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July 16 - 31, 2006
"July 16, 2006"
California "Actually, lisened to RT in the 60's Fairport Convention. Bought ""Grizzly Man"" DVD then ""live frm Austin Tx. Looking into tickets for Arcata Dec 1 '06. Very Very Good Music. Tks."
Wexford Great stuff.
"July 17, 2006"
Colorado Thank you for years of fabulous music and inspiration.
"Rossett, Wales" "Love everything, (well nearly everything), you can't have it all!"
"July 18, 2006"
Indiana Love your music!
Cork Oops! You did it again.
Ohio "I was introduced to Richard Thompson by my friend Jim Jones, from Pere Ubu."
"July 19, 2006"
W Sussex Brilliant to see him in Chichester earlier this year
New York "I heard the delightful interview stored on the WFUV web site and then heard a song on WFUV driving home last night, and am charmed. I come to you from Teddy, whom I discovered from the Brokeback Mountain soundtrack, and I am an official fanatic; now, I begin exploring Richard's music."
"July 20, 2006"
Pennsylvania "saw 1000 in LA, anticipating show in Pittsburgh in Nov."
Illinois "Have seen you live many times and look forward to seeing you at Irish Fest in Milwaukee, as is the rest of the family."
Lincolnshire there is nobody better - he is the Man
Massachusetts Love your website! Song-o-matic is a great feature!
"July 21, 2006"
Odessa I like your music. Keep up the good work.
Rhode Island "I was extremely excited to see RT returning to southern New England in the fall, but dismayed to see the ticket price at the Narrows Center in Fall River! "
London Keep it up ;-)
Derbyshire hello
"July 23, 2006"
Oregon "Saw You last summer at the Britt Festival in Jacksonville Oregon. Outstanding show...won't miss you next time your anywhwere close.My 15 year old son loves your music as well, and that speaks volumes!"
Dorset when can I get the R.T.songbook?
Washington "He is the ultimate folk rock hero, guitar hero."
Wisconsin I love your music and share it with everyone I know.
Lancashire "Only have two albums...Front Parlour Ballads and The Old Kit Bag, love both playing them all the time at the min, Jealous Words is brilliant, only a few words can sum up RT, legendary, beautiful and class! Keep on going! XXXXXXXX"
Croydon "i got my first guitar when i was 16, my bandmates were well into fairport, they lent me albums, i was hooked"
London He rocks. :)
"July 24, 2006"
Visby "I discovered RT in the swedish radio program "Wermelin" and now I cant see how I could have missed this artist. Wonder if the recordings from 4A studio (Ooops, for instance) is available on a cd?"
Pennsylvania "9 hours drive time across New England yesterday transported by your music - farms, factories, hills and dales shimmering with your solos and Danny rattling the rear-view mirror. ""Persuasion"" just as the setting sun broke through a rainshower - sweet redemption. Simply the best!"
"July 25, 2006"
Pennsylvania I Love You!!!!!
Singapore Richard and Linda Thompsons music has brought so much pleasure to me. I just love it all! Its the soundtrack to life and love!
Cork Great concert in Cork July 2006
Cork Long time fan - greatly enjoyed the gig in Cork Opera House 24/7/2006 - last saw you in Rotterdam in 1975 (have photos to prove it!)
"July 26, 2006"
London "Ever since I first heard the man's music when I was about 13 I knew Richard Thompson was the man when it came to writing amazing songs, then singing and playing them amazingly. And once you've got that covered, you're cooking with gas. Never seen him live though, so that's one thing I'll have to when I get the chance. Nice"
Wolverhampton Anyone else pissed off at their treatment at Ascott?
"July 27, 2006"
Illinois "Thanks for the great music, you inspire me."
Galway "Saw the show in Galway last night. Thanks for doing the tune for Bernard Hegarty. Thank you for the work that you do, it is a pleasure"
East Sussex Great Sounds
Chestre first saw him at cropredy 1999?
Kentucky "Liked your version of ""Oops I did it Again"""
Mayenne Just got my copy of 1000 Years of Popular Music. Very pleased with it. Very nicely presented.
"July 28, 2006"
Coventry Keep up the good work. What about a few more 'scottish' tunes
"Bridgend, Wales" Belated complements on a grest gig in Cardiff a few months ago!
"Cardiff, Wales" started listening only 6 months ago. now furiously back-tracking on old cd's that i can find. can't believe i am a huge music fan for 30 years and only just discovered RT. would like to be informed of next uk tour dates please
Nottingham Looking forward to Newark Palace Theatre tomorrow night
"July 29, 2006"
Alberta "Great Concert, Citadel July 7 2006-Come Back Soon!!!!"
Dublin great gig in vicar st dublin
Dublin "Richard Thompson I have seen you on stage oh must be at least 10 times all excellant, but last Thursday in Vicar St. here in Dublin you were so good I don't know how to praise you enough. So thank you very much and don't stay away so long next time."
Birmingham Would like to say I feel Mr T is the most consistent songwriter there has been over the last 30 years.
"July 30, 2006"
Yorkshire "Saw you last night - superb!! Was worried that the heat may send us to sleep - what was I thinking? You had us on the edge of our seats, well worth the 3 hour round trip!! Glad you weren't wearing the gymslip and plaits. Xx"
Nottingham Saw the show at Newark Palace Theatre last night & took my wife (non-fan). We both thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks.
Tipperary "Just been to see Richard in Vicazr St. in Dublin -when is he coming again?As usual -wonderful! this man hardly needs abandwith when he has that guitar or even without as he proved when he sang a capella while repairing a broken string!!"
Yorkshire "Wonderful site, thank you for helping me keep a grip RT!"
"July 31, 2006"
England love a tune put cant remeber title.but its great.
Muswel Hill "Fifty-one years old, now. As a teenager, astonished by Matty Groves, mesmorised by A Sailor's Life. Travelled 160 miles to take my son, an aspiring guitarist, to see you at Newark last Saturday. His reaction? 'He's a genius'. Taking him to Cropredy (2006) next week. Please, please join the band on Saturday evening, astonish the crowd with 'I'm Down' (as last year - amazing) and please lead the Meet on the Ledge finale. My thanks to you for being part of my life and thanks to Simon and everyone else for keeping it alive. As Swarb said many years ago, Fairport Convention will be alive and well long after he dies. You and Fairport are a part of musical history. Thanks."
East Sussex "Dare you to wear a big french beret, with the 'wick' on top! how much practise do you do a day?"