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August 1 - 15, 2005
"August 1, 2005"
Georgia "I didn't see you this year, but i do have something to say about your wonderful music. I was taken to the Grand ole Opry this past week, and I was able to hear Patty Loveless cover your song ""Keep your Distance."" It was a pleasant surprise to hear your lyrics, but it just wasn't the same. After the song, she conveniently didn't say your name or even reveal that the song wasn't hers. It was simply her latest single. I must say it was a terrible disappointment to have someone basically take credit for your work, and hopefully I will be spending my next musical experience in the presence of your guitar and tunes."
Pennsylvania "Richard, Come to Philly! You have a huge fan base here (including the folks connected with WXPN 88.5FM). We've seen you when you've played in Princeton, NJ but that is such a long haul...You are one of my all time favorite musicians without a doubt. Loved 1000 years of music as well as your own tunes over the years."
Pennsylvania "Actually, I've been a fan since 1969 - over 35 years!I was knocked out by Mr. Thompson's guitar solo on ""Eastern Rain"" and have continued to love his music ever since."
derbyshire why richard chose to go down the road of folk rather than rock is fascinating
Washington Guitar player.
"August 2, 2005"
Vermont I was just checking the latest tour dates to see if RT was perhaps going to grace us here in Vermont before heading back to sunny California in the fall and noticed that Danny Thompson is appearing at some of the UK dates. I hadn't heard anything since hearing he was having a time of it with his health a while back. Glad to see he's back making music!!!
"August 3, 2005"
Essex baseball boots ('68ish)!
cleveland Enjoyed Mark Radcliffe show on BBC Radio 2 the other nite cheers
Eastern Cape SA Thanks Richard!
Maryland "Every live performance is so good. I couldn't make the last show in Baltimore, and am waiting for your return!"
"August 4, 2005"
New York Nice site.Its very interesting and i like the layout!!
Outer Hebrides "The thoughtful passion of Richard Thompson is a gem amongst coal dust, I would like to hear him perform Nick Cave's ""Are you the one I'm waiting for"". My regards to all."
California "I am very much impressed with Richards talent, eloquence and forthwrightness."
Pennsylvania His music was the only great thing to come from a destructive relationship with a much-older man. I've been listening to it ever since, with only a faint glimmer of that earlier time.
Pennsylvania "Thanks for keeping the soul, the feelings and the faith of music alive."
Georgia great stuff!
New York Thank you Mr. Thompson for being the bees-knees' and for bringing the rare tears of joy to my life.
"August 5, 2005"
North Carolina "I've been fortunate enough to see you in three different states now, who knows where I'll see you next!"
Ohio "Saw Richard at the Dublin, OH Irish festival in 2004. Loved him!! Wish he were coming back!"
New York Love RT's music...
California always alluring
Massachusetts My favorite singer-songwriter of all time.
London Really looking forward to Thommo's gigs at the Lyric in a few weeks!!
Washington The blessed RT is in a category of One--a national treasure of every nation in which his fans reside!
"August 6, 2005"
Kotka "Amazing influence on my own music, this guy has been. I'm not a soundalike by any stretch of a psychotic imagination, but certainly in terms of demonstrating the power of one voice and an acoustic guitar as a gigging outfit.... oh yes, big influence. Nice one, Richard.
New York "Just saw Richard at always, he takes my breath away."
New York RT gives a sense of belonging to a universal experience at a depth that many individuals are unwilling/unable to transcend. I am lucky that RT can share his gift/talents to those who do go there!!!!!
Kansas RT is one of my favorite artists and I am a jazz saxophone player! Visit Kansas again soon Richard!
"August 7, 2005"
California "Met you at the bottom of the stairs, after your show, at the Rio in Santa Cruz in June. ""Hello"" again, from Walt and Sally. TERRIFIC, AS ALWAYS!! "
Massachusetts "Going to see the Great R.T. in Newburyport, Mass at a high school on Sun. Aug. 7th"
Rhode Island Keep playing
Montana Heard your interview and music on KUFM Missoula Musician's spotlight.
