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August 16 -31, 2003
"Sat Aug 16, 2003"
Indiana I heard Del McCoury do "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" and was curious where that tune had arose from. Del, of course, does it in Bluegrass, sounding traditional as what Bill Monroe might have done. I was AMAZED to find that the song is not a tradional Bluegrass tune. Being from around Bill Monroe's ol stompin grounds, I love Bluegrass and my Father is a musician. I'm going to find Richard's version of this song and give it a listen. I am very curious, having never heard Richard Thompson's music, if he plays it like a Bluegrass song.
Michigan More 1000 years tour dates are sorely needed.
"Sun Aug 17, 2003"
North Carolina Keep on keeping on Richard! You have always been a breath of fresh air to the music scene!
Austria Will there ever be a RT Gig in Austria? There are more RT fans than you would expect...
New York Request venue: saw RTBand at Stafford Lake, Novato, CA about four years ago--great venue. More Bay Area / North Bay gigs, please and/or New York City
"Mon Aug 18, 2003"
Perth "What a brilliant wordsmith! the tunes arn't too bad also!! it all."
Salt Lake City love you
Quad Cities Play in Iowa City!!!
"Tue Aug 19, 2003"
aberdeenshire scotland "Just thought of using internet for info, so first time visit. "
Pennsylvania Richard is without a doubt the best
drenthe Gotta love Thompson!
Utah Thanks for the great show in Salt Lake. What I wanted to say when I chatted with you afterwards was that the songs matter; they make life better. So thanks!
Texas since liege & leaf
Utah "Saw you at the Zephyr Club in SLC on 8/18. WOW! What poise and power! Unbelievable guitar work, as if you were playing it like a piano! My wife and I were amazed at your virtuosity! Thank you for the memory…"
"Wed Aug 20, 2003"
Illinois "Um, uh Richard,as long as you are going to be in Chicago in October do you think you might sneek in a show somewhere for those of us that are not Old Town School of Folk Music members? Thanks. "
East Sussex What a musician!!
Copenhagen "Richard Thompson is great ! Please come to Copenhagen again soon !"
Pennsylvania "Was at Pittsburgh show my 1st in about 10 years, great time as always. I was laid up due to an accident for about 6 years and this show marked my first concert of any kind in quite some time. I can think of no better way to restart that part of my life."
Noord When will Richard Thompson come for a tour in The Netherlands?
Vermont "Come on, RT, bring that solo acoustic thing a little farther north. Vermont sorely needs a dose of your unique musicianship and wry humor!"
London "Wonderful guitarist, wonderful songwriter -are there any legal recordings of the Big Band doing `Danny Boy'?"
"Kettering, Northants" "The fairports were the first band I ever saw. Saville Theatre, 1967. Excellent then, excellent now. I thought I was improving as a guitarist until I heard one of the MP3s Hard on me I think. O well, back to the practice room."
"Thu Aug 21, 2003"
"Edinburgh, Scotland" glad to hear RT's been covering Ochs'brillaint I Ain't marching Anymore
South Carolina come back to the south--we need good music bad!!
Illinois I am a songwriter too.
"Fri Aug 22, 2003"
Newcastle Why aren't albums like semi-detached Mock Tudor and 1000 years available to buy from record stores in the UK?
Louisiana Thanks for all the music and smiles!
Bedfordshire I love your music. Keep it up
"Sat Aug 23, 2003 "
Washington Keep up the releases. Ducknapped is great!
Harlow How about releasing some of RT's numerous sessions for BBC Radio. The recent Kershaw solo session for Radio 3 was fantastic.
Warrington Had a great night in Sheffield. 2 March 2003.
New York Richard needs to play in New York City more often.
Massachusetts "RT: I used to be a ""progessive"" DJ at college. And, damn, you're good Richard. Damn near the best (okay, it's between you and Andy Partridge). Your music makes me happy to be alive (well, Mozart is probably #1 in that department). I'm just now listening to ""Fully Qualified to Be Your Man."" I just wish that I could understand ALL the lyrics. And I wish that I could find vinyl of Mock Tudor and Action Packed. And any time you're in the neighborhood, feel free to drop in. We'll listen to a few cool LP's. Best--your mate in spirit"
"Sun Aug 24, 2003"
New York i go to the tarrytown music hall shows every time r.t.plays.loved every show
Sevenoaks "Great gig at croydon, can't wait for more"
New York "Any local tour information would especially be appreciated (unfortunately, I missed the band tour). RT, you're the best there is!"
Arkansas He always amazes me with his guitar playing from every cd and his songs keep getting better!!! Why isn't this genius more popular?
