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AUGUST 1-31, 2010
"August 1, 2010"
London Richard is one of the best song writers and musician in the world.
New Jersey Are you ever going to post or release the song you played at Appel Farm Folk Festival in Elmer NJ about erectile dysfunction? The translation to sign language was magnificent!
"August 2, 2010"
Connecticut Robert introduced me to your music!!!! It is fantastic!
Norwich Been a massive fan since early fairport 1960s
"August 3, 2010"
Massachussetts I live in a small town in northeast MA. Several years ago RT held a concert in a public school auditorium in my town. I was hooked. The best lyricist I have heard since Dylan.
Iowa I have very much enjoyed your two concerts at the Englert Theater in Iowa City, though I missed your show at Arts Fest in 2005. Look forward to seeing you again!
"August 4, 2010"
"August 5, 2010"
Paris Can it be that dah Frogs what habite hear aint never heard od da man? Comz n jopin us poor musicains on a street corner and we;ll revap any song ya like!
Tipperary please come back to ireland have filled this thing in before and have travelled to roundhouse to see you for umpeenth time, looking at bristol now. curious re lack of irish visits,any reason?i am one of the quiet ones alright, and lots of shouting at vicar street etc. did that put you off? Ireland is great come join us!!!
Glasgow, Scotland Hi was wondering if there was any way whatsoever to meet Richard Thompson on the 25th January 2010 when he plays Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. This is the day of my 21st birthday and I can't think of a better way to mark it. Thanks For All The Music, Keep It Coming
California I want to know when he's playing so I can see him again. Saw him last year at the rio theater in Santa Cruz. He was with a wonderful woman singer whose name I wish I knew.
"August 6, 2010"
Paisley, Scotland Looking forward to next years tour
"August 8, 2010"
Oregon I met Richard at a cd release party one year in Portland, OR. He was affable, gracious, and I even made him laugh. A capital fellow.
"August 10, 2010"
Victoria I'm immensely looking forward to hearing Dream Attic. When will you be returning to Australia for a tour, Richard? It's long overdue.
"August 11, 2010"
Wiltshire Hello Mr. Thompson!
Reykjavík I was listening to Dream Attic minimix for first time and I can't wait to get it from Amazon (Deluxe Edition).
Texas I'll be @ the Lakewood show in Dallas Oct 8. I'm recently engaged & plan on being @ the Carnegie Hall show on my honeymoon in March 2011.
"August 12, 2010"
Wisconsin Mr. Thompson's music is a gift that keeps on giving…
"August 13, 2010"
Birmingham Thanks for Shrewsbury, it was a terrific, unforgettable performance.
"August 14, 2010"
Yorkshire keep up the dark work.
LEICESTERSHIRE Can't wait for Nottngham, UK in 2011
California You need a kick ass studio keyboard player and song writer like my brother in California to end your writers block and ""free your lost guitar sole."" Tom's his name and I dropped his email address in your guest book. He's pretty fond of the new Hammond's...Love Your Music.
Wisconsin I want to attend the concert this fall at UCLA! Richard Thompson's music is just perfection! I happened across one of his songs in the movie Driving Lessons and I just love his voice!
"August 15, 2010"
Tokyo How come I can't buy your new CD online?
"August 16, 2010"
Texas Where did I miss this guy?
"August 17, 2010"
Oregon I've seen you live four times this year already, most recently 2x in colorado. WOW!
Liverpool Loved the Philharmonic show and can't wait for the Dream Attic show at the Lowry. Will we poor northerners ever get to see Cabaret of Souls?
"August 18, 2010"
NSW I just want to thank Richard for giving me so much listening pleasure over the last 40+ years
New Mexico Just had the privledge of seeing Richard in concert in Albuquerque. WOW! It was a great evening! Thanks for such a great show!
"August 19, 2010"
Illinois Please come back to Chicago soon! ;D
Virginia You're the best!!!
