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AUGUST 1-31, 2009
"August 4, 2009"
South Carolina Richard,

There is one song I would love to here you play on stage. That's All, Amen, Close The Door, is one of my all time songs by any artist. I am deeply troubled that after so many concerts, I don't have a clear recollection of hearing this song on stage.(It may have been @ the pier in Ocean City, New Jeresy in '99 (What a show!!!) but I can't be sure). Since I have a feeling you don't mind as much as some other 'artists' having people shout out songs for consideration during your shows. (In fact,I always felt in some ways you encourage it.)I only throw it out there. Don't you think it would be a great song to play with Loudoun? Give it some thought and if you decide to play along than give me a shout out if you would, just to let us know that you care. (I know that you do I just thought add some guilt to the mix). All my best

Pennsylvania Favorite moment Bogarts in Cincinnati. John Wesley Harding backed up Richard then came out into the crowd said "I'm not missing this!" Always looking for to the next show of yours…
"August 5, 2009"
Victoria I have grown up listening to Richard and along with my Dad think he is amazing! Please tour Australia so i can go to a concert with my Dad!
"August 6, 2009"
California I just wanted to drop a note to say how much I enjoyed reading Michael Simmons' article on you in the LA Weekly. While most writers and critics tend to give your career adequate due, it's always a pleasure to see one that truly understands your contributions, influence and significance to modern music (and even more important, your music itself). The eloquently written article often gushed with praise and admiration for you as an artist. And while this may not translate to long overdue residual checks for you (that'll be the day!), it's great to know it may lead others to discovering your music.

We're looking forward to your upcoming shows in New Brighton and Cropredy. Gratefully your show dates fit convieniently into our vacation itinerary, right between visits to Wales and Scotland! Thanks for continuing to inspire through your tireless touring and nonstop output. The people that connect with your music couldn't be more complimentary. Cheers!

"August 7, 2009"
Ohio "I was a die hard Tull fan due to ""gutter rhymes"" lyrics until I was turned on to your music. I thought, ""How does this guy get into my head?!"" It's spooky but GREAT!!!!! You rock it! Teddy is great too. A true chip off the block. Long life to you. Bless your heart. Thanx for sharing your talent with us. There are many song writers, but few poets. Hope you're back in Columbus soon. Meanwhile, I'll catch you on WCBE."
"August 8, 2009"
Wisconsin Richard has had a huge influence on my life, musically and personally. Thank you.
Delaware Looking forward to Louden Wainwright!
Enfield Fantastically underestimated genius
"August 9, 2009"
California Love the music and songwriting
"August 10, 2009"
Bolton I'm seeing Richard in New Brighton on Thurs 13th August - would he be king enough to sign one of my guitars for me - it's a Breedlove so it's not a piece of crap (to quote Neil Young!). It's the guitar I write most of my songs on and to have Richard sign it would be a great honour. Will this be possible?
"August 14, 2009"
Merseyside Been a fan Of Richard's music since "What We Did On Our Holidays" 41 years ago (frightening), saw him perform in New Brighton Last night,13th Aug 2009, truly awesome the man was on fire.
"August 15, 2009"
"August 16, 2009"
England I've seen and heard you over the years on TV mainly, BUT having just seen your performance at Cropredy, my first proper visit, I was totally BLOWN AWAY by your set, and your daughter's voice enough to make an old rock man cry, thank you both for a truly wonderful experience
High Wycombe RT was the inspiration for me to finally take up guitar lessons at 40!
West Sussex Thanks for a great night a Cropredy. Richards music is more than sounds and skill because it touches the soul
"August 17, 2009"
Mumbles, Wales looking forward to beautifull days later this week
Dorset Cropredy awesome performances and earlier this year 1000 years of popular music tour so good. Looking forward to the next time live.
"August 19, 2009"
Maryland Don't tempt me!
"August 20, 2009"
Surrey I'm going to practice more!
London Always try to get to Richard's gigs when he is in UK.
"August 21, 2009"
Pennsylvania Have seen RT perform numerous times. Always a great show and personally he is a "class act"
Rolvenden Kent Saw RT at Canterbury doing 1000 years.Thought Hmmm excellent. Saw RT @ Cropredy 2009 . Thought Hmmm this is one of the treats of my life . Thanks for bringing beautiful music and words into my life.
"August 22, 2009"
Salisbury this man is a genius cant believe it took me so long to find out ... I am a huge John Martyn fan and when he died I was taken to a 1000 years of music gig and that was it, hooked!
"August 23, 2009"
Maine Richard Thompson's creative force is sublime.
Alaska Life would not be worth much without Richard Thompson and his music. Richard.... Thank you for living.
"August 24, 2009"
Pennsylvania looking forward to seeing you for first time in Wilmington, DE in October
"August 27, 2009"
Anglesey, North Wales Seen RT a lot in the last 30 odd years! But I had to drop a note to say how the New Brighton gig a couple of weeks ago was fantastic! Rt was stunning. Great arrangement of Brights Lights, and the way he sang the 'chains you refuse'... How come he just gets better and better?
clayhall, essex Richard Thompson's music is so brillent: I would so like to be able to communicate with him for some musical advise…
"August 29, 2009"
Belgium saw richard's solo gig at the dranouter festival thanks for such another heavenly moment I've seen richard there before was it the signature lowden he was playing there? really loved that sound and his voice kills me time after time thank you so much !!!!!!!!
"August 30, 2009"
Halifax Changed email address - don't want to lose touch!!
Connecticut Essentially, RT is the greatest musician ever!