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July 16 - 31, 2003
"Wed Jul 16, 2003 "
Texas "Richard Thompson and John Hiatt lead the way! I hope the collaborate someday, if not already."
Washington "Saw show in Portland,Oregon this year 2003 and enjoyed it very much."
Virginia "Nice site"
Ohio "What an amazing show in Columbus tonight! As was the last one at the Great Southern. Please play Beeswing for my husband next time in town. He was slow to discover RT, and that song in particular I think RT has written more songs than the Beatles!"
Louisiana KEEP IT UP!
USA "I'm looking for a song in wich the line: ""Dancing until my feet won't touch the ground"". Or: ""Loose my mind and dance forever"" Heard this song in a concert in Montreux 1983/1984"
Ohio "I saw Richard's show in Columbus, Ohio last night. If this show is any indication, the U.S. is in for a treat on this tour. Great job, great work by the whole band!"
Ohio Loved last night's show. Welcome back to America.
Pennsylvania Can't wait to see you live!
New Jersey Can't get enough!!!
Ohio "Richard, My wife and I saw you in Columbus last night. A very superb show indeed. I have seen very few bands that are as musically tight as you 4 were. I look forward to seeing you again when you pass this way. "
New York "This man's creative fire is a catalyst for me and mine. Thanks, Richard, for being there and being you always."
Ohio "Just saw the Columbus,Ohio concert last night and was thrilled to see another great show by Richard. I hope he enjoyed his visit."
Tennessee Please come back to the mid-south. I'd love to see you again.
Brisbane "Most efficient, interesting homepage I've seen. Congrats. Still waiting for Australian tour dates 2004!"
Pennsylvania "I've enjoyed his lyrics and songs from even before Liege and Lief.I don't own a Vincent but i do have a Harley and have thought often of a thompson song while motoring down some country road,,,thank you…"
"Thu Jul 17, 2003"
Indiana "Hoosier fans of Richard's protest! Whaddya mean no full band concerts in Indiana this time around? It's a good thing me and me friends drove the four hours to see the show at HOB in Chicago last April or I'd be really pissed. (Wonderful show, by the way, and mostly kidding, but am somewhat dismayed with no RTBAND shows in In.)"
New York please don't avoid Western NY!
Derby "Thanks for the Liecester & Birminham Symphony Hall gigs. AWESOME! Almost enough to make me throw my guitars away!!
North Carolina "Where have I been?! A long-time music fan, but a brand new RT Fan..Life is full of wonderful surprises - discovering Richard Thompson is one of the best I can remember!"
Zagreb " I rather listen than comment when we talk about MR. RICHARD THOMPSON."
Ontario "I host a show called 'Sweet Folk Also' on CFRC radio 101.9fm in Kingston, Ont featuring RT music & songs. First saw RT with early Fairport (Martin Lamble/Ian Matthews era) at the Railway Institute in York a million years ago!"
Ohio "I just saw Richard Thompson for the first time Tuesday night here in Columbus, OH- it was an absolutely INCREDIBLE show! The BEST live act I've seen!"
Ohio "Spectacular show in Columbus, Ohio on July 15, 2003. I brought my father of a young 80 years, who for his entire life has had nothing to do with any music other than classical, and he just loved the show. I hope to catch your performance at Green Grass on October 5."
"Fri Jul 18, 2003"
Ohio "Killer show at the Odeon July 16, 2003! Thanks for stopping by Cleveland, again!"
Wallasey "The gig at the Uncut stage at this years Guildfest was fantastic, it was the highlight of the festival, no competition it had to be Richard although we could hear the sounds of Madness in the distance!"
Ohio "Just saw the show in cleveland on the 16th. Great show. Need to add ""why must i plead"" to the song list."
Cheshire Brilliant show at the Lowry a weeks or so ago. The best one I've seen you do for several years
Ohio "just returned from two recent shows, columbus and cleveland, ohio. great time and great shows, please keep touring!"
