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August 1 - 15, 2006
"August 1, 2006"
Sauve "Where can I get a copy of Adieu, adieu - preferably the version I saw on Folk Britannia. Is there a tablature for it?"
Manchester loved the grizzly man music and watching the studio footage. beautiful vibe...
Virginia "An incredible musician & songwriter, who stays true to his muse and refuses to bend to commercial pressure"
Cheshire Loved 'Front Parlour Ballads'album.
"August 2, 2006"
England Enjoyed the 2 shows at Cambridge folk festival hugely. Does the 'ED' song appear on record anywhere?
Yorkshire Have been to lots of concerts in the last few years than when I was in my twenties - and still love them !
"August 3, 2006"
Vienna "I've been in love with your music ever since I started listening, so I came from Vienna to Galway last week to see the show at the Arts Festival (& then went right on to Dublin for the next one). Breathtaking. Please do consider to come to Vienna or someplace near soon!"
Sweden "I feel soooo good! Ah, this song always pops into my head when I feel really really good :) Thank you Richard!"
Iowa "This music has continuosly moved me, and given me great pleasure since the early 1980's, like a port in a storm.."
"August 4, 2006"
Northumberland "My mum dad and brother really like your music as well as me, but i think my dad's the limit!"
Ohio "Richard, come back!! I want to ride my Norton Commando to your concert!! I'd love to send you a picture of my son on it! Maybe I'll hand him the key someday!!"
"August 5, 2006"
Hampshire your music makes me feel alive!
Ohio "I'd be very grateful if you could give me advanced notice the next time RT is scheduled to play at The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI. The Ark is one of the great venues to hear live music in the US, but as it only has a seating capacity of 400, it's difficult to obtain tickets. Thank you."
"August 6, 2006"
Ohio "You need an official account! :-)"
"August 7, 2006"
Mississippi "Saw you in Tuscaloosa a few years back. Wanted to either toss my guitars or get better. Thank god you inspired me to get better. I still suck, But your music and gitar playing makes me want to get better."
Oxfordshire Went to the Ascott Under Wychwood Festival. Shame about the low turn out but really enjoyed RT although the Saturday was a complete Wash out due to the weather!
Iowa "About "So Ben Mi C'Ha Bon Tempo": it's "c'ha" because that's a contraction of "chi ha" (who has/who is having) to fit the scansion: "I know well who's having a good time."
Aberdeen, Scotland what is that devise behind the headstock and next to the the tuning pegs on the acoustic guitar used by Richard in the dvd 1000 Years of..…
North Carolina I love Richard's Poetic soul
New York "Richard, Thank you for the gift which is your music. If only your tour could find it's way thru Buffalo , New York... A couple of great venues for you would be the Town Ballroom, or University Performing Arts Center. Best Wishes"
"August 8, 2006"
Pangbourne, Berkshire "Awesome. UK touring dates, please - other than Cropredy!"
North Carolina "I saw Richard In Portsmouth ,NH a few years back. also in Concord ,NH doing a show with Bruce Cockburn. I have never seen such a brilliant captivating performer. I am excited to see he will be in Greenville,SC. This will be a long awaited treat for me. I can not wait to share this experience with my wife who has never seen him!"
Berwickshire "Richard, do you remember Mr Armit? Or Mr Pond the Bioligy teacher? Or you and Hugh Cornwell going over to his house at lunchtime to play broomsticks to the Searchers in front of his mum's bedroom mirror?Good ol' Stanley Baxter!!"
Wisconsin Will see you at Milwaukee Irish Fest on August 20th 2006!
California "Continually astounded by his virtuosity, originality, lyrical ability. My vote for Stratocaster king, by far."
"August 9, 2006"
Alexandria, Scotland queens hall edinburgh august 8 in raptures what a set dimming of the day what can one say????
Hampshire There is no rest for the ones God blessed.More UK tour dates please!!!!
