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JULY 16-31, 2008
"July 16 , 2008"
Solihull, West Midlands please keep updated with tour dates - thanks!
"July 17 , 2008"
Cork I heard your song Beeswing played by Christry Moore at a concert in Ireland and I have loved it ever since. What key is it in? Despite the ability to play the piano, I have never developed the ability to pick out a tune I like on the piano. The consequence of being taught too much classical music straight from books.
California Have enjoyed your work since hearing my first RT song (Valerie). Thanks.
"July 18 , 2008"
Illinois Come back to College of DuPage soon
"July 19 , 2008"
Cork learning guitar 3 years, i like to whatch masters playing.
"July 21 , 2008"
Massachusetts great show at the barn s.m.a.c.
"July 22 , 2008"
Illinois I hope you are coming to Chicago again are just amazing.
Oklahoma need to play oklahoma and you definitely need to have a new setlist i have traveled to dallas chicago lawrence and your all request show in ca. richard your getting stale and you have no excuse your the greatest living guitar playing singer/songwriter stop short changing your self and your audience
"July 23 , 2008"
New Brunswick I just heard that you spend some of your spare time coaching soccer. If I could get an email address for you, I would gladly send you an mp3 of "Soccer Season", something I wrote about a year ago that outlines the joys and tribulations of a parent following their kids playing that game. That song will appear on my soon to be released 6th CD, "Songs for Seasons".
"July 24 , 2008"
Cape Town Hi Richard. Any chance at all of coming to South Africa? (Cape Town in particular!) Your sublime, distinctive guitaring; your haunting tunes (whether rock or folk-driven); and the characters peopling the sonic landscapes you create - the best! ... And of course your acoustic re-visiting of R & Linda classics. Thank you for it all (so far!).
USA When I mentioned your name to my mother, she was very happy to hear that you were still making music!
England Can't wait to go to one of his concerts. LOVE his music.
New York I just bought tickets to your solo show in Rochester, NY in October 2008. One the ticket are the words "All Ages"! What does that mean and do you do Adult only shows?!? Hmmm
"July 26 , 2008"
Arizona I loved Fairport Convention as a college student(1965-1969)-that got me started. He is of course amazing.
"July 27 , 2008"
NSW will there be a tour in oz in the near future?
Georgia Please come to Atlanta!
"July 28 , 2008"
Minnesota He is great !!!!!
Dorset I was great meeting Richard at the Trowbridge Festival and an honour to have to been able to have compared him on and off of the stage. Thanks.
California More authorized bootlegs please or I shall have to search more unauthorized sources!!
"July 31 , 2008"
New Jersey Wow, where was I before???