Dorset Saw Richard at Glastonbury about 10 years ago in acoustic tent. Amazing. now rediscovering
Kent "I'm so excited Richard - not only did I see you at the Fairfield the other week (which was ace - I particularly liked ""cry me a river"") but I've just learnt the chords for ""cold kisses"" ""feel so good"" and ""waltzing's for dreamers"" and can add them to my easy strum-along guitar renditions of """"I misunderstood"", ""turning of the tide"" ""wall of death"" and ""bright lights"". So how come you've managed to write so many fantastic songs without hardly anybody realising then? Please feel free to pop in for a jam and a cup of tea if you're ever passing (we've got loads of mugs in the cupboard and I can always lend you an old guitar if you don't have one with you). Take care mate! Love and peace."
New York "I'd just like to say that Richard is a rare example of the true artist, with a soul deeply infused with music. He has a magical essence while being very much a cynical realist. May you rant, rave and weep FOREVER!"
Ontario "outstanding website-looking forward to seeing Richard in Toronto in July at the Blues Festival"
New Jersey ive followed richard from the fly to the old kit bag he is god at the guitar only clapton is 2nd
Kentucky "First heard Richard's song about the Vinson '52 motorcycle on WFPK in Louisville, Ky & was hooked. As I heard other tunes by Richard, I knew he was for real."
Pennsylvania I love everything Richard does. I think he is so wonderful. He is the BEST!
Rhode Island You are a master!
"Sat Jul 19, 2003"
Ohio Saw the show this past Tuesday night and he was on target and incredible as usual. The band was excellent to boot. I'm glad that he's going electric this tour-I like the solo shows but this is where he really shines.
cumbria great gig at manchester and good to hear him on Bob Harris. By the way why wasn't Danny playing bass? Is he OK?
Beijing "the goose-bumps still raise, and the eyes well with tears from time to time, whence listening to your music, and to the voices of your ex, and offspring...........keep making a joyful noise!"
Missouri "Richard Thompson deserves more success than what he has achieved. When I mention his name, people still say ""Who?"" Oh, well. Pity them in their ignorance!Long may you rule, Richard!"
Pennsylvania "Turned my son (38) on to R.T. 2 years ago. Now we attend concerts together. Richard is incredible. Thanks XPN, for bringing his music to Philly."
Pennsylvania the music is beautiful
New Jersey "Love the music--keep it coming. Your Mock Tudor show in NYC, with the tedious Wilco sharing the bill, was absolutely wonderful."
Tennessee thanks for the TERIFFIC show at nashville's uptown mix a few years ago. rt is a consummate master of his craft!
Cheshire Richard is an absolute song writing genius and arguably the finest British guitarist ever!! We love him too bits.
Connecticut See you in Tarrytown.
"Sun Jul 20, 2003"
NSW "Great musician, brilliant songwriter. Cant get enough at present, thanks all!!! Many thanks for years of magnificent music and bittersweet laughter!"
New York "Well, OK, not quite my whole life, but it's been more than 30 years since a friend first played ""Liege & Lief"" for me... It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, & it still does!"
Pennsylvania "Just saw Richard at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia. A perfect match - marvelous acoustics, beautiful venue, astounding show. As always, thanks to Richard for sharing his (many) gifts."
Ohio I am a guitarist and songwriter and i find listening to RT's music very challenging and inspiring
New York Found a copy of <Pour Down Like Silver> for $1 in my college bookstore in 1976 and have been listening ever since. Very inpiring -- and intimidating! ;-) -- for a fellow guitar player.
New Jersey I thought the Old Kit Bag Concert was great and am looking forward to Ducknapped. god bless his balding little head
New York "nice,well-organized web site"
Florida Richard Thompson is in my opinion the greatest singer/songwriter on the planet and i will scream that at the top of my lungs while tap dancing on top of Steve Earles coffee table
Missouri "I just got ""The Old Kit Bag"" and it is an AWESOME album..."
