blokes!
"Love it....RT is king of the world..or perhaps king of the underworld, or was that king of another world, or Disney World? Anyway..tell him ""Tempted"" is written by Paul Carrack (from Ace) not Dif and Till....still great tune. Love to all."
"Wed Jul 02, 2003"
Alberta "Richard may not sell discs by the millions, but his music is the kind which comforts, inspires, cajoles and soothes the weary soul when the sun's away and all manner of emotion and thought come out to play."
London "I've heard it said that there are a few musicians (Paul McCartney, Paul Simon are usually mentioned)who have written the 'sound tracks to our lives'. For me it has always been RT. And he's still doing it. "
Manchester "Went to the Salford Lowry show last night, 1st July...SUPERB!!! They ran out of T shirt I wanted though....can I buy one from this site????"
Warrington I saw RT in manchester last night and thought he and the band were wonderful.
Bristol Richard's music has been a soundtrack to my life since the late 60s.Does he ever play bass pedals in his socks anymore? (I saw him do this in Bristol in '74 at the Victoria Rooms).
Lancashire Love the live shows!
"Thu Jul 03, 2003"
Norfolk "went to the manchester show and really enjoyed it one fairport song wouldn't have hurt!"
Oh play me a blues song and turn down the lights...
Preston I urge everyone to go and see RT and his band. His material is taken to another level. They are truly outstanding!
Wisconsin "Next time you're in the area, my wife and I would love to have you over for dinner!"
Cheshire Saw RT at the Lowry 1 July 03. What a great band and what a great night !! Come back soon.
"He is the best live performer i've ever seen, and i've seen everyone. The songs are about gloom and doom but he's very funny...very entertaining contrast…"
"Fri Jul 04, 2003"
Terheijden NB I think Richard is one of the best singer songwriters of this time.
Manchester "Thanks for the gig at the Lowry this week Richard, as always you were superb. Also, top marks for having Erin Mckeown as support. I'd never heard of her but really enjoyed her set. As you might have gathered from the crowd at the front, you'd better not forget Manchester again next time you tour England, otherwise it could be pistols at dawn. I bought ""More Guitar"" at the gig, and its top notch."
"Sat Jul 05, 2003"
Great words - too true for comfort sometimes !
Illinois RT is simply one of my favorite artists.
Suffolk "First saw Richard when he played with Fairports in '68 I think it was, at the RFH at a ""contempory folk/rock concert"". also on the bill were Joni Mitchell, Al Stewart(Ithink) Jackson C Frank, The Sallyangie.Happy days!!"
"Sun Jul 06, 2003"
North Carolina I have seen Richard Thompson several times and he is the only person I don't mind paying to see.
West Bromwich Im getting marrird next month richard. why dont you send me your best wishes and semi-detatched mock tudor. I've been to see you about 231 times. well 10 realistically. If Danny joins Aerosmith I'll gladly play bass.
Northampton "Our second gig this year, Cambridge in March and now in Northampton. Old kit bag has really grown on me and the performance really blew me away. Awesome. Can't get enough of RT."
Ohio "I LOVE FOLK AND guitar, fiddle/ violin. and very much the bagpipes"
"Mon Jul 07, 2003"
Surrey Great performance at Guilfest 2003. People who preferred to watch Madness on the main stage did not know what they were missing.
South Wales "Caught the Cardiff show. Hope RT and the gang enjoyed it as much as me and the gang.Nice to see Colonel Saunders enjoying himself with his mandolin etc. and what a kickass drummer. Being a recent convert to RT I was surprised that there were only about three songs inthe set that I hadn't heard and as for Al Bowlly's in heaven, Gorgeous!!. Thanks Dicky. Do come again. SOON!"
Cheshire I took my beloved to a concert of Richard's last year for his birthday - best present ever I was told - it further converted me to Richard's music - I never thought that one person playing a guitar could sound like several - amazing! Beautiful and lyrical - keep it up you old geezer!
North Carolina "Darn you! How could you not include ""Bonnie St. Johnstone"" on the 1,000 Years CD? Who is responsible for this horrific oversight? A good boxing around the ears should be administered at once!"
Glasgow I caught his show in Glasgow last week and he was terrific. I also bought the 3 CDs on sale and it was the best nights work ever !
Buckinghamshire "Saw you in Northampton on 30th June. Front row centre seats - fantastic! My fourth RT concert and the best yet. Thanks to Dad for buying me Daring Adventures when I was 15 and getting me hooked. It was no more Duran Duran! Richard you have been my longest ""phase"" ever!!!"
