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JULY 16 - 31, 2007
"July 16, 2007"
Ohio i'm taking a 5 hour road trip to see you this feburary! can't rock
New York We saw Richard at the EGG in Albany - great show - my first, my wife's fifth. he recommended a CD of sea chanty's and - boy oh boy - you should hear the tunes coming out of my wife's mouth now!!!
"July 17, 2007"
England see you at Lewes
"July 19, 2007"
London jesse made the intro
British Columbia Have followed your career with admiration since Fairport. Look forward to seeing you again in Vancouver.
"July 20, 2007"
California I don't know why I didn't start listening to your music earlier, but you're now one of my favorites. Please come play in Sacramento!
Cheshire Great site - lots of anorak info!! Roll on the songbook, and I'll keep lobbying for the next honours list. Thanks for years of enjoyment, inspiration, and I'll overlook the continuing inferiority complex over my substandard guitar technique!
Washington You have rsised the bar of creative excellence to new heights. Can't wait to see you in concert here.
West Yorkshire You write the most powerful and beautiful songs, as well as some real 'rockers'!
Colorado i have always enjoyed richards music. i first became intriged when he and linda were playing excellent music.i am only 53 years old but i remember fairport convention. i would like to find music from the richard and linda days. that is if it is ok. not a sore point or anything. thank you
"July 21, 2007"
Northern Ireland Keep it lit Richard !
"July 22, 2007"
Surrey One of the priveleged few to witness your performance on Saturday evening. Wonderful You have 2 new fans.
Nottingham Keep releasing the music and touring
"July 23, 2007"
Kentucky Love the music!!!! The Sweet Warrior CD is awesome and I am totally enjoying it! Keep up the great work!!
New Jersey 6-23-07 Peekskill Show was FAB!! We even met Richard & Pete! Any plans to release a CD of this concert?? PLEASE!!
"July 24, 2007"
Colorado What can I say? Huge fan!
Spain I'm a fan of RT since I saw him in 1992 in Sevilla. Will he come again to Spain, preferently Madrid?
Halland I just love the sound......
Conkers Where were you on friday 20th july? A wet evening at CONKERS and no RT there. See you on 3rd August!
"July 25, 2007"
Dorchester I will be driving down to Falmouth tonight hope all goes well
Illinois I ordered Sweet Warrior for my son and ended up keeping it myself and ordering 6 more CDs! I have fallen in love with the mind and talent of this poet/musician!!
Falmouth Just had a wonderful evening listening to RT in Falmouth. Maybe a top 5 gig of all time. Wonderful songs, playing and presence. We were talking after about an early male Fairport appearance at the London Palladium with the Incredible String Band and Fairport coming on doing the Tiller Girls, and how tentative Richard's voice was then and how wonderful it has become. Thanks so much!
"July 26, 2007"
West Midlands Brilliant new album. Can't wait to start listening to the back Catalogue. Have bought tickets for the cocert in Birmingham in October.
Swansea, Wales Saw Richard in cardiff 24th July 07. Fourth time of seeing him solo... and was the best by a long way. As it was a smaller venue(500capacity) and being fortunate enough to be at the front... was so good to actually watch the master close up. I mean... you stand there .. you're seeing his fingers.. your hearing the noise from the guitar... and yet.. you're still dumbfounded as to how he does it. Oh well I can only dream of having a 10th of the masters ability. TOTALLY OUTSTANDING GIG !
"July 27, 2007"
Massachusetts I don't think that there's a link to, a fine site that features much RT material, and allows blogs, etc., to feature said material.
South Wales LOST somewhere at the Point Cardiff: one bottom jaw, dropped to the floor during the opener (Bathsheba Smiles) and not seen since! Nice one Mr T.
Sandhurst You always seem to wonder why you have such a good crowd at Basingstoke. All I can suggest is, in more ways than one, some of us have come along way :)
Hemel Hempstead I'm sorry, I can't just understand people today, Richard Thompson has, consistently over the last four decades provided the record listening public with musical class beyond comparision. Forty years on and his latest cd is absolutely fantastic, music to make your feet tap to, words to make you cry from the heart, putting it, in my opinion,in a class higher (if that is possble)than 'Through A My Crowded Room' or 'Daring Adventures', Richard, you have no equal, nobody, ever, has been as consistent as you. I'm a man, a REAL man, but, some of the words that you have written, honestly, bring tears to my eyes, how many songwriters these days, can say that?
Pennsylvania I've appreciated, been inspired by and craved Richard's music since I discovered "Henry the Human Fly" and listened to Fairport Convention. I've acquired most of his albums and passed his music along to my son, who also is a fan. Richard, live long and keep writing and playing!
Scania How long? Well, since August 1971. I was in need of the one standing waiting for me.
"July 28, 2007"
Buenos Aires Richard, I have seen you perform 9 times. Thank you so very much for sharing your heart and soul. Your words and music have touched me very deeply ever since the first time I heard you. A friend and fan, always
"July 29, 2007"
Minnesota richards the baller!
Hants Please keep playing Richard
Cardiff, Wales Great show at the point in Cardiff 24th july. Closest I've seen Mr T since the Howff in regents park (?1973)
Cornwall Thank you for Falmouth - please come down again soon
Northern Ireland amazing lyrics, guitar playing and melodies wonderful set at midlands music festival in mullingar ireland the best of the whole festival
"July 30, 2007"
Oslo A colleague told me today that RT has released a new CD and I'm checking it out on the official website.
Deutschland I am not only a "SPOT"
Bavaria Richard, thousand thanks for coming to Nuremberg. A lifetime experience and a superb performance, simply perfect. Hope you not forget your German Fans in the Future
Co.Fermanagh Rated in the top 20 guitarists? I'd have you 19 places higher