"Mon Jul 21, 2003"
New York "Just saw your concert tonight at the Tarrytown Music Hall. What can I say -- it was a tremendously great concert! I would have loved to hear you all play all night -- I hope you come back there soon, soon, soon."
Paris ... you never did pitch up the following Tuesday. It was an amazing concert.
Victoria "I have known about Richard since the Fairport days. I saw his show in Australia a few years back when he toured with Loudon Wainwright III. It was a fabulous evening, but there are so many songs and so little time. It was a blast."
New York "Last night's Tarrytown, N.Y., show among the best concerts I've ever seen (from many)...."
Maine "well, I was rather like Cinderella with not a thing to wear Friday night, sort of sulking because I have to go play a stupid restaurant gig and watch tourists stuff themselves with fried clams,-you know, the ""ambiance"" thing, you can make up whatever words you like really, Harriet the Hersuit and her Man Came to Maine just to eat Fried clams I guess I must be local color who is meaner Harriet or her feller...anyway, I decided to check out the website, bah humbug, listened to some stuff, and now I think I am going to revolt against the System, to you know where with the fried clams, I don't care if my car is broken down, I am going to finagle a ticket from some where and come hear you play. I don't care if I have to hitch a ride. I am going to the ball. you are sounding great these days, better than ever! But please come play solo again in Camden, Maine."
New York "Still floating after Tarrytown last night! As always, in awe! Wish Our Hero would play a venue where we could dance our fool heads off, instead of getting stuck sitting next to stick in the mud suits. P.S. Still looking for Warren!"
Connecticut Just saw RT live last night in Tarrytown. First time I've seen him live. Fantastic.
Pennsylvania "I recently watched his performances at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, Pa., Penns Landing-Phila., Pa., and last night in Tarrytown, NY. Each time he and his gifted band were consistently wonderful......delivering beautiful melodies accompanied by inspirational lyrics. He is a true musical genious with a charming character. We need musical talent like Richard Thompson's to lift our spirits and warm our hearts. His great sense of humor is always a welcome addition, too."
New York "Richard is the most incredible guitarist I have ever had the priviledge of listening to . I never enjoyed a show as much as I did last night in Tarrytown , NY,,,Pete Zorn is an amazing talent! I can't wait to see another show!"
"Rugby ,Warwickshire" dont know if richard gets to read this ? but i just wanted to thank him for signing my guitar for me at Northampton derngate way beyond the calls of duty!! thanks for ure time and the best live concert ive seen cheers again
aberdeenshire scotland keep on doing it
"Tue Jul 22, 2003 "
Pennsylvania WOW!!!!Just saw Richard TWO nights in a row. One show in a theater and the next day at a singer/songwriter festival and be still my beating heart I shook his god like hands and spoke with him it was an earth moving experience
New York "Caught Richard in concert on Sunday, 7/20 purely by chance. Never heard of him, and was I pleasantly surprised!!"
Melbourne "The Old Kit Bag is fantabulous! I'll email a photo of Richard and myself backstage at The Comedy Theatre Melb, '86 later.Terrific stuff indeed! "
Auckland Did Richard Thompson make a song about a red headed girl and a motorcycle rider? I think her name might have been Molly? If so - what is the title of the song and the record it can be found on. We had the LP years ago but lent it to a ratbag who never returned it and is not to be found!
New York "Saw the show in Tarrytown on July, 21st. It was fantastic."
New Hampshire Going to see him on Friday. Cannot WAIT!!!
New York I wish I'd been listening to Richard for a much longer time...
New York "Heard you on wrpi 91.5 (Troy, NY) for the 1st time today, I'll listen again. Loved ""Oops I did it again""."
Massachusetts "Going To Berklee Performance Center tonight, 7/22/03. My first time seeing an RT concert."
New York "Saw Richard in Tarrytown the other night, first time. Amazing energy and great guitarwork, but what stays in my mind are the rich, haunting stories he tells."
