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August 1 -15, 2003
"Fri Aug 01, 2003 "
PA I really like this rhythym section a lot - loved the Pittsburgh show. God bless.
Georgia I've seen Richard a mere 9 or so times. He never disappoints! Please pressure record labels to re-release out of print titles!
Massachusetts " Knowing I am not alone is making a world of difference during these dark days, and I cannot thank you enough. God bless you"
Hertfordshire "Well played, old chap !"
Pennsylvania Great show at the Byham in Pittsburgh 7/30/03! We left our 2-year old with a sitter for the first time for this (any moms will understand the significance of The First Night Out) and it was awesome! Thanks for coming!
"Richard, you're an absolute legend and the premier singer songwriter in the UK at the moment (not that we see enough of you). When you did your Basingstoke gig earlier this year, it would have been nice of you to let Christine Collister sing some of your slow songs (dimming of the day, ect.), the girl can sing. Instead, she was rather under-used. Rock on."
Arizona Richard Thompson is a genious musician in a day of mediocre talent.
Pennsylvania "i just saw the show at the byham in PA. FOOKIN' BLOODY 'ELL. to say it was amazing would be an insult. oh ye guitar practitioners of the day, throw down your instruments, bow at the alter of 'THOMPSON', and weep for your sins and all that you shall never be (myself included). p.s.- pete zorn rocks like a mutha'."
Pennsylvania "I saw you guys in Pittsburgh at the Byham Theater on July 30th. It was a really good show, and I admire the entire band for their skills as musicians."
"Sat Aug 02, 2003"
Massachusetts more live disks pleeaassee... and thanks for 4 disks this year ...portland me.awesome!
New York "It is such a treat to have Richard on the planet and in the US so often- he is now the most popular musician in my neighborhood. We go to all the New York shows, especially the ones in Tarrytown."
Shropshire "Went to see the band in Birmingham (England!) in July this year - a fantastic performance again! I was also with my partner at Huntingdon Hall, Worcester, last year, for Richard's first ever appearance there ... we were thrilled and remain in awe of his guitar work - as a guitarist myself, I know it cannot be bettered!"
Massachusetts love new cd
Ontario "Just want to thank you for the wonderful concert at Toronto's Birth of the Blues fest. You certainly stole the show from John Hiatt's mainstage performance. Yes, it was worth waiting for, but you still need to perform at Hugh'sroom. May I suggest::: 2 nights of 1000 years of popular music?? That would certainly fit the bill and satisfy your ardent fans in Toronto ! Thanks."
Pennsylvania "I was at Richard's concert in Harrisburg, Pa. last week. Fantastic show. I took some friends who were not familiar with his music and now they are all big fans."
"Sun Aug 03, 2003"
Illinois Richard is my absolute favorite. I took my sons (14 & 17 at the time) to his concert at Dupage College last year. They became instant converts and listen to little else! (I've had to buy doubles and triples of all Richard's CD's since mine kept disappearing!) One new release a year just isn't enough. Looking forward to info on any concerts in this area as well as new releases. Many thanks from me and my sons.
Delaware Thank you
Michigan God Bless Richard! He's a Journeyman of The Soul!
North Carolina Is it possible to get a transcript of the wonderful interview I heard late July on WUNC radio (PBS station). First time to hear his music and want to get all albums. Thank you.
Maryland "My ladyfriend just took me to see Richard at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Although I had heard a few tunes before, like ""Vincent"", I was not really very familiar with the songs and I did not know what to expect. I really enjoyed it; the band was awesome and the music was heartfelt. Thanks for a great experience!"
Pennsylvania "Great show in Pittsburgh on July 30! The only bad part was that I bought so many CDs that I couldn't afford a t-shirt. Really love being able to download the outtakes, such as Sights and Sounds of London Town. Can we have a few more? Please? Thanks!"
"Mon Aug 04, 2003"
Ontario "As a self admitted music junkie I have heard a lot of music.Richard Thompson is in true league of his own! Bravo! The new CD is his best in years!"
New Jersey "I only have a few albums, but I'm already a big fan. I saw RT live @ Lupo's in Providence on 7/23/03, and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen."
Towcester "Saw RT in Northampton recently and he was superb. However, the sound quality could have been better."
London "He's a hero, up there with the greats, second only to the likes of James Carr and the great soul singers. But so English. Best wishes. "
Ontario "I hadn't heard you before and saw the show at Bluesfest in Toronto. (Sunday Evening) Amazing!!!!!!! I truly loved the entire set and would like to know(if possible) which CD that it most represents in order to make my first RT purchase. Thanks."
Pennsylvania "I can't thank RT enough for the many years of high-class thought provoking entertainment. Just caught the fourth sort-of annual visit to Harrisburg, PA last week; it salved my wounded spirit and provided balm for my troubled mind."
Dublin "Please come back to Dublin again soon. Thanks for signing my CD's at Vicar Street in March,'03"
"Tue Aug 05, 2003 "
NRW "Hope to see the 1000-years show in my area once. Go on, Richard!"
Minnesota "I wanted to thank Richard Thompson for the great concert in Pgh, PA this past week. I really appreciated the energy of the band. Had a wonderful time."
My husband is the real fan but I get to hear a lot.
Illinois "I actually bought (and still have) Harry the Human Fly when it first came out (the painted ladies all say...) How about RT's sources for pre-20th century music, especially favorite recordings currently available? (Is such a list, or website, out there?)"
Pennsylvania "I attempt to get tix to every concert in the Phila. area. Richard's guitar work is amazing."
"Wed Aug 06, 2003"
California "Always come back to RT; his guitar, writing, and even voice give me great enjoyment."