Minnesota good music!Richard is gifted and blessed.
Yorkshire Got an invite to RT/DT concert in Sheffield in January. Loved it and am dragging my parents and girlfriend to the final edinburgh show tonight.
Oslo "I've been a fan ever since seeing him open for Suzanne Vega in Baltimore in the late 80's. I was so astonished, I remembered nothing about the rest of the concert. He's the only artist whose albums I'll buy without a preview. And they just seem to get better and better. Looking forward to the next one! And we loved 1000 years of pop. music---my sons can sing nearly all of ""Waiting at the Church"" from memory."
British Columbia richard you are truly the best
"August 10, 2006"
Victoria "saw the melbourne show , way past cool !"
Oxford "Was lucky enough be walking past Oxford town hall (in 74 I think)and saw R & L T were playing. We went in to get out of the rain and found ourselves in the company of only 30 or 40 others but what a fantastic evening. R T in bare feet with some kind of pedal board. Been to many other RT gigs over the years, the last one being at Ascott under Wychwood this July. A poorly promoted festival which only 400 attended. RT was superb and gained new fans from those that had come to see the blues bands. RT commented that his reputation for making it rain had failed that night. However the following day the heavens opened and the festival was abandoned! I've sruggled over the years trying to play guitar but I know I will never aquire the reflex reaction twixt heart and fingers that RT seems to have. I do play a pretty mean air guitar though!"
Dorset "Nice website. Fancy playing in Dorset sometime?"
Northumberland "Richard you were, are and will remain the best"
"August 11, 2006"
California "I love his music just about my favorite?? guitarist/songwriter, perhaps my favorite"
sutri, 50 km from rome "i was in cropredy in 1993, I believe you could never repeat that lineup! if you happen to come around, just give me a call."
"August 12, 2006"
Pennsylvania "Just bought tickets for Wilmington DE date in November. Can't wait. Will be bringing my son, who has never heard of your music but considers himself a singer/singwriter (acoustic). Why don't you bring him up on stage, and show him what a pro can do with an original song in minutes. Just ask if there's someone thats had a picture of their guitar tatooed on their body and you'll locate him. Best Regards."
Cheshire Great man
"August 13, 2006"
Arizona I'm a relative newcomer to RT's music. I don't know why radio stations in the U.S. didn't play his music. I love it.
Dorset "Saw and met Richard last weekend at Wickham festival, UK. What a fantastic guy - and musically he just gets better all the time!"
Lancashire "I love 1000 years of music, especially the cover of Oops I did it again. There's nowt wrong with pop music, merely some dodgy artists (not yerself of course). This song appeals as much as 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, so I trust I will hear both on your next tour."
"August 14, 2006"
California no words could aptly express my gratitude and admiration. record & i'll buy it. tour & i'll be there.
West Cape Fell in love with your music the first time I heard it. Summer is a coming in. Great track!
Tennessee i have enjoyed the music from fairport through richard/linda to the solo new material
West Sussex Thanks
New York honey of a site
Victoria Great web site!
"August 15, 2006"
California "I wonder how a guy who seems so comfortable with himself can write such dark and angry lyrics. Such painful honesty. (and, what nimble fingers!)"
England "First saw Richard play with Fairport at Redcar Coatham Hotel in 1969 with Judy Dyble ,Tiger Hutchins, Simon Nickel, Ian Mathews and Martin Lamble FANTASTIC THEN, EVEN BETTER NOW."
Kent I'm a bit out of touch! Any live solo or band concerts/performances post cambridge?
Yorkshire "as a guitarist and singer ,RTs music has been a big influence on my musical career"
Colorado "Please come to Colorado, I have waited so very long to see you."
Lancashire "Even if I wasn't a fan, this is a great web site."
Vermont "Thanks,in part, to Natalie Merchant, I have discovered your talent. GREAT songs, GREAT guitar, and I've grown accustomed to your voice..."