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July 1 - 15, 2005
"July 1, 2005"
Dublin Just spent my life savings buying all those remasteed Fairport and you and Linda albums. Some collection some memories some music worth every penny as a semi invalid memories meem a lot.nSo when are you comming back to Dublin you haven't been here for years I would love to hear some new stuff as well
løten Thompson rules
Strasbourg "We've been waiting impatiently ever since Richard Thompson made it as far as Paris, but have yet to have a reason to put out the welcome signs at the gates of Strasbourg. What's taking so long?!"
New York "My wife (a convert) and I saw Richard at the World Financial Center show and we're blown away by the man and his guitar. I was only disappointed by the lack of Kenny G. jokes. However, two nights later on a WFUV live broadcast he didn't disappoint. (Where does he hide that second guitarist?)"
"July 2, 2005"
Surrey "I've travelled the musical world and returned home to the realisation that when, at the age of 21 I argued that RT was the world's best non-classical guitar player and a songwriter who was at least equal to Dylan, Cohen and Mitchell - I was right. It's nice to know that not all one's youthful utterings were complete rubbish..."
Florida "Please come back to Tampa, Florida US!!!!"
California I was able to hear Richard Thompson for the first time at the Live Oak Festival down close to Santa Barbara. He closed out the festival and I have never in my life heard anyone play guitar like he did. To say that Richard Thompson is awesome in concert is one big understatement.
"July 3, 2005"
Maine "I think I've been listening my whole life, but not been aware of who I was listening to. Got formally (re)introduced through ""Action Packed"" What a collection of great music! Can't wait to see RT live sometime."
New Jersey "Thanks so much for the splendid music, lyrics, humor --- 25+ years of sheer enjoyment! :) "
"July 4, 2005"
USA Be here now
Rio de Janeiro "Have been doing what I can over the last 14 years to get his music known in Rio, at least by my close friends. A tour and concert would help - any chance?"
Michigan first heard of richard from jerry stocking. like his music
"July 5, 2005"
Rethymno Wish I could see Richard live in Greece.
"July 6, 2005"
California Any gardening Tips?
Oslo Any chance for some gigs in Norway in the future?
"July 7, 2005"
USA "Hi, nice site!"
New York "saw you at amenia, ny concert. awesome. the best music i have heard live in years. please come back. let me know when the new cd is ready. hearing you live restored my libido to the max. oh keep that music coming."
"July 8, 2005"
Victoria "Just heard Richard's acoustic version of ""1952 Vincent Black Lightning"" (from KCBO Studio C) on the Coverville podcast. Couldn't stop playing it!"
London keep it going
"July 9, 2005"
Florida I recently saw Richard at the Carefree Theatre in West Palm Beach and believe this show was as good as any music gets! Hope he comes back. His music has had a profound effect on my life
Ohio Hey Richard!
Washington I been to more than a dozen shows!
New York "Just saw you at world financial center in lower manhattan, what a great show, what balls all alone with a crowd wall street new yorkers!"
British Columbia "Hi Richard. I love your music! My wife, Ellen, is a fan too, as are the kids. The next time you come to Vancouver (or even better, Victoria!)make it an all ages venue and I'll bring the whole family!!"
"July 10, 2005"
Washington looking forward to seeing RT again hopefully soon?
California I'm a friend of Mo and Michael McGee/Milder (and a friend of Syd Straw!).Looking forward to seeing you next time you play in LA
Newfoundland Love to see you perform...Have you ever been to Newfoundland..we love your music..please come'll love the Island as much as we do.
"July 11, 2005"
California You've got a great site. Nice work!
"July 12, 2005"
Naples "I went to an outstanding concert in a city South of London, on 2004 May ... now I'm waiting for an Italian tour !!!"
Minnesota "Hello nice page and it downloads very fast, enjoyed it very much, take care. "
Maryland I absolutely love his music ever since I saw him playing at a little place in Virginia.
Massachusetts Champion that is!
"July 13, 2005"
"Aberdeenshire, Scotland " "I met Richard recently after a gig in Aberdeen and got all my CD's and albums going back into Fairport days autographed. The man is a genius and I told him so, although he said only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Richard's music both lyrically and musically is stunning. The same is true of his voice and guitar play. Keep up the good work."
"July 14, 2005"
"Benenden, Kent" I listened to both recent webcasts. Absolutely blown away. Thanks for the WFUV archive info. What a treat. Looking forward to Cropredy. (Bring some sunshine).
"July 15, 2005"
California "Richard, You are a class act. Unique. A treasure. A pleasure to listen to---especially in person. Thank you!"
Massachusetts You've got a great site. Nice work!