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August 1 - 15, 2004
"August 1, 2004"
Florida "I'm always awed by how Richard's wonderful guitar playing always compliments his great songs. Also, I wonder if RT has any opinion on Andy Partridge's writing and XTC's stuff in general..."
NSW "My son and daughter really love Richard's music now and were lucky enough to see him in Melbourne, 2004. Fantastic!!!"
Wiltshire We've seen R.T. four times this year but it is not nearly enough. There are not enough superlatives to describe him. Where does he buy his berets?
New Jersey THANK YOU!!
Wyoming I have missed seeing Richard this summer. My first summer in years without seeing Richard.
Minnesota I am a great fan of this highly underated singer/guitarist/ songwriter. I put him in a class with Pete Townshend as a musical genius.
"August 2, 2004"
Amsterdam Enjoyed his contribution to"wreck of the carlos rey"
NRW "Thanks for the wonderful music, I guess it helped me a lot to go on!! "
Texas "Great job on the website. Thanks for the music and memories. Bring all US troops home now."
Amsterdam Love the info
"August 3, 2004"
Santo Domingo I wonder if I'm the only RT fan in Santo Domingo where I have just moved after 10 years in New York where I managed to see him seven times altogether. Only merengue and bachata here.
Washington My twin brother and I looking forward to attending the San Luis Obisbo concert on our birthday in September. Look for the 50 something twins with a couple of nubile young women.…
Arizona When is 1000 years of pop music tour coming to Arizona?
"August 4, 2004"
california Two generations have been in love with your music. We're grateful for your musicianship and your wit.
New Jersey Gets better from tour to tour and wow how different each tour is Solo in Princeton or with the Band in NY always so refreshing and great music
"Tavres, Scotland" "a great songwriter. a fantastic guitarist. a man who sings with compassion - sometimes so honest, his music stirs me - spinechilling"
Ohio "Love your concerts and music, keep it coming!"
"August 5, 2004"
Ontario "Any chance of a gig in Ontario? We'd love to see you at Hugh's Room in Toronto. A 1000 Years show would be terrific... We'll keep our fingers crossed, anyway. Cheers"
"August 6, 2004"
USA "Long live King Richard! Another great tour, thankyou"
Ohio "see you Sunday in Dublin, Ohio!!"
Wiltshire "Best guitarist in the world, ever. Peerless songwriter, terrific live performer with a heart and a soul."
Southampton I missed the Basingstoke gig. So please make sure you're back sson. Good venue to consider is the Brook in Southampton.
"August 7, 2004"
california Thanks!
Wyoming Am THRILLED that I'll be traveling to Salt Lake City to see RT on Aug. 12th for the first time. Long Overdue!!!!
"August 8, 2004"
california "An Outstanding performer... I NEVER get tired of traveling to hear him, he brings a smile to my face every time. We are lucky to have him."
Cheshire "Whilst a training electrician another(Fairport Convention fanatic!)apprentice used to sing Fairport songs to me. I eventually saw them at a regular haunt of their, i.e. Redcar Jazz Club, where they were very popular. I later saw the Fairports elsewhere, J"
"August 9, 2004"
Massachusetts Would be better if he took his hat off.
Georgia " Hi All...I was statined at RAF Lakenheath in East Anglia for 4 years...I never encountered Mr. Thompson's music while I was there (a share, really). It took a friend of mine in North Dakota to hook me on to the song about the 1952 Vincent. I cried the first time I heard it"
Shetland Shetland needs you!
Massachusetts "Enjoyed Richard at Sanders Theater/Harvard Univ. this Spring, hope he returns regularly!"
Washington "love ""don't sit on my jimmy shands"" when are you coming to Tacoma Wa ???"
Ohio Yesterday's show at the Dublin Irish Festival was one of the highlights of our summer! Thanks for another terrific performance- come back next year!
Ohio I just had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Thompson in concert. He almost makes me wish I had never attempted to learn the guitar. Theres good and then there is special.
Ohio "Last night at the Dublin Irish(?) Festival (suburb of Columbus, OH), R.T. drew the entire festival crowd to his 2 hour set (3 encores)!! Please come back next year!!!"
"August 10, 2004"
Maryland "There is nobody else like Richard Thompson. Such honesty, such creativity. Not to mention an awesome guitarist! Thank you for adding to my life Richard!"
Dublin "hoping to RT live in Dublin ,Ireland again shortly"
Bristol "Bring on the Tab book, to highlight my guitar-playing inadequacies :0)"
Virginia Richard and McGuinn remain two of my favorite artists of all time.
"August 11, 2004"
Pennsylvania Superb one man show at Musikfest last eve. Better live than recorded. (probably my sound system.) I have only 3 RT CDs. I have a lot of catching up to do!
Pennsylvania "Saw Richard last night in Bethlehem PA. WOW! You never fail to amaze, awe, and inspire, sorry our singalongs went more powerful, some of us really tried! Long may you reign King Richard!"
Amsterdam "beautiful music, beautiful site!"
Utah i am going to see richard at the twilight concert series tomorrow...hooyaa!!!!!!!!
"August 12, 2004"
NSW "have seen richard in australia twice, and enjoy his style and lyrics immensely "
california "Richard - just picked up ""The Bones of All Men"" - AMAZING!! Philip Picketts' arrangements are stunning, and in my view, this is some of your most creative, mesmerizing guitar work. Well done by all, and nice to hear the other Fairporters together. Cheers!"
california This site is a good example of what an artist's website can be. Thanks for the great music and thanks for coming out to California and playing for us now and then. It's always a treat.
Galway See you in Galway sometime!!
"August 13, 2004"
New York "I have been a fan since ""Rumor and Sigh."" Thanks for releasing the live cds and ""1000 years."" Great stuff all around. "
california "Looked forward to annual performances at Luther Burbank in Santa Rosa, and enjoyed the Mystic in Petaluma. When is next appearance here? --Your Nor-Cal fans"
Northern Arizona "Richard Thompson has peers, not superiors"
Colorado "My first show: the Blue Note in Boulder, Colorado. I've seen every Colorado performance since."
Wisconsin "I saw you at summerfest in Milwaukee in June. I told my wife, we've got to see RT, she said who is RT?? I listed some of your tunes, then she knew. The funny thing was you did not play any of them! But we were both still so impressed, and stayed, even in "
"August 14, 2004"
Idaho 1952 Vincent Black Lightening--best motorcycle song ever written. Thanks Richard
"Barry, Wales" Hi! Your site is damn good :)
Georgia Saw Richard live for the first time in 2003 at the Variety here in Atlanta. It added a wonderful dimension to the recorded sound I have enjoyed so much for so many years. Come back again soon - if possible with the new band and Dave Mattacks whose drummin
Colorado My dad turned me on to RT. Masterful Songwriting and amazing playing. Whenever RT its spectacular!
"August 15, 2004"
Oregon "just returned from rt's solo show at egyptian theatre in boise, idaho. incredable as always. wonderful small venue with great crowd. boise not on rt's regular circuit and folks really appreciated the visit. hope he returns soon!"
Somerset nice site. 10x a lot
Niigata Japan Please visit to Japan. I want to hear you live again.
Massachusetts keep touring
Nebraska I was a bit burned out on music in general until I heard Richard's tunes. Love hearing intelligent music again.
Rhondda Valley RT keeps it honest!
california "Guitar,Vocal Please!!! While I still have my hearing; It's a masterpiece!!!"
Surrey Amazing Talent