Arizona "I'll never forget Richard playing with Phil Cunningham and Michael Doucet in Boulder in 97. I waited backstage and asked him to sing my arm - we had quite a pleasant chat."
North Dakota "There are no words poignant enough to convey my gratitude for the body of work you have produced over the years. Like fine wine you get better with age. How about a stop in western North Dakota, eh? Please open the door to that suggestion Richard, and thank you again."
Alberta "Saw Richard in Calgary on 23rd Blues and Roots festival - it was a great show and I bought the new album at the festival - can you tell me anymore about the tour, and are the two Thompsons mentioned on the album credits part of the family. keep goin' Richard - I love your music!!."
"Mon Aug 25, 2003 "
Middlesex "Just found this site ... Why did it take me so long? D'Oh! Saw RT at Glastonbury this year (2003), what a great end to the festival! Great! I'm surprised not to see any mention of that appearance on the site. Oh well, Drying My Tears And Moving On, I'm looking forward to the Sadlers Wells gig in September!"
"Tue Aug 26, 2003"
New Jersey All I can say is Richard Thompson puts on one of the best shows I have ever seen.
"hi there, any chance that ""pour down like silver"" will be re-released; my copy v. old. peace"
"Wed Aug 27, 2003"
coddown the man is class
"Thu Aug 28, 2003"
Domzale "Beautiful song on Gilmors CD ""The Dimming Of The Day"".
Washington "I first saw Richard playing solo in 1985 @ the University of Washington and have been hooked ever since - buying all his new releases and going to every show he plays locally since then. I would love to see one of the 1000 Years shows and really hope that Richard will do more cities in the future such as Seattle where I know he has a devout fan base who would treasure such a special performance. If not, I hope there will be a DVD available of one of the upcoming performances such as in Chicago in OCtober at the Old Folk School. Perhaps even if it included the Q&A session with Greil Marcus or other things to make it a great piece of living music history to capture and preserve this experience for the many of us RT fans who would otherwise never get to attend one of these performances. Thanks."
Kent "My first and only time seeing Richard Thompson live was at Loughborough University in 1971? - with Linda Peters (gravid) - I have most of his LPs from that era on until Sunnyvista, then Strict Tempo (Brilliant CD) and Live Love Larf & Loaf (CD - hai sai, oji san)"
"Fri Aug 29, 2003"
California "Put ""Dog eat Dog in Denmark"" on CD"
British Columbia Thank-you Mr Thompson for sharing your gift music and song with the world and may you live long and resonate long after you live.
NSW "We miss you terribly...Come back to Australia and bring the whole catastrophe this time (it was solo last time)."
Texas "Howdy, Richard, I have to tell you that a few years ago my wife and I saw your Austin, Texas performance. It was one (and we have seen everybody!, and all styles of music) of the most electrifying performances I have ever seen. We thought you were the consummate artist. Your energy was gushing from the stage, and it sounded as though there were four or five other musicians on stage with you. How in the hell do you do that!? "
Maryland "Richard- Once again we missed you on the MTV awards. Brittany was there, but you must have had a previous engagement. Perhaps next year...…"
"Sat Aug 30, 2003 "
Maine "Only that RT is the most talented musician alive today, and he should be declared a national treasure!!"
Tynemouth Come back to the north east
Pennsylvania "Been listening to Richard`s music since Fairport Convention.Have all his music with Fairport and solo.Saw him live July 29,2003 in Harrisburg,Pa USA.It was truely outstanding."
"Sun Aug 31, 2003 "
Nevada "Got back last week from Salt Lake City and you were your usual magnificent self. My only complaint is the last four times I've been to see you I've had to drive at leaset six hours (SF, Santa Cruz, Tucson, and SLC). Please consider Las Vegas; we're not all classless geeks."
Nevada "The whole family's looking forward to the Nevada City show and please come back to Reno. The Hawkins outdoor theatre has expanded the lawn seating and after seeing you,(solo/band)15 times the sound at Hawkins was unsurpassed,except maybe the Creast Theater in Sacto. Cheers!!!"
Tennessee I first heard "1952 Vincent" on Nashville's progressive radio station, Lightning 100. I knew one of my high school teachers had an epicurean taste in music, and I asked him if he'd ever heard of RT. My teacher happened to be a life long fan and lent me his copy of Mirror Blue, and ever since I have been buying Richard's albums wherever I can find them. I've yet to see him in concert, so I'm hoping I'll get the chance this fall during his US tour.
Wolverhampton Missed you at Cropredy, please come back soon. Went to a small local festival this weekend and me and another guy entertained folks by playing and singing your songs. Vincent Black Lightin went down very well! Cheers RT (rain god)