New York "I think RT is the world's greatest singer/song writer and guitar player. A combination no one out there can compare with. Even if he was only capable of each of those things, he'd still be the world's greatest in each category"
"Wed Jul 23, 2003"
Pennsylvania "The Kimmel Center show in Philadelphia was intense! But it seemed rushed -- from one song to the next with no pause, very little talking, and only one encore -- as if you would all turn into pumpkins at 11pm. Was it a union labor thing? House rules? Or were we just not worthy?"
Victoria An great influence. Coming to aus?
Pennsylvania "An ancient recognition = Celtic woven in, through and around - timeless sound. Celtic cross embodied in the navigational website - what metaphor and symbol. Keep on truckin'. Glad I discovered your sound and spirit."
Massachusetts "One of my top 5 favorite artists, I know that I'll always find at least one really amazing song on every album he puts out."
New York "Come back to Buffalo, NY!"
Bombay "First tuned into RT with ""Liege and lief"" back in '96 or so. Subsequently got Shoot out & Bright lights, as well as Mock Tudor. Missing a lot of stuff, I know, but with such a tremendous track record and extensive catalog. I must admit collecting RT is still quite an expensive business! Will get there...slowly(:-) Just wanted to say that RT is among my three greatest songwriters of all time, along with Dylan & Costello. And among guitarists, well he's right up at the top! (:-)"
skovlunde outside of the inside is brillant
Tokyo Please Come My Country
North Carolina Love the site!! Love that it is updated regularly!! Love Richards input!!Love the fact/frequency of the live releases--keep'em coming!!
Connecticut "Don't know how I went for so long without listening to his music, but when Buddy and Julie Miller did ""Keep Your Distance"" it made seek him out.
Vermont "Come to Vermont! Just got The Old Kit Bag, very moving. My 14 year old son say's it's not bad! That's good! Last Sunday I saw him at the Music Hall in Tarrytown, NY and I haven't enjoyed 2 and 1/2 hours (!) like that before."
Nevada "Thank you for so many wonderful, interesting, haunting and magnificent records"
Massachusetts "It's been 35 years since my first Richard Thompson Experience at the now deceased Middle Earth Club in Covent Garden. And through the ensuing years he has never ceased to amaze nor ceased to amuse. But last night's performance at the Berklee Performance Center was transcendent, no other words be spoken. Well..... damn, what a one fine band! p.s. ""Ducknapped II""? - ""Crawl Back/Israelites""!"
"Thu Jul 24, 2003"
New York "I'm a big fan and just saw Richard in Tarrytown and him this Friday in Portland. You may not care but I vote for more acoustic than electric. Thanks. ps. I wish he would one day play again at the Towne Crier Cafe solo acoustic."
Ohio ROCK ON!!
Tennessee "I have just recieved MORE GUITAR,and all I can say is WOW! on first Listen it is amazing... I can't wait for more Archive material to see the light of day."
Massachusetts Yes. You're the best. Love you and your wonderful gift of music that you share.
Massachusetts "Saw RT at Lupo's In Providence, R.I. this very night. My wife was not feeling well and my twenty year old QUOTSA loving son accompanied me to the show. He said it was one of the ""craziest"" shows he's ever seen. RT was stupendous and his band was equally game. They did two encores and played a hair under two and a half hours. We got there early and got to stand at the rail not ten feet from the best, most accessible guitar and songwriting god of the 20th and 21st centuries."
Oundle "Really nice site design, although black on dat green a little hard to read. Such a pleasure"
California The new CD is incredible. Kit Bag should be played here in Chico.
Victoria "Hey Richard! I am so happy that u r continually bringing out new live stuff. U R a true inspiration to me. U never cease to amaze me at your fresh take on music. U make me strive for something better in my own music and life. Thank You so much."
Massachusetts wanted to go to Lupos in Providence. Work night. Hopefully next tour through
Massachusetts "My girlfriend and I just saw Richard at the Berklee Performance Center on July 23. We were dazzled, moved, and rocked."
