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AUGUST 1-15, 2008
"August 1 , 2008"
Tennessee Your songs just hold up. I still listen to Liege and Leaf, as well as Sweet Warrior and everything in between. I was going to see you in concert 14 years ago but my father died that day.
"August 4 , 2008"
Hudiksvall I saw you at "Urkult", which by the way is an anagram for Kultur (swe) = Culture. Anyway, I was extremely impressed by your presentation. I stood somewhere quite near the stage, (grey-bearded like U), trying to catch you with my cam, but I was too moved by the music and lyrics to get it right. My daughter, however, managed to get some excellent snapshots with here dig cam. I really appreciated the political comments between the songs, but at the same time you were really funny - in a very British way - which I also like. RT, it was a truly magic afternoon for a lot of us. I had planned to go to Uppsala and "Katalin", but I had to work that night, but I gather the performance at Urkult was quite as good. So thanks a lot for your excellent music and voice and I hope to see you somewhere in Sweden another time. Best regards
"August 6 , 2008"
Isle of Wight Hey Richard, How about playing the Isle of Wight. I know the ferry is expensive, but the people are nice.
"August 7 , 2008"
South Carolina any chance there are tour dates in nc or sc this year?
"August 10 , 2008"
Virginia Come closer to Virginia!!!Stan and I saw you at Starr Hill (which has closed)...any hope for a show closer to us??? MCC
"August 12 , 2008"
Cheshire Finally got round to Sweet Warrior - great. The photo inside looks like a tip of the hat to Empty Glass, but surely not? I did think you and he could get together to form a trio of my favourite singer guitarists - Townshend, Thompson and Young - but it could be awful, akin to The Travelling Bilberries. Like to see more of you in Bilberry-land rather than Blueberry-land, though!
Georgia Would really like to see you again. Maybe come to the Variety Playhouse? That's Atlanta y-all. Been a few…
North Carolina Richard makes me laugh, makes me cry...and makes me dance around my living room like a fool. What a gift you have given me. What a wonderfully smooth, rich voice. I truly think I'm in love. Many Blessings to you, Richard. Thank you for this experience in my life...just listening to you and your words has meant so much to me and has become so much a part of my life. And I'm not even crazy...well, maybe a bit!!!
"August 13 , 2008"
Drobak Thanks for your Oslo concert on the 23rd of May this year Good stuff as always - please drop by in the not so distant future will ya ?? Haven't seen the (RT) band for quite some time - would have loved that experience - take care!!
"August 14 , 2008"
Wyoming thank you richard for your beautiful music
"August 15 , 2008"
Dublin Booked RT show at the Barbican in January 2009 some weeks ago. Will RT be doing any other shows in the UK or Ireland around that time. Need to start booking flights hotels etc.