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AUGUST 1 - 15, 2007
"August 1, 2007"
Midlothian, Scotland Regret not listening to RT until recently but better late than never.
"August 2, 2007"
Alabama How could I have overlooked this great performer and songwriter all these years? I am so thankful that I discovered Richard Thompson.
Baku Wouldn't it be great if RT could come and play a gig here in Baku? How about it? Next year's Baku Jazz Festival?
Gloucestershire Just seen Richard at the Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury. Fantastic, what a talent, Sunset Song amazing, goose bump material. Thank you.
"August 3, 2007"
Truro Why have I not heard him before?? I attended a concert last week with my son, and really enjoyed it. Excellent!!
Essex Saw FC at Knebworth 1979, but only just discovered RT and Sweet Warrior, love it !
"August 4, 2007"
Pennsylvania just saw rt play at keswick theater in glenside, pa. great show!
Worms Thank you very much for the brilliant gig in Nuremberg. One of my friends saw you for the first time and she said: "There MUST be another guitarist somewhere!" Now I'm looking forward to the Cropredy festival.
Yorkshire What email address do I use to contact this page with comments re the site or its contents or omissions or submissions?
"August 5, 2007"
Essex Saw Richard last night at the Lewes Guitar Festival and my brother and I were blown away, what a performance by one man and his guitar. Next time maybe my son will join us (he's 14 and just getting into my music collection). Thanks for the music Richard, it has been wonderful over the years.
Gloucestershire Thank you so much for rescheduling the Tewkesbury concert after the floods. The concert was beyond our expectations, and we have very high expectations! As for the anti-depressant woman, she ought to know you are the Ingmar Bergman of song! See you in Bristol in October
Wales beeswing is the best song ever
Kent Saw you last night in Lewes, and to say you were absolutely amazing is an understatement. "Bees Wing" is stunningly beautiful. Of course I remember Fairport Convention but it's only now that I am consciously searching out your music, and thanking heaven that I'm finally catching up! Better late than ...
Surrey Lewes Guitar Festival - what a show!
British Columbia Sweet Warrior....melodies-splendid; words-acutely intelligent; guitar-he's back baby! Iv'e been a fan since "What we did on our holidays" & without sounding too creepy crawly, Sweet Warrior ranks among your best. Keep it up & come to Vancouver.
"August 6, 2007"
Perthshire, Scotland "I come from a large traveller/tinker/gypsy great uncle is duncan williamson the last great traveller/tinker story teller and song writer.after seeing richard in perth I now consider myself a fan !! we travellers as richard will well be aware are brought up on songs going back hundreds of years !! these songs are only ever song by the very old !!I would love to here richard sing some of these songs as not many singers could carry it off but believe he could!! this would have been frowned upon to have the "gadje" or non traveller sing them in the past but I strongly feel he would do a fantastic job!! if you would like me to forward some of these songs please let me know?
"August 7, 2007"
Tennessee I am entranced by the music and the man.
California OK - never written fan mail before, but it's time!!! Henry the Human Fly is my greatest, all time, most lover, most played and most worn out record (that's right, as in LP)!!! I saw you and the Fairport lads at the Trobadour in Hollywood when you gave copies of Full House away at the door and went back to the dressing room to talk to you after the show (said something about how you had inspired my playing and the like), you lads were pretty ruff, after the flight and seemingly apparent alcohol (not sure if communication was effective at that particular moment) - anyway, been a major fan since the early Fairport days (unhalf bricking and such) I live in Petaluma and have caught you there a couple of times in recent years - just wanted to say hello... Cheers Mate
henley on thames looking forward to your gig oct 24th
Washington Richard-you are a genius. Please tour Seattle, Washington again-and again!
"August 8, 2007"
East Sussex Blimey - listening for more than 40 years to RT. Saw his fab and funny set at Lewes Guitar Festival which means I've now heard RT play the 1812 Overture. Hurrah! Great night. Please come to Lewes again. We'll put you up.
North Carolina a great musician
Texas Saw this link and thought of the Henry the Human Fly album.
Massachusetts See you in February!!!!
Barnsley Enjoyed great gig at the Plug in Sheffield 7th August, to add to my collection of many superb live RT performances that I have enjoyed.
"August 9, 2007"
Massachusetts when are you going to play boston with the band?