Connecticut "Just got back fron the newport folk fest.....I've never been to such a mellow festival in my life...not enough dancing in my humble opinion.... but I loved it ...(can't beat the scenery, and the free iced coffee was just grand).... I'm recently divorced (...for the first time) and the flavor of your set was just what I needed...looking forward to the new cd....thanks for signing my copy of Chrono Show've been my favorite guitar weilding troubador for years and at the risk of sounding Gallway to have the kindest eyes......"
California I found your site useful. Nice work.
Copenhagen Mr. Thompson is one of my favorites - but it`s difficult to get all your music on vinyl - cd`s doesn't count.
Florida fuching great!
"August 8, 2005"
Massachusetts "Just a quick note to say that I just saw the show at Newburyport High School and came away feeling sky high. What a gift your music is. Thanks, thanks, thanks…"
Auckland Next NZ tour ?
Northamptonshire Terrific site - doing a great job
Georgia When is the next trip to Atlanta? We miss you!
Massachusetts The concert last night was excellent - and I cannot believe Richard was playing on a borrowed Taylor - student level Taylor at that! It was wonderful.
British Columbia "as an amateur guitarist, I very much appreciate Mr Thompsons guitar virtuosity and writing"
Virginia Thanks so very much for taking your time to create this very useful and informative site. I have learned a lot from your site. Thanks!!
Alabama "You are the FINEST guitarest I have ever heard. I saw you once in Villinova, PA back in the 80's, you broke a string into a solo on ""When the spell is Broken"" and you kept on playing like nothing had happened. Listening to your playing gives me Great Joy!"
New York "We just came from Richard's Front Parlor Songs CD release show at Joe's Pub in NYC. This was my first time seeing him live after listening to his records for over twenty years. I was nervous to hear him live because I didn't want anything to mar my imagined, cherished notions of him gotten from appreciation of his recorded songs. Well, he more than fulfilled my expectations and hopefully this won't be the last show that my husband and I attend. I was particularly struck by how rich and full the sound of his voice and guitar were, due it seemed to more than just the effects and amplification. I felt at once at ease and exhilarated and was intrigued by the new songs. It was especially easy to understand and visualize the lyrics. I spoke to a few other people who have seen him live many times, and they all were as devoted and admiring of him and his work as I have been. I like to think of myself as a person not easily swayed by personality, but I must admit to being a fan now even more than before."
"August 9, 2005"
nova Scotia god bless richard thompson
bad honnef "i like your sound, your crazy guitar playing and the folk pieces, like the accordion and the pipes. the greatest concert i've ever heard of you was the rockpalast production from cannes 1985 i hope."
"August 10, 2005"
Dublin Looking forward to Edinburgh next week. I am going to the three shows. Any news on Irish dates in 2006
trondheim "i once saw you in an telvison program on norwegian tv. the program was about roots was recorded in bergen i think. you played a song called""both sides of the tweed"". have you ever recorded/relesed this song ? a few years later you playd a gig in bergen at a small club called garage. i was there, and i had a great time. thank you for the music."
Cumbria Please keep me informed of tour dates
New Jersey Great seeing RT at Joe's Pub in NYC on August 8. Awesome to see him perform in such an intimate atmosphere - our seats were right at the stage and he was so nice to sign our ticket stubs after the show. Thanks for all the music!
New York "Saw RT at J&R in NYC yesterday, and actually got an autographed copy of FPB. He is much more three-dimensional in person. Interesting mix of people attending, with the usual cool folks and the anoraks well-represented."
Pennsylvania "Richard,Many thanks for years of inspiration, laughter, tears and calling a spade a spade. You're the real deal. Peace!"
New York "i have seen richard perform at imac in huntington ny , both in nov.'03 and aug. '05. both performances were extraordinarily phenominal.please let me know when he will be preforming in my neck of the woods in the further. once again, i tip my cap to richard bravo!"