Massachusetts This music saved me a few times. I have a huge collection beginning when I was in my teens. Makes me glad to be alive. Thanks for all of it.
Connecticut "Never have signed a guestbook but feel compelled to do so after the HOT show last night in Providence. Danced my hiney off for 2 1/2 hours. Each time I thought it's ok if it's over now he's given more than plenty, I'm thoroughly fulfilled they (you, whoever reads this.....) came back reached in and off we sailed again. I'm still basking in the afterglow, though having a challenging time having the energy to do much of anything but smile in bliss."
Rhode Island he be the man
New York "I actually first heard Richard back in 1967 on Fairport Convention LP's, so that puts me at about a 36 year listener! And I live in Fairport, New York... Ialways thought that was kind of cool... Anyway, I'm going to see Richard and the Band this Saturday in Rochester, New York and can't wait to have Richard's music wash over me live and in person! RICHARD ROCKS!!!"
Rhode Island My wife and I saw you last night in RI. this was our third concert. the others in NH and VT. Fantastic. We are both Brits.
Pennsylvania Also a guitarist
"I like your site and it has some great information. But I feel, that missing from the media is some clear pictures of Richards guitars alone."
Ontario Looking forward to seeing Richard at the Toronto Blusfest on Sunday
Pennsylvania I once shook hands with RT - which is as close as my guitar will come to greatness
Connecticut "I'm still coming down from the Boston show at Berklee Performing Center. Absolutely stunning. I saw the show at the Calvin (Northhampton, MA) in April and I can't believe the difference (not that the earlier show was BAD by any stretch). The band seemed much more comfortable and playful, and the sound was MUCH better, especially the bass and vocals. Being a bass player, I especially liked the way the upright bass (particularly the incredibly fat bowed low notes) and the fretless sounded. And it was nice to hear how the newer songs have been extended. Earl was just magnificent. Just one small request: Next time I see you, would you mind doing ""The Reckless Kind?"" It's been burning a hole in my head lately."
Ontario Let me know when you will be doing a complete evening in the Toronto area & where your discs can be easily found here?
"Fri Jul 25, 2003"
California "longing for richard to visit sonoma county SOON, please"
Oregon "I can't believe I've never heard this guy before... Richard, you are great!"
Alaska "It's good to visit the website of the hardest working Scottish Sufi in rock'n roll. I'm 42 and still taking my chances on the Wall of Death, but then, aren't we all?"
New Jersey "Lupo's show last night, excellent!"
Sydney apropos of nothing - it's a shame we only ever see richard on new release through the gauze of plain old 16bit/44khz cd. the dvd-a experiment on r+s was a fantastic success and the hdcd sheen on semi-detached mt was pretty good as well. isn't this the downside of switching to an indie for manufacture/distribution ? i suppose there's always the option of sweet old vinyl.
Aberystwyth Wales Best wishes to Richard et al - long may he continue
North Carolina saw the man may 6 '03 in durham...fantastic. I was with 2 newbies and they said it was the best concert ever and they didn't even know who he was.
Rhode Island "I succumbed a few days ago to a friend's badgering and used the proceeds from the sale of my old Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden CDs to buy a ticket for the Lupo's show. It was fantastic, I am hooked. Peter(?) Zorn was fantastic as well, dug the vocal harmonies in particular (shades of bluegrass, worked very well). As for this website, it's a good online presence. Just one suggestion - more media (ie, streaming media of live performance, etc) would be great; it's a resource for new fans to sample the RT experience and point friends to. Keep up the good work!"
Ohio Saw the Columbus OH show last week - absolutely superb!!! Thank you!
Manchester Who is Richard Thompson?
Tennessee Saw the show in Atlanta and only knew 4 songs but the show was amazing so went to Columbus and knew all 22....going backpacking out west and plan to experience the solo act in Salt Lake at the Kit Bag and can't wait for the new CD
"Sat Jul 26, 2003"
Colorado "excellent music, excellent site. keep up the good work!"
