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July 1-15, 2004
"July 1, 2004"
England Been meaning to look RT up ont'net for ages; keep forgetting. Amnesia?
Massachusetts iTunes?.... Crawl Back/Israelites!... a great example for Apple to show how well the iPod can handle the heat....
Galashiels Scotland "Good site - I especially like the ""News from Home"" pieces on ""Catch of the Day""."
Colorado "Just saw you play last night in Boulder. What a show! It was my first time seeing you, and I pray it won't be my last!"
Dublin "You won't remember me but I asked you in December what were the chances of yourself and Linda getting back together. Well I see they've re-mastered and re-issued ""Shoot out the lights"". Richard its as good and fresh as ever. So again I ask the question a"
Colorado Thank you. I've now seen Richard more than I've seen the Dead. Not sure he'll think that's a loving endorsement!
Iowa/Minnesota "I'm only realizing I haven't been listening to Richard's music long enough. I had a rare opportunity to stand at his feet, in front of the stage, at First Avenue in Mpls., June 26, 2004. I felt every emotion that could touch my soul and rip open things "
Utah Can't wait to see him in august in slc utah. wonder if he is playing elsewhere nearby
Washington Will miss you at Cropredy!
"July 2, 2004"
New York I saw the show at Irving Plaza last week. It was my first RT concert and it was great. I was wondering how RT feels when people shout out requests during the show. He didn't play any requests this time. Does someone ever make a request and he does decide to play it?
Colorado " The Chautauqua show was the perhaps the best Richard show I've ever attended since my first back in 1992. The band was tight, scorching and the energy was high both on stage and in the audience. the ""acoustic sound box"" that is Chautauqua never fails to provide an excellent venue. Thank you Richard! Welcome back to Colorado!!"
Washington I am a huge fan of Richard's!!!
"July 3, 2004"
Meredith Boyfriend started me off. Very important to me cause my grandmother's name was Vincent which my grandad changed after his favourite bike so its really important to me that Richard plays Vincent Black Lightening.
california I'd like to know if he's playing in a summer festival in California (2004) (sierras?)
Pennsylvania "Someone on the Q/A has asked that you be non-political. I beleive that the best art, is always political in the best sense of the word. That is, art can raise our consciouslness of ourselves and the human condition. It also allows one to transcend the immediate, the mundane. All of this helps one to empathize and to imagine other (with hope, better)possibilites-other ways of living and relating to fellow human beings. Please, just keep on being the great artist you are. It's your choice of content whether explicitly political, personal, funny, etc. I for one, hope to continue to be inspired by your choices."
california Saw Richard at the Hollywood HOB last night. Just want to say thank you for a great show. Quite the troubadour!
california "Hello! i just went,with my friend,to your concert at the House of Blues in LA.I had a bast and was so impressed! Richard is a phonomenal musician as are his band members. i haven't had so much fun since the 60's! My friend has been a fan of Richard's si"
"July 4, 2004"
Suffolk "As a semi-professional singer/songwriter, I also play Richard's songs and promote them as much as possible."
South Lanarkshire Scotland "Got hooked listening to Fairport,been a hopeless addict ever since"
california "I just saw RT last night at The Fillmore here in SF--the show, as usual was heartbreakingly great--the Donovan came out for the 2nd encore of Season of the Witch, Hurdy Gurdy Man, & Mellow Yellow and total levitation was acheived! "
Oklahoma Love the way you play--your tone's alwaysvery cool on electric-acoustically your Boss!!peacelovedove
"July 5, 2004"
california "Saw Richard at The fillmore on July 3rd. Very good as usually, but was shocked when Donovan appeared. If my husband hadn't been with me he would not have believed it. All and all a smashing good show!"
Oxfordshire Loved the concert in Basingstoke a couple of months ago - thanks for a brill evening.
Minnesota I heard Richard for the first time at 1st Avenue while I was helping with an informational table for Amnesty International.
"July 6, 2004"
Bury "You know the lyric to ""Happy Days and Auld Lang Syne"" - ""Sometimes you never connect with a song......""? - well it doesn't work like that. Richard actually lives in my head and pops out from time to time to write songs about my life!!"
Minnesota A heavenly concert at First Ave. last week. Richard is a universal treasure.
california I just saw him perform at the Fillmore on July 3rd. He is one of the guitar greats!
Pennsylvania if only he had practiced more in his youth.... star-dumb is still within his reach.... go RT!
Lancashire Pure genius in a hat.
