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JULY 1-15, 2008
"July 1 , 2008"
Buckinghamshire Genius. Overused word but true in this case.
Massachusetts Such talent!!! Thank you for coming to was truly a pleasure to see you in person. My 1st but not last time! Imagine that! The song that made me cry was 'Dad's Gonna Kill Me' truly brought tears. You are a wonderful entertainer, superb guitarist and seem to be a genunine 'regular' guy. Wish you nothing but good health and many more years of bringing your music to us!! Looking forward to seeing you in Newburyport !!!!
"July 2 , 2008"
Maine Thanks so much for keeping Maine on your tour list. We REALLY appreciate it! Great show last night in Camden. If the work/money devas smile upon me I'll see you at Greenman!
Highlands, Scotland This is a wonderful website - I shall be revisiting a lot!
California looking forward to seeing you again - Sausalito, I hope, and HSB. Maybe Petaluma too!
"July 3 , 2008"
Maine my wife and i have seen richard about two dozen times over the last 20 years, and got to meet him afew years back. i haven't washed my right hand since.
"July 4, 2008"
Colorado Just saw RT live at the Botanic Gardens last week, with Louden Wainwright. Best show I've seen in years. You were great, and finishing w/ Dimming!!!!!!!!!
Scotland From Fairport to now Richard has been the premier writer of modern English folk song', but more importantly he has transposed English folk to a worldwide audience - even to us Scots heathens!!!! I've just got back from an evening downing Greene King IPA and I'M about to listen to King of Bohemia again - magic!
"July 5 , 2008"
Toronto, Ontario Seeing him tomorrow at the Music Hall. Umpteenth time (roughly).
"July 7, 2008"
Toronto, Ontario the sandy denny tribute was exquisitely beautiful.totonto july6 2008.thank you Richard
Toronto, Ontario Saw the Toronto show last night. Fab, again I want to burn my guitars or pratice a lot more.
Ontario Saw you for the first time at Bluesfest in Ottawa. Great show!! Sorry for Zappa Plays Zappa blasting next door!! Hope you come back.
Toronto, Ontario Have only started to listen to RT's music in past 3 years. Was originally hooked by a chance listening to 1952 Vincent Black Lightning. Have seen RT twice now, the second time a brilliant performance just last night at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto. Richard played a few tunes from way back and I'll have to catch up on his early catalogue. Look forward to hearing much more!
Ontario Was at the concert in Toronto 07-06-08. One of the best I've attended (was also at the Diamond gig in Toronto in the 90's). Well up there with Jimi (RFH 1967) and B.B. (York U. 1972).
Hawaii come back to Honolulu! (but after August 6th, since I'll be out of town...)
"July 8 , 2008"
County Durham Love the site. Very easy to navigate. When will the songbook be available? Thanks
Michigan Just saw Richard's show at the Ark in Ann Arbor last night. Again, the best. Such powerful singing and playing. Thank you!!! From the girl that always wears the NORTON t-shirt.
Ohio Just saw the concert in Ann Arbor -- fabulous. Very humbling for those of us who ever tried to play guitar. Can you please include "Hots for the Smarts" on one of you CDs some day? It would be a gift that lots of dads (like I am) would like to give to our daughters. And wives. Give be brains over hearts.
Illinois Keep on , keepin' on!
"July 10 , 2008"
California I love your music. It inspires me. I play guitar for my own entertainment (for husband too). Thanks for the joy and stillness your music brings. Love your lyrics & melodies!
"July 12 , 2008"
Ontario I've been a fan for years, but saw you for the first time last week at Bluesfest in Ottawa. It was fantastic and inspiring. Hope to see you again soon.
England yes please get a wiggle on i've got stuff to do Oh!thanks for the music do one with david lindley that would be something
New York Wow... what can I say...I'm no avid music lover...But I do fancy Brittish bikes...which led me to find your song linked to a Vincent posting on Youtube...needless to say I am now very much hooked & will be purchasing...multiple versions of this song which in turn will expose me to more of your music. I acTually got Goose-Bumps listening...Thanks
"July 14 , 2008"
Arizona Hope you can play in Az.again soon. Love your music. You're the best.
New Mexico Richard your music and playing has inspired mine since about 1970...thank you!
"July 15 , 2008"
Ontario Hello, It was such a delight to finally have the opportunity to see you perform live at the Ottawa Bluesfest. It is impossible to describe how much your music and lyrics have affected and influenced my life in just a few simple words. So let me just sincerely say "Thank you".
New Jersey Actually, I've been listening since the beginning of Fairport Convention, so that sounds like longer than 30 years--but, sorry, not my whole life! Regardless, RT is by far my #1 Fave Rave!!
Ashbourne Please keep me up to date with uk tour dates and releases. Thanks.