Pennsylvania "I enjoy Mr. Thompson's music very much indeed. And you can tell him so!
Massachusetts "I may be nearly 54, but my entire family, incl. a 14 and a 16 year old, listen to and enjoy your music. Can't get enough!! Thank You!"
Nevada First saw RT at a Fairport gig over 30 years ago and have been addicted ever since. He is in Dylan's class as a songwriter and in a class by himself as a guitarist.
New Hampshire "Just back from the Portland, I continue to be amazed."
South Carolina "I heard part of the interview with Richard on NPR this week and enjoyed it. Amnesia is also one of my favorite albums, by the way, and although 'old,' many of the songs remain (unfortunately?) apropos of today. "
Minnesota "Richard sang Freebird at my request at the MN Zoo last summer! I'll never forget it! It was a wonderful show, albeit hot."
Maine "I saw the show in Portland, Maine on July 25-Thank you, it was terrific. It was a pleasure to watch someone who truly enjoys making music and who responds to the crowd. I can't wait till you return to this area."
"Sun Jul 27, 2003"
Pennsylvania Richard Thompson has to be the most brilliant guitarist and songwriter of all time! I'm so happy I found his music!
New York "went to Water Street last night on Jeff Spivak's rec. Wow incredible and thank you -- was under your left eye, watching, grateful. All good things to you and the Band -- outstanding -- "
New York "Just saw Richard last night in Rochester, had never heard him before and was absolutely blown away!!!!! Excellent show!"
Connecticut At Falcon Ridge he burned a hole right through that star- filled sky! Thank you for coming.…
New York rock on
New York Great show in Rochester 7/26/03
Maine "Thanks so much for the great concert in Portland, Maine - the first time I've heard you live. You are a total stud - in a literate, sensitive English sort of way. ;-)Especially loved your singing of ""A love you can't survive."" Great! PS. Sorry about the moron yelling 'wall of death' after every song. We tied him to the back of a Lobster Boat after the show and took a ride around the harbor."
"Mon Jul 28, 2003 "
Virginia Rock on and do other music too.
New York saw a show in rochester lastnight .wheres the band going next?
Ohio "Caught RTBand in Columbus, and the performance was superb. Still amazed at how much someone I've always enjoyed as much as the talented RT seems to keep improving. Earl Harvin and Rory and Pete were all top notch as well. Only disappointment was that Ducknapped wasn't available as promised, but certainly will buy once available thru Beesweb, which can't be soon enough."
Connecticut Just saw Richard and his band at Falcon Ridge this weekend and it was the best performance that I have EVER seen in 10 years of going to the Festival. The crowd went insane afterwards and everyone was raving about it the entire weekend. I just went out and bought 3 CDS and am loving them. Thanks Richard and band for one of the most amazing nights of music in my entire life!{And I ain't no kid!}
Ontario Saw Richard last night at the Toronto BluesFest. Excellent show! Ordering the Old Kit Bag from Amazon today. Hope he'll be back our way soon.
Pennsylvania Fantastic show at Falcon Ridge this past week!
Ontario Saw Richard last night at the Toronto Star Blues Festival. What an amazing show! He was the highlight of the entire festival.
Ohio He put on a great show in columbus in july
Maryland "I am absolutely thrilled to have found this website!!!! A couple of years ago my brother-in-law who is from Alaska gave me a CD he burned with the ""Red Molly"" song on it and it is my absolutely favorite song of all time. Soon thereafter, my sister managed to lose/destroy the CD and I have believed in my heart ever since that I would never hear that song again. I had no idea who the artist was nor the name of the song! Now I know it is ummm... oh great! Now I can't recall, it's the Black lightening song about the motorbike, but now I can't find the name on your website again.... anyway, I NEED to find a copy of this song... actually, I would like to find any and all renditions he has done of this song as soon as possible... can you please help me?? This song brings joy to my heart - PLEASE let me know as soon as you can... I will order it or go buy it wherever I have to! Thanks again! Oh! Vincent Black Lightening 1952? is that it? Anyway, thanks again! Take care!"
