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July 16-31, 2004
"July 16, 2004"
california "Heard Richard at the High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy Ca. It was my favorite show of the event. Thanks, Richard. You rock!"
oxford Enjoying the site..
Florida Richard Thompson is God! - Forget Clapton!
Oregon "Richard, just saw you in Portland. As always, thank you for a GREAT show!"
"July 17, 2004"
Virginia Great site.
Oregon "Another fanastic show at the Aladdin, two and a half hours in line to get the good seats and worth every minute. This was the last time with my son here in Portland since he's heading off to college in the Berkshires. But I'm sure he'll make the trip to Northampton, weather notwithstanding. My daughter saw you in St.Louis this time and gave us fair warning. You're a tradition with our family."
Malvern, Worcs. Saw Richard live for the first time this year. Much better than I could have imagined - absolutely superb. Going again next week. When will he tour the UK with the band?
London "Occasionally in life, you come across things which really stir your soul. RT's music and voice do that for me. I've just been reminded how much having seen him on latest tour in Hackney and Tunbridge Wells. Thanks Richard for enriching my life."
Vlaams-Brabant It's a nice website
Massachusetts I am anxiously awaiting another performance here in Massachusetts. Last year's in Newburyport was so extraordinary. Old Kit Bag is brilliant. My favorite is A Love You Can't Survive. I am in awe of his talent.
"July 18, 2004"
West Midlands Just love RT and his whole catalogue. Best guitarist in whole world - so English - original and distinctive
Gloucester Saw a biography on BBC2 and was very fired up on it.
california Can't believe I didn't know about RT before he was on Fresh Air
Hertfordshire Just got Two Letter Words - Fantastic!!
"July 19, 2004"
Pennsylvania "One year after a forty year 8th grade reunion I had the great pleasure of finding out that two of my former 8th grade classmates were also big fans of RT and his music my wife of thirty five years and my two beautiful classmates attended the concert at the keswick theater in glenside Pa.last month. I think I say this every time we go to see RT whether Solo or with his amazing bands,this was probably the best show ever.Between the companionship and the realization that two of my former classmates whom I hadnt seen since I believe 1967 the last time had actually travelled possibly a similar road through the commanality of our great appreciation for RT the man the music it was a night to be remembered Please RT keep it coming"
New York "My first RT show was in Davis Californa in 1982 (maybe 1983?). It was I believe the first French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson show - what an introduction to the live RT; I've been to somewhere in the neighborhood of 60+ shows since then and never seem to get enough!
Auckland "It's a great site. An MP3 of Madonna's Wedding would complete the trio with Pat Metheny and Janet Jackson, but hey that's not really why we revere RT is it?"
"July 20, 2004"
Buckinghamshire "Would'nt be good just to go to Amersham ( 1 mile away ) and pick the CD's up without this postage lark ?
Wisconsin My wife is a big fan also.
Bath Discovered him at a late age - making up for it now!
"July 21, 2004"
Illinois "Just discovered you-you're fantastic!I'm won over; I'd go to see you anytime, anywhere!"
Western Australia R T's music is the best that is going around. A pity more people don't listen.
Brescia I love your guitar playing. Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttt
"July 22, 2004"
Maine Richard is coming to our Orion Performing Arts Center in October...
california great music to listen too look foward to more
"July 23, 2004"
New York Really enjoy the live limited editions; glad to see so much of catalogue on Amazon...What about adding Full House with FC?
Surrey "Keep making the music, it is a life affirming experience for me"
Kerry When are you coming back for a concert in Ireland? Saw at vicars in Dublin loved the concert please come again! with loads of musicians plus you of course!
"July 24, 2004"
Dublin "You never know, having come this far there may be something at the end of the rainbow."
Bingley Very interested in hearing about new releases/tour date; not yet seen Richard live; need to rectify that!
"July 25, 2004"
Berlin "Thanks for news, music, contact and inspiration"
Dorset "My son (18) and myself went to see Richard at Salisbury. wonderful evening, we are both hooked."
Glasgow Scotland "I got the ""Liege & Lief"" album with a ""Stereogram!!"" for a teen birthday...I've been hooked on Richard's guitar ever since."
"July 26, 2004"
Ontario Just listening to your music with family.......wondering if there are any touring plans for Canada?
Carmarthenshire "Great site, have visited lots but have only now thought to sign guest book."
"July 27, 2004"
oxford Just to say what a fantastic gig last night in Abingdon (26/07/04)I introduced a couple of people to Richards music and this was their first experience of him live and I know they had a great time (they just want to know where the second guitarist was hidden!) i know that 90 people had a great time so thank you very much!!!
New York Come back to Albany/Saratoga
Oxfordshire "Saw RT at Abingdon last night - thanks Richard, a stunning concert, brilliant. Any chance of a copy of the set list with the tunings shown? I could tell the main ones (standard, CGDGBE, some DADGAD, dropped D) but couldn't always remember the tuning for each song. I play myself (reasonably good) and would love to try out some of these."
Ohio "I'm a huge Springsteen fan and when I heard Vincent Black Lightning I heard the same heart and feeling. If I or anyone could express the same honest feelings in our day to day lives, that you two writers have, we would all lead much richer lives. Thank you."
New York "Fabulous stuff, Richard T.! How can I learn to play guitar like you? Do you have an instructional DVD? Come back to Town Hall in NYC!"
Dumbarton, Scotland "To put it simply,Richard is the best Singer, Songwriter/guitarist in Britain ! Amen !"
Glamorgan State, Wales Just missed out on Worcester-Rats!
"July 28, 2004"
Georgia This is a great site. Please keep offering music!
california "The Cooksferry Queen as described by Mr. Mulvaney, 10 years down the line:

She's got dressing gowns that seem to float in the wind

Pre-Raphaelite curlers in her hair"

Yorkshire "Really enjoyed seeing Richard(for the first time)at the opera house in York. Absolutely Brilliant!!"
Wisconsin "Richard Thompson is one of the most underrated and under-appreciated musicians of my lifetime. This is a sorry statement, however I am thankful to be lucky enough to experience the music."
Lancashire "Recently acquired Old Kit Bag, can't stop listening to it."
Oxfordshire How did I manage not to know about the gig in Abingdon (just down the road) this week! Previous gigs in the Oxford Playhouse have been all-time highs. Any more on the way?? Best wishes.
"July 29, 2004"
Essex Nice site!
England "First saw him at the country club, belsize park, 1967? the more he plays, the better he gets!"
Wiltshire Saw him at Trowbridge Pump - fantastic/ need to see Richard again in the UK asap
"July 30, 2004"
Berkshire when are you touring in the UK?
"July 31, 2004"
Colorado I saw you in Boulder at Chautauqua for my fist time and it was an incredible concert. Please come back to Colorado soon!!!
Bournemouth, Dorset Only that he is the most fantastic performer in the world and I love everything about him.