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JULY 1 - 15, 2007
"July 1, 2007"
Massachusetts saw RT on 6/30/07 at Berklee. great show!
California I first listened to your music on KPIG, many years ago. Since then, my wife and I have seen you in concert three times, twice in Santa Barbara and once in San Francisco. I look forward to purchasing your new CD and to checking out your tour schedule to look for opportunities to see you again. Thanks for all the great music.
Massachusetts Saw R.T. and the boys last nite at the Berklee in Boston. R.T. brings it everytime! Fantastic show! I left in awe of the man. 19th of all time? I don't friggin' think so. Hendrix who? Clapton who? Is there a better band mate that Pete Zorn? The whole show rocked and all the guys were great. I can now go to my grave in peace. I've seen R.T. acoustic, I've seen R.T. and the band electric and I've seen the Red Sox win the World Series!!! Go, Richard, go!!! Come back with the lads soon!!!
New York please send NYC area tour info, if possible. Thanks for the music!
New York This guy got me to go out and buy a Strat and learn hybrid picking.
"July 2, 2007"
North Carolina First saw RT at the Roundhouse, London, Sept. 1975
North Yorkshire Richard Thompson. Truely inspirational.
"July 3, 2007"
Louisiana Richard, Please bring 1000 Years of Music to New Orleans. I asked Judith to tell you that, but could she have forgotten to mention the request?? Because I don't see a date set up yet! Pleeeeeaaaase?? Thanks
Dublin Come to Dublin soon please
Washington DC Love the new CD, Sweet Warrior. Guns Are the Tongues is a masterpiece. Congratulations
"July 4, 2007"
Squamish First saw Fairport in Middle Earth, London in the 60's. A fan of Richard in all his guises ever since Liege and Lief.
"July 5, 2007"
North Carolina i have been blown away. every one is asking me what happen to my other cd's because this is all i have been listening to.That song about little joe is a real work of art.I fell fortunate to have been exposed to this depth of passion. Thank you Mr.Thompson.
Glasgow, Scotland so many times ive listened to various artists and thought, great song but somethings missing, when i first listened to richard thompson and to this day i still do, especially " the dimming of the day " it connected instantly . music can be very hard sometimes to connect to the artist own perception of his work with r. thompson its instant ! well done richard thompson.
Essex thanks for the website!
Kansas Please come to Kansas City with the Band!!!
"July 6, 2007"
Pennsylvania "I have seen Richard in concert 4 times, the most recent in Harrisburg in June. He just keeps getting better. It was such a joy to get to see him after the show. He is such a gentleman, so friendly and kind. What a special man."
Dunbartonshire, Scotland As a guitarist myself I find he never ceases to amaze me.
Barrow Richard Thompson is a living legend and i am privileged to have discovered his music. Thankyou Richard
"July 7, 2007"
Maryland Could you tell me what key Cokesbury Queen is in? The harp sounds great and I want to blow along. Keep it up're great! Thanks!
Alberta Most amazing musician on the planet!! Your Calgary show last year was one of the best nights of my life.....Luv YA!!!!
Connecticut Play ON!
London Hi Richard I realize you're hectically (sp?) busy, but I really miss your News from Home - you're a truly great prose writer as well as everything else (!) and I could well imagine your amusing and subtly surreal writing being published as a book. Whaddya reckon?
"July 8, 2007"
Michigan I will be e-mailing you next week with a few questions I have. I will do this by your Questions and Answers section.
Ohio I enjoyed the show in Cleveland so much I made a pilgrimage to Pittsburgh the following week. Please bring 1K years of music to Cleveland!
"July 9, 2007"
Var, France I am a confirmed fan of Richard's exquisite songs.
British Columbia Cheers Richard! Given your monster touring schedule, I can't fathom how you were able to pull off a gem such as 'Sweet Warrior'. Brilliant playing, sterling songwriting and fabulous production values to boot. I doubt it'll leave my cd changer all summer. Very much looking forward to you bringing the band to 'Richards on Richards' for your next Vancouver visit. Or the Commodore Ballroom, or pretty much any damn where. We'll be there with bells on. (Won't ring 'em during the performance, however!)
"July 11, 2007"
USA Are you coming back to the Narrows in Fall River, MA?
California Three at Montalvo again this year (and after that band tour)! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Will any be "all request" like last year?
Devon Thanks for the good work blessings to you all and Richard
Virginia Fabulous lyrcist and guitarist. Love 'em !
Connecticut Richard is the only guitarist who can gradle you, rip out your heart and cauterize the wound all at the same time....hazaa
Iowa I first saw RT in a large concert hall in Hamilton, Ontario in '89 or '90 when he was touring with Crowded House. He was playing solo acoustic and man did he rock that huge room!
Utah Damn, I just started listening to Richard's music and am making up for lost time. I have already purchased 8 CDs and anticipate buying the whole catalog. I love the new CD keep making the music!!! Scott Hill Salt Lake City, Utah. PS See you in September at the Depot in Salt Lake.
"July 12, 2007"
Limburg Hi, I just (by accident) heard Richard on radio. Great songs and music. Any chance he will have a concert in the Netherlands in the near future?
Victoria thank you richard.i saw you live at byron bay in 2004.i was right at front of stage and requested 1952 black and when the spell and you played both!
New York Hello! Saw Richards' show at the EGG in Albany, NY which I helped usher...first time I heard Richard---loved his show!!! Richard, please come back to Albany again--soon!!! You have a new fan!
Ontario come to Ontario soon
"July 13, 2007"
lanarkshire, scotland cant wait for glasgow gig
Cornwall regards...from an old `Trees` associate.
"July 14, 2007"
Virginia Fabulous artist and a nice site ... but I wish you'd lighten up the background on the pages. I can barely read them.
Pennsylvania My son introduced me to Richard Thompson music about 5 years ago. He secured front row seats for a show. I have been hooked ever since.
"July 15, 2007"
Guildford'ish An amazing sunset with a glorious full rainbow over the stage to match one of the best guitarist and artist there is to see..... no other artist/act bettered at Guilfest on Sat. and it was a relief to finally see someone who 'knew the business'... others should look, listen and learn. Thanks
Tennessee Please come back to Tennessee soon.
Wiltshire Wonderful music - great performer