Maine "My seventh novel, (just published here in the US but set in London, where I live part of the time) was very much written under the influence of RT's music and performances here in the middle of nowhere (Camden, Maine). The book also has a strong Robert Graves influence, and I was interested to just hear from a reader (another Thompson fan, who gave me this URL) that RT had read Graves early on. Anyway, thanks for a lifetime of remarkable music. Nice site, too!"
"July 7, 2004"
Maine This is an update as I am changing my e-mail address.
Maryland We love to come see Richard anytime he comes anywhere near Maryland. Some years we have been lucky enought to see Richard 4 or 5 times. We first saw him at the Bottom Line in New York thirty years ago! Is Richard still doing the Fairport tour in the summer? We might have to mortgage the house and go next year--We've always wanted to make the trip. Thanks for the music
Leuven no comments needed !
Massachusetts "Had a heady, tragically flawed romance back in 1986 while in college with ""a rare thing, fine as a beeswing"" who turned me on to Nick Drake, Sandy Denny, and most especially, ""Shoot Out The Lights."" Have been passionately devoted to RT, if not that doomed affair, ever since. My 4-year-old daughter now sings So ben mi c'ha bon tempo louder than Richard does, much to her mother's amused consternation. Now that's a tune that I keep envisioning on a Sopranos episode. A bit of medieval ultraviolence and a cuckold's horns seem so ideally suited to those plot lines...Cheers"
Aarhus I just love the old kit bag and only wish that I could trade in my cd for a vinyl copy as it is said to have an absolutely marvellous sound
North Carolina There are days that all I can do is play your songs.
Washington "Very disappointed to hear that Richard will be playing at the Showbox in Seattle. Awful venue - smokey and inadequate seating. Was hoping to take my husband to his first R.T. concert, but the Showbox is not the place to do so. Maybe next tour."
"July 8, 2004"
Johannesburg Ever going to visit this part of the world?
Washington "I saw the Richard Thompson band last night at the Showbox here in Seattle, and I have to say that he's better than ever. Energy, vibrancy, sheer delight (even after the show was delayed by some problems with the PA at the venue). Great show, guys! Thank you for a wonderful time."
Washington I love RTB - the whole band just rocks. I do have a problem with your fans - what is up with some of them...they are so uptight - it is shocking. They should get over themselves and just enjoy the rare chance to see RT and the Band do their thing live - grow young!
california "I was blown away by the show at the House of Blues on Friday. I'd heard of Richard and Fairport Convention, but never got into his music until I heard ""I'll Tag Along"" from the Old Kit Bag CD. Now I can't stop kicking myself for not discovering him earlier in life. Loved ""Mr. Stupid's Back in Town"" and the tribute to Brando. Where can I get a copy of ""Mr. Stupid?"""
Washington "Saw you at the Showbox last night. Your amazing show more than made up for the technical delays! My non-folkie fiancée is now a RT fan, thanks to the great concert and amazing live band! (Thanks Pete, Danny and DM!) And a special thank-you from a Fairport fan for the beautiful version of ""Crazy Man Michael."" It was superb--as was the whole show."
Surrey "Great site, I've been lost in a bluegrass wilderness for the last 5 years, and only found this site by following a link a search on Pat Metheney & Kenny G whilst I was in Denver recording my first record. My producer and I listened to the mp3 here of the ""I agree with Pat metheney"" song and laughed for a good half hour. This was after a tough day in the studio so I guess we needed the release, but anyway it reminded of why I love your music so much, it's the wit, the wit!! Stay good!"
"July 9, 2004"
Surrey Just thanks!
BOLTON-UPON- DEARNE "I am trying to obtain a CD copy of ""Celtschmerz"" I had stolen in a burglary. Any suggestions as to where I can obtain a copy would be gratefully received. Is ""Strict Tempo"" available on CD? "
England "I was born in Ladbroke Grove, Oxford Gardens so RT is a soul mate. First saw him with FPC and then at St Mary's College in Twickenham C1971/2 and many times since."