August 11, 2005
Drøbak Will hopefully (have been trying for several hours already) to get a ticket for the Oslo consert 31/8-05 -looking forward to it - you bet i do!!
antwerpen The most wonderful guitar player in the world and a charming personality a real person not a MTV plastic starlet
Rhineland-Palatinate Pity that RT doesn't play a bit further down south in Germany...would love to hear him live again.
derbyshire "Best Guitarist I have ever seen! Can sing a bit, too. Gig last year in Derby was wonderful."
Hanoi Inspirational to hear again
"August 12, 2005"
South Australia The music has been a great life companion - and from a Celtic supporter to boot!
New York "First show was 1982 at Palm's Theater in Davis California: Thompson, Frith, Kaiser, French - now that's an introduction."
Massachusetts Absolutely can't stop listening to live from Austin.It must have been a great night to be in Austin.Richard was so on that night. I've turned on about 20 people to the recording. We are anxiously awaiting the DVD.
Kentucky "Our trip together began with ""Liege and Lief""(1969), and has continued since then. He and Bonnie Raitt, I remember seeing her playing a college with just herself and her red hair. Anyway, we have grown up together. If he is ever in Northern Kentucky by Cincinnati, please have him email me and I will show him the sights. If wants frolicing fans, he will have to supply is own. I an friendly, but I am in to the music more than less now. Mind you, I am not opposed to a good, healthy romp; just moderation"
Michigan "PLEASE put Ann Arbor, Michigan on your tour schedule - or somwhere in the midwest. You have MANY MANY fans. The Ark is a perfect venue. Have heard cuts from the new CD - LOVE IT !!!"
New Jersey "Richard, I love your work-Rock On!"
Ohio He sets the standard for others to go by...
"August 13, 2005"
Tennessee Glad you have a new CD! Best wishes for abundance with it.
Yorkshire I just hope to be able to see Richard in concert soon
Bristol Just wanted Richard to know the new album is wonderful! Thank you.
Leeds First met Richard in 1968 when my mate Ian MacDonald (now Matthews) was singer with Fairport Convention. Been a huge fan of his ever since.
Banchory-Devenick love the new album
Somerset R.T really caught my ear first around 1968 in Fairport so its 37 years!!
New Jersey Waiting for Richard to come to New Jersey again!
"August 14, 2005"
"Midlothian, Scotland" "I've probably attended every Scottish visit in past 25 years. Love your site,keep up the good work"
Connecticut Have followed RT since early FC days - Cropredy in 1983. He's better than ever!
Leicestershire Good website.good cd. when`s the next one due?
"August 15, 2005"
California Absolutely love the new CD. It's a true gem. Is there any way to find out what tunings Mr. Thompson is using on each track? I'd love to try out some of this music on my own! Thanks in advance
Yorkshire Dear Richard, I saw you play this weekend at the Cropredy Festival and would like to tell you that you're amazing! Your songs are gorgeous and putting them on makes many a day so much nicer to go about. Thankyou! Very Best Wishes xx
England "I have been going along to RT shows in Scotland for the past 6 or 7 years. It is a highlight of each year and I am delighted that Richard is playing in Edinburgh this week. A return to the Cathedral or, alternatively, to play somewhere in Glasgow like the Kings Theatre or Renfrew Ferry in Glasgow would be fantastic"
Indiana "I discovered richard's music about 1970. i enjoy all genres os music, but richard's touches me like no other! i would love to obtain an autographed photo. any suggestions? thank you. sincerely, gary reed p.s. i have always thought richard and i were somehow related. i suppose most ardent fans feel that way. i think it's because of his eyes, his soul, he feels like FAMILY!!"
"Washington, DC" "A man is like his father, he wishes he'd never been born . . Richard Thompson"
California "just saw richard at the live oaks festival near santa barbara, california. he closed the three day fest and was his terrific self. fun to see the reactions of the unfamiliar. haven't heard the new acoustic album but the old kit bag just gets better with each listen. the vocal on love you can't survive is amazing."
Texas I have always enjoyed your music. you never dissapoint.
Washington "Getting better evry day, amazing..."
Queensland Looking very much forward to seeing you in Oz
Illinois What a beautiful and awesome site.
Perth Have seen Richard twice in concert in Perth.I have a radio show too and often feature his music.