Minnesota "At the Winnipeg Folk Festival four years ago, I kept raving about RT to my (much) younger friends, only to get 'ya, right' looks. Then, following an insane thunder storm, the Man played. All alone on stage, just RT and guitar. The two thousand left in the crowd were absolutely riveted. Not even a whisper. Spellbound. I've never experienced anything like it in thirty years of live music. The kids regard me differently now. I think they regard most things differently. Long may you ramble, Richard"
Ontario "Outstanding concert last night! Great band--including your board quality mix...incredible sound. Thirty feet away. Thank you all for the best live performance in ages--we happily heard Lou Reed and Neil Young in June, but were not nearly so moved. Hope to find you at Hugh's Room soon...we live a block away.Thank you. Thank you. Did I say thank you?"
"Tue Jul 29, 2003"
Tennessee Recently saw RT & band at Berklee in Boston -- as good a show as I hvae ever seen in my life. Thanks!
Madrid where can i get a new copy of henry the human fly & the bunch? keep up the good music & maybe one day I'll get to hear when i'm primeminister again!
Devon A soundtrack of my life!
"Wed Jul 30, 2003"
Ontario Just saw RT at the Toronto Bluesfest. He is no doubt one of the most incredible and underrated artists (at least on this continent) of the century. I am now a die hard fan. Thanks RT.
Pennsylvania going to see richard live in concert tonight at the byham theater in pittsburgh. i can't wait!
Pennsylvania "Whitaker Center, HBG PA (7/29/03)was truly a ""night to remember"" 4-ever. Phenomenal performance! Thanks!"
Dundalk great site
Illinois "I'm begging (will be forced to steal if need be) a ticket for his Old Town School concert in Chicago this October. I have never seen Richard perform live... but I'd be happy to invite him over for a bit of supper while he's in Chicago (nothing like home cooking while on the road! PS...where does he get the great berets?"
Pennsylvania "I'm so glad you're willing to explore the wilds of Central PA, i.e., Harrisburg and Lancaster for concerts. Your live concerts sound better than most artists do when they're improved by a recording studio."
New York "Come back to NYC, Richard! Your friends miss you."
"Thu Jul 31, 2003 "
North Carolina my hero
Pennsylvania "Just saw concert at Whittaker Center in Harrisburg. Wow. I've seen his acoustic sets several times, but the band is great!"
Manchester One of the greatest and most consistant exponents of English traditional/contempory music (in my 'umble opinion!)
Iowa "I'm a long term fan since the beginning. Glad to hear the new CD Old Kit Bag, and Richard, I love and deeply respect you!"
Northumberland "Just received 1,00 years of popular music, great stuff but Richard, Richard, Richard you've been in the LA sun too long. What are you on about in the sleeve notes to Blackleg Miner; Durham coalfield, come on Delava and Segal are in fact Delaval (Seaton Delaval) and Seghill, two pit villages in Northumberland; I went to school in one and got horrendously drunk at teenage parties in the other. This is more Co. Durham expansionist propoganda in the same way that they put in the credits that Billy Elliot was filmed entirely on location in Co. Durham and London - what about the bits filmed in Northumberland (Lynemouth (Billy's Grandma's grave)and Ellington (the cross country run, look closely in the background and you can see one of my horses), my current home). Anyway, enough ranting I'm off to collect some more train numbers and pat the pit ponies. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !"
PA We saw Richard on 7/30/03 at Byham Theatre in Pittsburgh PA. What an incredible show - these guys are so talented!!
cornwall "well, I have seen Richard play in about 25 different venues over the last 30 years plus around 15 Cropredy's !!"
Minnesota "I will not submit. ..well, okay, since the button is so innocent looking…"
PA "I was lucky enough to catch him at the music pier in Ocean City, NJ a couple of years ago. I love his music and appreciate his unigue sound. I love his voice!!!! I also think he is one hot guy! "