"August 10, 2007"
Marlow The Brook, 09/08/07, the best yet. Blistering, magnificent and amazing. Especially Hard on Me and I Still Dream, great to hear Wall of Death and singalong to Tear Stained Letter. I cannot think how Richard or any of the band can better this performance. Loved the duelling Saxes with Pete Zorn and Pete(?) Thomas. Great venue, glad to hear it's going from strength to strength.Looking forward to the Roundhouse in October.
West Sussex First saw Richard at Chichester in 2006 and was totally blown away by his words and music.
Norway The concert in Cardiff was good. However, the concert in Falmouth was excellent. I really enjoyed the two concerts. They were worth the trip from Norway
Dorset I was lucky enough to see Richard perfom with Fairport Convention at Essex University, Colchester in 1968 where before the concert I believe the cover for the album 'What we did on our holidays' was drawn. I have been a devotee ever since.
"August 11, 2007"
Berkshire a guitar genius
Berkshire Saw the Southampton gig (40 years after I first saw Fairport in London). Best performance of any band I've seen for a long, long time!
México DF I have many wonderful and insightful moments in my life through the music and stories brought about by RT. I am deeply grateful. His music has been a profund companion so thank you.
"August 12, 2007"
Staffordshire We saw Richard for the tird time at the Robin, Bilston on 8th August - Richard and the band were brilliant. Only one complaint - 2 hours plus was not enough!
Shropshire saw you at the cropredy w/e for the 1st time - AWESOME!! Well done, want to go to one of your gigs now.
Oxfordshire Saw you at Croperdy! First Folk festival I have been to looking forward to seeing you next year! Cheers & best wishes
Texas Just love the music. Thanks.
Louisiana Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New York Caught your solo acoustic show last year in Huntington, NY at IMAC and have been raving about your extraordinary guitar-playing, song-writing and -singing, and wonderful sense of humor ever since! See you at IMAC February '08 for the 1000 Years performance!
"August 13, 2007"
Arizona upcoming tour dates and releases would be greatly appreciated
Stockholm Fantastic show in Wolverhampton! It was great hearing, seeing and meeting you. Thanks for all your great and inspiring work!
1: Do you have any plans on bringing "1000 Years Of Popular Music" to Europe?
2: At the moment I listen pretty often to Paul Brady's versions of Arthur McBride and his own "Nothing But The Same Old Story". You were both really good on ""Bringing It All Back Home"" and you're on the same Mountain Stage-DVD. I saw a Fairport gig poster which also had The Johnstons on it. What is your relation to Paul Brady, now and then? Keep on rocking!
Manchester Great music! Hi to Emma & Michael the drummer.
London yes. my friends went to school with Richard and my sister lived in the same flat so i got introduced to a whole lot of great sounds that have stayed with me forever
New York Saw Richard at a small venue in upstate NY for the first time a couple of years ago as guests of friend of his, John Sayles and Maggie Renzi. I was thrilled by his guitar playing and got to meet him after the show. As tired as he was he took the time to talk to us and answer our questions. Thanks Richard for a great evening!
Kansas Amazing artist who does everything in an inspired way. His songs are enhanced by repeated listening.
Manitoba I had the pleasure of listening and watching Richard in the creation of the musical score for "Grizzly Man" - an amazing artist.
"August 14, 2007"
Tibro I really like your style! Amazing! You´re a great guy! Thanks a lot!
Yorkshire Thoroughly enjoyed RT at Cropredy with my brother (also a huge fan) and a new friend we made through the music.
New York He's my favorite since the first time I ever heard RT in Tarrytown NY, almost 15 years ago. I've seen him perform many, many times since. I knew of FPC from the old days, but was too young to appreciate them. I have to say I love the whole Thompson family (even Linda) I tried not to like her, but unfortunately she's good. And I'm in love with Teddy too. Can't help it.
"August 15, 2007"
South Yorkshire Saw Richard live in Sheffield last week. First time I've seen him live since 1968 at Thurmaston, Leicester!! great stuff!!
England Thompson's music is the soundtrack of a life
Curacao How is it possible that just one person has so much talent for music and totally understands it? PLEASE come to Curacao to perform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just moved to Curacao and I just found out that there is no shipping of the master's CD to this island? Or can somebody give me more info? By the way, does the master read this?