Skane "I saw RT changing strings on his guitar and playing ""Twist and Shout"" at the same time. Well, I'm a pretty good guitarist myself, but I've never seen anything like it - fucking unbelievable!!!!"
rawtenstall "brilliant with the fairports, but your guitar work blew me away at the Cambridge folk weekend in the mid seventies especially with Calvary cross"
"July 10, 2004"
rhode island "Saw the band at Toad's place, (New Haven, CT,USA)wonderful!!!!! Wow, Dave Mattucks too! Never been to Toads before, loved it. You guys were terrific!!!!"
california "Thanks for a great bonus tour, folks! May a failed Fleadh motivate such an outing every summer. Really, I do think a couple dozen band shows every summer would NOT be overplaying the US market, even with longer/more extensive tours every three years or so behind a new record. I was very happy to catch the show at the Fillmore. BTW, the sound there that night was the best I've ever heard in that hall, props galore to Simon. I don't know if its an in-house system but even if it is, he did a masterful job of the mix. The full-band arrangement of _A Loov Ye Cannae Survive_ which I had requested was strangely absent from the set but I understand that these orders sometimes get misplaced. If you try harder, I will too. Deal."
Oxfordshire You are the best!
East Yorkshire "I've just seen John Peel's documentary on Richard. Where have I been for 50 years! Yes, I remember Fairport Convention and love all types of music but Richard's music has passed me by - until now! I've just ordered 4 CDs off Amazon!"
Belfast "I am a singer songwriter form Ireland. I was watching a TV documentry about Richard Thompson last night. It was very good and interesting.I loved ""bright lights"" when it was released away back.It was great to see Richard very happy in his life and with his life and with his music. God bless and continued success"
northants Come and play Cropredy again! Not the same without you.
Minnesota "I'm so thrilled to have been introduced to the musical stylings of Richard Thompson. He is the most fascinating and unique quitarist I've ever heard. His musical style and playing are a set of ""fingerprints""...unique to Mr. Thompson, and no one else."
"July 11, 2004"
Bangalore You may be interested to know that RT CDs are reasonably available in India. How about a stopping by to do a few gigs in the larger cities?
New Mexico rt is great! would like to play like him!!!
England Have just been watching a BBC documentary on the great mans music and life. He comes across as a remarkably normal genius...Keep on rocking.
Somerset "I remember watching Richard and Linda at Portsmouth Guildhall in 1974 when they sang songs from ""I want to see the bright lights tonight"". It was great :o) I lost track of Richard's work until I saw a programme about him on the BBC on the 9th of July. It was very interesting and rekindled my interest in his work which is why I am here. I have not had a good look at the website but I must say that the initial impression is not good - black text on a grungy green background do not exactly make for easy reading. To be honest it reminds me of British Army camoflage. Now I know that Richard is supposed to be enigmatic but does that have to extend to the website?"
Dublin "Well just that he's my favourite artist, stunning live with killer tunes and words.Pick a song, any song!!! Beat the Retreat covers album shows the talent of his music also."
"July 12, 2004"
Derbyshire I would like to see a DVD of Rihards solo concert.
Trondheim "Met an American Friend at a local gig last night, turns out he's been working with RT on and off for a while. I told him how much I envied him, and when I came home this morning I had to slip ""Amnesia"" into the CD player. Damn, it's good!"
London Would like to see Richard on next UK tour
Liverpool "I saw a BBC documentary on BBC 2 Friday 9th July. I really liked his music and personality. I play in a band myself and write, but lately I've been getting sick of the usual dros."
Indiana "great show in indianapolis. missed st. louis. would love to see with the band"
oxford please tour u.k. solo more often.
"July 13, 2004"
Bedford He is the dogs bollocks.
Cambs Just saw the programme on BBC2. Really good but song bits were too short. Would you ever do a CD of just you and your guitar?
"July 14, 2004"
London "Richard....i have been a fan of your stuff since Fairport Convention and Morris On ! God bless ya ! You are a true musical talent and a great success.....keep it up and well you are a axe hero for me !"
Aberdeen Scotland Was introduced to RT by my friend about 12 years ago and have been telling (and converting!!) the world since.
Oklahoma someone around here recently played a rendition of one of your songs...blew me away!
"July 15, 2004"
Maryland I'm a guitarist/singer who's been a huge RT fan since the late 70's...he just keeps getting better!!!
Western Cape "Why has Richard Thompson not come to South Africa? I am 60 and Richard Thompson is still the epithamy of music hall rock "
Utah Coming to see you in Salt Lake City! I'm bringing some friends who haven't seen you before. Can't wait.
california "I saw you in concert in July at the House of Blues in Hollywood. You and your band were great. My boyfriend introduced me to your music, I'm happy he did!"
London Saw the BBC documentary which revived my interest
Texas "Please come back to Dallas or anywhere in Texas soon! I saw the last mindblowing solo show at the Gypsy Tea Room, but am dying to see the full band too!"
california Thanks for so much consistently great music. Really enjoyed the recent Jul. 3 show in San Francisco.