Pennsylvania "I just saw Richard in Harrisburg(at the Whittaker Center)and the show was a blast! Thanks, Mr.Thompson!"
Maryland Great music.......
New York "Saw my first live show at Water Street Music Hall in Rochester, New York a couple of weeks ago. It was outstanding!"
Ohio "Caught R.T.'s final concert of the tour at the Byham in Pittsburgh.I thought opening up the show with ""Tear Stained Letter"" was a harbinger of things to come and I certainly wasn't let down.I thought R.T.'s ""dueling strings"" with Pete Zorn on ""Shoot Out The Lights"" was going to start a fire!Thanks for playing ""Wall Of Death."" What a great group of musicians!!!!!"
"Thu Aug 07, 2003"
Pennsylvania "I""m particularly interested in learning about any of Richard's US tour schedules"
Pennsylvania "Quite simply, thanks Richard! Peace to you!"
Florida "I love your music. Would really like to get a dvd of one of you concerts with your band. I have a laserdisc of ""Across a Crowded Room"". Please, please come back to Florida and do another concert so I can see you play--preferably in Jacksonville or Orlando, if it can be worked out. Thanks."
"Just can't get enough of RT music, guitar licks & shows. Keep on creating."
Northampton "Just received 'more guitar' - wonderful on headphones. Now eagerly await 'ducknapped'. 'Twill remind me of the concert recently at Derngate, Northampton. Keep on chooglin'"
Florida RT is the best!
"Fri Aug 08, 2003"
Quebec "Tell Richard to stop off in MontrÈal on his next tour please !"
Ontario "Just picked up ""the old kit bag"" cd recommended in a local music mag and really enjoyed it."
Texas Saw the show at Stubb's BBQ in Austin last year. Easily one of the very best shows I've ever seen in my many years.
Colorado "Love Old KIt Bag, 100 Years & More Guitar. Looking forward to Ducknapped. Sorry I won't be attending PlanetBlueGrass. Colo Folks Festival but know it will be a grand show. Best Wishes and as Always Thanks Richard"
derry when is RT due in Northern Ireland again-avoid the Waterfront Hall
Kansas "never ceases to amaze me with his wit, style, and grace."
New York Hi Richard!!! Love your music!!!!!!
"Sat Aug 09, 2003"
New Jersey "I see your princeton nj show every year that I can get tickets - Its always sold out. When will you be there this year? How about covering some more Byrds/Gene Clark !!!! I Love Here Without You and Hickory Wind OR Do something/anything with Ian Matthews My favorite RT song - I Misunderstood"
Staffordshire great artist
California come back to San Diego!
Kobe Please come and play at Kobe Osaka
"Sun Aug 10, 2003"
Bedford Great concert at Northampton - so much noise from 4 blokes!
New York It just keeps getting better!!!
"Mon Aug 11, 2003"
New York Any chance of Across A Crowded Room making it to DVD?
California Tour in San Diego more please!
"recently seen RT AND BAND @ LOWRY, in Salford . great show"
"Tue Aug 12, 2003"
curtatone(mantova) cd's via e-mail are quite expensive.
Connecticut When is Richard coming to the CT area in support of Old Kit Bag?
lancashire "Never forgot Meet on the Ledge from when I was 14. Loved the Guy ever since, and he just gets better. Many songs I relate to personally and some still cut me like a knife to this day, the guy can lift me so high and yet reopen such painfull wounds! And a complete BASTARD of a Guitar player! Right up there with my other two main men, Eric Taylor & Tom Russell, two other people who can fuck with your emotions more than your Wife and Kids."
"Wed Aug 13, 2003"
NSW "When is ""Ducknapped"" going to be available from the UK website? I gather that Australian orders have to be sent to the UK?? Love the music, more Gilbert and Sullivan covers please!"
Rhode Island "great show @ Lupo's. I wish you played there as much as before.Bought ""More Guitar"" cd...GREAT"
Minnesota "it started with fairport convention and i was hooked. just listened to ""kit bag"" and was glad to hear more islamically flavored riffs. what a great artist!"
Ohio He needs to include Cincinnati on all his US tours.
"Thu Aug 14, 2003"
New Jersey "I first heard Richard with Fairport Convention at Bill Grahams' Fillmore East when they opened for Peter Greens' Fleetwood Mac, in 1970. What an incredible night of music...Two of the finest guitar slingers on the face of the planet in the same show! I've been a big fan ever since! Thanks for all the amazing music, Richard."
Bath "guitar masterclass, please!"
Pennsylvania "Richard is wonderful to hear each and every time we see him, also a pleasure to meet after the concert for autographs. I would love to get all news of his shows and new releases."
New York saw the show in Rochester last month & it was just great! I'm a fan for life.
Surrey love the site! how about some more downloads and where can i buy t-shirts?
Melbourne "Ducknapped CD is fantastic - good to hear ""Missie"" and ""Bank Vault"" live - but please bring the band to Australia soon + the wonderfull Judith Owen."
East Yorkshire "any plans to re-master Richard's back catalogue, bonus tracks etc?"
"Fri Aug 15, 2003"
Minnesota Releasing live CD's via web rather than retail a terrific idea!
Arkansas More of a suggestion really:How about a DVD now that we've been spoiled on those great live cd's??? R.T. deserves more attention than 99.99999% of the artists/groups out there now!!!!
North Carolina Do you hear an accordian part in all your songs? Could you please bring John K with you on a tour through our state? I would certainly pay extra to see Pete on your one hand and John K on the other. Is there something we can do to help woo him over
Hertfordshire "I admire the writing as much as the music. Love them both."