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July 1 - 15, 2006
"July 1, 2006"
Alberta Can't wait for the Calgary show!
"July 3, 2006"
North Carolina This is a wonderful site. It's great that Richard actively participates. Thanks.
New York "I intend to get my son Daniel, at 12 a budding 12 string blues guitarist, to listen to the album 1,000 Years of Popular Music. I think the idea audacious and from what I have already heard on i-tunes beautifully realized. I would like to assure Mr. Thompson that no tea spoons of mine ever sang better than he."
Massachusetts Richard's music is the best!
"July 4, 2006"
Michigan "Richard is one of my favorite artists. He has great soul, intelligence, humor, and sensitivity."
Texas "I'm sure I would only echo some previous accolades, so, I'll just say I'm a fan. I'm very interested in learning to play & sing some R.T. music. Are there any books of sheet music & guitar tablature?"
Rhode Island "Beautiful lyrics, Soothing, passionate vocals, Timeless melodies, Music & sounds which embody ones being"
"July 5, 2006"
Ontario "The first time I ever even heard of you was when you opened for Crowded House at Massey Hall in Toronto. I was captvated, as was the rest of the audience. As I recall, you had three encores whereas CH had just one! As an acoustic musician and writer, you've been one of my main influences ever since. Thank you."
NSW Loved 'Henry the Human Fly' and have been a fan ever since
Bilbao well there's a house...I'm singing
Victoria "I have never really been a fan,more an admirer but at Port Fairy Folkie this year my wife and I were both absolutely transfixed by Richard ,his concert that hot and sultry day was a tour -de- force.We sweated with him as well!I now know the legendary status his fans ascribe to him.Thank you for your music Richard"
Ohio "Fantastic Show at Stuart's Opera House in Nelsonville, Ohio! I try to catch your shows whenever you're in Ohio, but that one was special. Hope you perform there again."
"July 6, 2006"
Wisconsin Been to many RT shows - have lots of RT cds/lps - but the next one is always best!
North Carolina "Hello:Our son will be leaving this fall for Harvard. We last saw you in Asheville, NC on my husband's birthday. You were so kind to sign a CD for my son, at that time age 12, to give to his dad for birthday. He won't forget and neither will our family. So glad to hear you are coming to Charlotte, where we now live...much more conservative, though. We purchased Teddy's new CD too. In fact, Teddy was with you at that show.Take care!"
Wisconsin So happy you're coming to Irish Fest in Milwaukee!
Nevada "I noticed you advised someone to put pressure on his/her local promoter to secure a tour date locally. Any suggestions on how to do this? I've been writing on and off for the past few years to complain of the many hours I have to drive in order to see you perform. If I can get someone to book you here in Las Vegas while at the same time relieve you of the burden of ""listening"" to my whining we'll both come out ahead. Thanks in advance for your input!"
"July 7, 2006"
Alberta "Saw Richard in Calgary last night, just wanted to say a big thanks for the excellent show! Great venue too! Keep up the good work and hope to see you back here soon."
Budapest "You kick ass, Richard!"
Alberta "Outstanding show at Knox United Church last night. Thanks to Richard, and the sound crew, who helped make an already wondrous evening an even greater experience."
Nova Scotia "I'd love to know when RT is nearby--in fact, it'd be great to book him when he's in the neighbourhood.. Cheers"
Tokyo 4 1/2 stars to 1000 years of popular music DVD !
"July 8, 2006"
British Columbia Love the music!
"July 9, 2006"
Stanmore Still raving about you and Danny's outing to The Barbican. Utter genius. Thanks!
Alberta Love the music
Cork I first saw Richard with Fairport Convention just before sunrise at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1968 - it was a magic time
Alberta "Saw you live for the first time July 7, 2006, and was so elated, delighted, excited, ignited, and wanted to shout out loud!"
"July 11, 2006"
Blue Mountains "Hi Richard, You are a constant inspiration to me, always exciting me with your rich, warm and witty songs. Hats off to you. Regards, Aidan (Aidan Roberts and the Maple Trail)."
Sydney "just arrived in my mail box, 1000 years of popular music.i have loved your music for many years,you have just got better and better, and now this(1000 years)wow i have blown right out of my socks,thank you,and never stop making this beautiful music,i just love it.alistair"
Alberta "I saw Richard's performance at the Mclab theatre here in Edmonton on Friday night (july 7th, 2006).I was totally knocked out! Truly world class. I would describe myself as a capable musician, but I witnessed and enjoyed a truly world class performance by a master artist and craftsman. Very inspiring. Keep making music, my friend. The needs all the beauty it can stand and more. Absolutely top draw web-site too! I've been visiting everyday for a month and find interesting things all the time."
"July 12, 2006"
California "Wonderful songwriting, incredible guitar playing, one of my very favorite artists of all."
"July 13, 2006"
New York "Looking forward to hearing Richard in Princeton, but he should come to Brooklyn! Thanks to Richard, I'm starting guitar lessons on my 40th bday…"
"July 14, 2006"
Waikato "Awesome music, pleasant change from most of the crap that's on TV and the radio here. Love to be able to play the guitar like that one day."
Saskatchewan I saw Richard perform at the Winnipeg Folk Festival and he was the highlight of the festival.
"July 15, 2006"
Liverpool "Hello there, i came to see you in manchester in february and it was really cool. can't wait until you come around these strangeways again so i can see you with a full band maybe although just you and a double bass rocked dude!!! you played a song at the end called 'hots for the smarts' but i had to leave to catch the bus and i missed what album it was from or if its new,maybe i'm being a total geek and i should know this calling myself a fan! could you let me know possibly please? it's another richard thompson classic!!!"