"August 20, 2010"
Norway Have been a follower since his days with Fairport, so it's more like 40 years than 20-30
Nottingham been listening since the sixties - a lot of enjoyment - many thanks
"August 23, 2010"
New York Heard a track from new album on "All songs considered" guitar work is class Thompson and I can listen to it over and over
Ohio My wife and I just booked the Cayamo Cruise! I have never been on a cruise - never wanted to - hate the tropics - but had to do it since you and Buddy Miller are gonna be there!Best Wishes
"August 24, 2010"
Queensland When is RT next touring Australia?
New York I am transfixed by this man and his music. I could listen to him for HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS, FOR DAYS AND WEEKS ON END... I will always always have to have his music as part and parcel of... me. Yup, I'm totally addicted and will be listening to him at least as long as I'm on this earthly plain. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU
Lincolnshire Fabulous performer hope to catch him in Nottingham 27th Jan 2011
Ohio I've actually been listening to Richard's music for 40+ years.
Ireland Enjoyed A Thousand Years in London in May but why no dublin shows for Dream Attic?
RS olá! eu gosto muito de ouvir o som deste Rei.
Massachussetts Hi, I want to invite you to a Blues Jam at the Acton Jazz Cafe in Acton Mass. I work there and really enjoy your music. My friend turned me on to you.... we're between your gigs in fall river Ma and Maine. Regards
"August 25, 2010"
Wisconsin Absolutely great...a style all his own...
Rhode Island You are brilliant but I'm sure you hear that from all the girls.
Pennsylvania I absolutely loved your singing, your songs, and your guital playing performance Sunday evening at the Philadelphia Folk Festival.
Aalst Demon in your dancing shoes, very good song.
Maine Just saw Richard perform at the Waterville Opera House. Cozy venue, awesome music. THANKS!
"August 27, 2010"
Derry Please tour N ireland soon.
Bera Bera, Basque Country thank you very much for the great songs.
North Carolina I'm not a religious person, but thank (please insert your favorite deity here) for Richard Thompson. He's the single greatest songwriter and musician in my lifetime, including Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Lennon & McCartney, or anyone else who one might care to name. P.S. I know Richard tours quite a bit (I've seen him perform twice now, once with band and once solo), but I wish he would expand the range of communities he visits.
"August 28, 2010"
Massachussetts Welcome to the narrows arts center in fall river,mass.A great venue in an old mill.Immigrants from england worked the mills in this city from the 1850's. My wife's great grandmother is from Bolton. Light the old mill up Richard.
"August 29, 2010"
Kerry what was song; ""roll river roll roll to the sea let your waters...thanking you
Nebraska Richard was kind enough to join us for breakfast at the HO JO in Kansas City, MO., the morning after the first RT show I had ever seen in 1983. A true gentleman!
New Hampshire Thanks for a magical evening in Portsmouth--it was all that is good and important about music.
"August 30, 2010"
Dublin Further to comment about please play in Dublin "I am stretched on your grave" would be be a great song for A Thousand Years. Maybe you coould aks Phillip King about it if you could do Othwer Voices in Dingle one of these years. Looking forward to receving the new album in the post
Colorado LOVE RT's ever-stunning musical sensibilities. Would travel the globe, and indeed have, to hear him perform. Thank you for enriching life.
New Hampshire Most fortunate am I to have experienced your concert under the stars in Portsmouth, NH. Cant wait to see you again.
"August 31, 2010"
West Virginia I think you suck - I tried to speak to you in New Orleans in the late 80's and ask you to sign my album and you just turned away and refused to sign - so I tossed it into the trash. Thanks a lot.
Luton Excellent :)
Tennessee Thanks for your great shows last week in ME and NH! It was only 6 months ago that I discovered your music and work! Never has the music of an artist/craftsman grab me and shake me in this way - I'm simultaneously transported far away, yet remain fully present. You reminded me in a gentle and firm way that I still know how to cry! And what a relief that is!! Safe travels in your upcoming tours. (PS, thanks for not asking for an exact age - I might be your oldest, newest fan!)