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July 16 - 31, 2005
"July 16, 2005"
California Just saw Richard at Humphreys in San Diego this last week. He was his usual wonderful self playing us his great music!
"July 17, 2005"
Surrey Listening since fairport days. This is a great site. I was so glad to run upon it.
Michigan Nice site. You are doing a great service to the web
Paris Merci pour tout !
Connecticut "couldn't answer the ""how long have you been listening..."" question. no appropriate answer. i've been a fan since I first heard Fairport in the mid 60s!"
"July 18, 2005"
"Byfield, Northants" "What can I say? RT's in a class all his own - musicianship, style, integrity - beats Clapton, Jansch,Donahue,Williams, and nameless others into a cocked hat! - just inspirational!!!!"
North Carolina "I was a "road manager" for the Albion Country Band in the early 70's and worked with Richard."
California Thank you for this website.
Cornwall searching for dvd guitar tutorial stuff ~ lessons from the modest master
Massachusetts Thank-you for sharing your talent with the world.
"July 19, 2005"
Ontario "Nary an RT concert to be had anywhere in Canada this year. What gives RT? It's been 2 years....we're in need. I thought we were like this, you and us? (crossed fingers)"
Kent I may be on your mailing list already but just wanted to confirm my interest.
California "Yikes, feels like I've missed the train for 30 years. Listening to lyrics and guitar work is great joy. Many thanks."
"July 20, 2005"
Brussels "Richard has made such a lot of amazing beautiful songs, i love them…"
"July 21, 2005"
Ohio Come back to the Dublin Irish Festival... or to Ohio in general... Ohio loves you.
Kent One of the very few quality narrative songsmith's that can play guitar with true quality
"July 22, 2005"
North Carolina I found your music on WSGE- 91.7 FM at Gaston College. I really enjoy your craftmanship!
Ohio I am looking forward to the songbook
"July 23, 2005"
Colorado "Please consider an album of music written for children. Thanks!"
New York Pls play NYC more often if poss.
"July 24, 2005"
Cannock "Richard, we achieved an ambition yesterday when we saw you doing your wonderful acoustic solo set at the MAC in Brum. Previously we've only caught the electic sets. Last night was special and was everything and more we hoped it would be. Thank you and we hope you'll do it again one day."
West Midlands Saw Richard at MAC last night...brilliant!
North Carolina "One of the highlights of my life was seeing Richard in concert at The Grey Eagle here in my hometown of Asheville, NC. He is one of my favorite musicians/singer-songwriters; I also loved his rendition of ""Woodstock"" at the Tribute to Joni Mitchell."
Bedfordshire See you at Cropredy and the Lyric. Like a good Burgundy -keeps getting better!
Auckland "Really hope RT can put AKL on his tour schedule again. First saw the Fairports with Family at Guildford Civic in '68(?) and Sunbury.Several times thereafter over the years.Always loved his music. Devonside is my favourite closely followed by A Sailor's Life. Cheers"
Pennsylvania Saw you at the WXPN concert and I just wanted to say Thanks- far and away the best free concert Ive ever been to! Youre Great!
"July 25, 2005"
Niedersachsen Great music
Carlisle, Cumbria Brampton Live. A special evening. Thanks.
Northamptonshire Saw Richard at the Mac Arena in Birmingham last Saturday (23 July). It was a truly wonderful evening. The venue is great and Richard commented that he didn't know why he'd not been there before. Here's hoping he'll be back soon.
Weston super Mare Flying saucer rock and roll
Carrick on Shannon Any upcoming concerts in Ireland?
Co.Wicklow Any concerts lined up for Ireland?
Kentucky Any sheet music available?
Pennsylvania "Come on back to the Keswick Theater in Glenside, Pa. You are great! Also, does the song, Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed, refer to Sandy Denny? Thanks, Barbara"
"July 26, 2005"
West Yorkshire Just seen him at Brampton Live. Never better!!
California "this is to implore Richard to consider a run for Governor of California... if drafted, will he serve? A State and indeed a Nation waits and wonders."
Massachusetts When will Sunnyvista come out on CD? And why don't you play any of the songs form that album in concert?
New Mexico "I've been searching for the voice of 'Black Lightning '52' ever since I first heard it. No one does it better Richard. Now this may sound corny, but it's true, since I've heard your interview on Sirius Disorder, I want more! "
New York always liked his music but only have one cassette.....been hearing more on sirius radio & really like the new record
"July 27, 2005"
Wiltshire "Just to say that how much I love Richard's songs, words, music and phenomenal playing. A true original. "
Scotland Jimmy Shand's spiritual successor
USA "I'm mostly familiar with the Fairport music, but am gradually getting up to speed on Richard's solo career. Here's hoping he and other great musicians from the 60's and 70s will continue to make great music and tour for many years to come, no matter what garbage record companies try to foist on the general public."
"July 28, 2005"
Manchester "Hi, really sorry that you're not coming to Manchester this year, but great web site. Come visit us again soon!"
Weymouth The Best!!!
Illinois "Stay cool Richard! Can't wait for you to come to Chicago again!!!My sister and I were the ones jumping outside of the window waving to you at Fitzgerald's. Like you remember."
England "Make sure his next UK tour includes a concert at The Sage, Gateshead"
Cambridgeshire Would love a collection of Celtic inflected songs like Celtshmerz only moreso
England "Rumour and sigh is one of the gretest,most moving,most underrated records ever made"
New Jersey "I'm becoming obsessed with your music, Richard!! Could you at least help with my psychiatric bills? lol "
"July 29, 2005"
Massachusetts Hoping to see you in Newburyport in August!
"July 30, 2005"
"Aberdeenshire, Scotland " hello
Manitoba "Love the music and website. I wonder how Richard survives tour after tour, on the road. It is a hard life and I guess that's why they call it work. All the best to you and your gang, Richard. AK!"
"July 31, 2005"
California nice site rt
Ontario Dranouter Festival!!
Wisconsin I bless the day a friend lent me a copy of Sunnyvista.