London "I saw the Croydon gig last night and was blown away -again. I couldn't stay for the encores as I had to catch a train but feel that I must have missed out. The Old Kit Bag is a brilliant album and is rarely off my CD player. Cheers, Richard - keep up the great work."
"Tue Jul 08, 2003"
Tennessee Please come back to Nashville!Thank you for all the music!!!!!!!!Keep making that great music!!
Brighton I am THE third rate Otis Rush!
Ontario "Thanks for the songs, the short stories are priceless! Truly funny. Let me know if there is anything happening in Ontario this Summer or Fall. Have you been up to Northern Ontario? Beautiful, there is a lack of concrete and metal that leaves one breathless!"
"Wed Jul 09, 2003"
Bay of Kola Hiiii
Virginia "Took a chance and bought ""Action Packed"" as a 'free' CD from BMG Music Services 3 or 4 months ago, based on a comment I had seen on a discussion board on the web, and am now totally hooked, buying up CDs to grow my collection as fast I can, even getting out-of-print CDs from Ebay. What incredible stuff! Love the music, love the lyrics, love the voice, love the extraordinary, out-of-this-world guitar playing. Please take care of those hands; they're magic!"
Hansbekistan I listen since 1968 and write since 1974...Early enough?
Connecticut "I am a show host at West Hartford, CT and I do a contemporary folk music show on Friday mornings from 6-9am. We have an estimated 1 million listeners and have been on the air since 1968. I am so very sad that Messr. Thompson is only at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival on Thursday nite. I would love to see him but cannot make the two hour drive up and then back on Thursday evening to get back to Hartford to get up at 5am for my Friday show. Boo-hoo. Mind still about 20, body is getting tired at 50. Thanks for the great music"
"Thu Jul 10, 2003"
Lancashire Have just been to the show in Birmingham. An astounding performance with a great band. Thanks!!
London Half of us were at Shepherds Bush and all of us were at Basingstoke and Croydon. Wonderful shows and it seemd RT and the band (PZ in particular) enjoyed it as much as we did. Enjoy the US and come back soon!
Maryland richard u r hitting pennsylvania 4 times i will see u once but please come to annapolis or towson again
Kent "Just watched Richard at Croydon - seen him 4 or 5 time previously. Improves with age.....keep it up!"
Connecticut Thank you for sharing your time w/us.....xoxox
"Fri Jul 11, 2003"
West Midlands Just the type of intelligent inventive & melodic music I love. Can't believe I lived without knowing about it for so long. Such a talented man.
Texas It occurred to me just today that Richard and Pete Townshend should tour together. It'd get Pete back out in public; it might broaden Richard's audience a bit (I know too many people who don't know his music); and I think it would provide a wonderful evening of music. Y'all get to work on that!
Ruhrgebiet "We made the long journey from Germany to Birmingham to see the RTBand in the Symphony Hall; it was a fantastic show and more than worth every mile. As Bob Dylan would say: this is the best band in the land. I've come to learn that Richard is not only one of the best songwriters and guitarists around but also a hell of a singer - his live rendition of ""A love you can't survive"" is simply stunning and breathtaking. After the show we had the chance to talk to Richard and he signed CD's for us - what a kind man he is ! I hope that he returns to Europe soon and will even do some shows in Germany. But wherever he plays: be there and do yourself a favour !"
"Sat Jul 12, 2003"
Abingdon "Unique, easy listening"
East Sussex I loved the concert in Brighton in March
"Sun Jul 13, 2003"
London "I didn't like your Croydon concert too much. It was too loud - I heard other complaints about ringing ears as I left. In fact, the real problem was that the sound system couldn't take it. No-one in my party could hear any of the words you sang.

Chris Owen, despite his undeniable versatility, didn't complement you in the way I've seen other musicians do. I'm sory to say that, because he's obvioulsy such a talented musician. For the little she was on stage, you couldn't have picked a better vocal (well you could , but I won't go into that) than Judith Owen. I didn't know her at all up to then but I'm going to follow her now. Great to see you on form, Richard. Gotta buy Old Kit Bag yet, but I'll get round to it, like I always do. When are you and your Lowden coming back to Brentford, by the way (?!)"

Georgia "After all these years of songs, I find the new album incredibly fresh and innovative. It may be my favorite of all."
"Mon Jul 14, 2003 "
Pemberton Wales Just caught your gig in Cardiff. Best gig I've been to in ages - shame you ran out of the old kit bag cd's though!!
San Francisco "More concerts in San Francisco, please!"
"Tue Jul 15, 2003 "
Como I'm a FC fan since a long time and of course RT is my favorite guitar and songwriter
Texas "Richard Thompson and John Hiatt lead the way! I hope the collaborate someday, if not already."