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August 16 - 31, 2004
"August 16, 2004"
Washington "I've enjoyed several wonderful performances by Richard solo and with the band; one request: please do not play the showbox in seattle again. my first preference would be in our living room, but benaroya hall would be great, too! thanks for all the great music."
harpenden went to gig at watford fantastic why has it taken me so long to discover you
"August 17, 2004"
Sussex Cropredy this year was distinctly average.Not sure if Richard is concerned at this but-oh well.
Idaho "It was great chatting with you at the Grand Targhee Music Festival and absolutely marvelous to listen to your performance. Glad your predisposition to bringing 'rain' to outdoor festivals did not come to fruition! Please consider returning to the Tetons next year (or any year for that matter). It was truly a pleasure to watch and listen to a master craftsman. P.S. My daughter (who is 9 and was one of the hula hoopers)thought you were 'hot' stuff and I totally agree with her assessment. Thanks again for being at the festival."
Idaho "Richard just played Boise last Friday, the 13th (a very lucky day!). It was the first time I'd ever seen him perform live--I think it was the best show I've ever seen, and since I was born and raised in San Francisco--where everyone who is anyone plays--I've seen alot of first-rate performers. Everyone who attended the concert, including the manager of The Egyptian Theater where he appeared, wants him to return. I bet he could sell out the place if he came back tomorrow--he did a long show, but it wasn't long enough for his fans here. I hope he comes back soon!"
"August 18, 2004"
Norfolk Any chance of a 1000yrs tour in UK ?
Nebraska he is a soulful genius with a voice and guitar licks from the gods
Wisconsin "I love the emotion in your music --- Your Words, Music and Guitar all have great power. "
"August 19, 2004"
New Jersey "I'm a fan since Fairport, looking forward to 1000 Years in Montclair NJ!"
"August 20, 2004"
Wellington thank you
Western Australia keep on doing what you're doing.
Cork "Bonnie 'Prince' Billy performed a song called 'calvary Cross'. I had to find out more...Bought 'Watching the Dark';incredible songs on there..Have since bought re-issues of bright lights and pour down...small town romance...have yet to dip my toes in more recent stuff..looking forward to it..rumour and sigh etc. unfortuneatly of late have been the worst type of consumer possible; have been buying cd's and books at an unhealthy rate...""A professor in California has estimated that on an average weekday the New York Times contains more information than any contemporary of Shakespeare would have acquired in a lifetime. I am ready to believe that this is more or less true, although I suspect that an educated Elizabethan was less confused by what he knew. He would certainly have been less agitated than we are. His knowledge cannot have lain so close to the threshold of chaos as ours""Saul Bellow - The Distracted Public 1990 p.157keep up the good work RT"
Skane "RT has been one of my favorites for long. It took a while to find this homepage. I wish him many more years of ""good music"""
London Thanks to RT for many hours of pleasure.
Dublin 1st song I heard was tear stained's always good 'old kit bag' my fave!
Kentucky "More, More, More"
Derbyshire "RT's music is sublime. Beautiful voice, beautiful lyrics, beautiful tunes."
Michigan "Last show I saw was in Ann Arbor about 3 years ago. I loved the fact that someone requested""Sweetheart on the Barricade"". Richard had forgotten the words, but muddled through to honor the fan's request. Now that's a performer"
"August 21, 2004"
Washington "Great site, though I have fairly frantic concern. The 1000 years U.S. fall 2004 tour does not appear to as of yet have stop in the Pacific Northwest. I really want to see one of these shows and drag everybody and his dog (okay, the dog *WILL* stay home, I've been assured) to one of them. Please, please, I know we're spoiled rotten with great spontaneous tour stops for RT shows like the one in July at Showbox but as James Brown would say ""please, please, please..."""
Massachusetts Long live George Formbey!
oxford Keep up the great music.
Minnesota Thanks for all the great music! I'm always looking forward to the next CD.
Moss My favorite album is hokey pokey
New Jersey I have 2nd row seats at the Keswick in October for the 1000 years of popular music tour!
"August 22, 2004"
Colorado I like your new site! It looks like you have spent some hard work on it. It looks great!
middlesbrough the coolest guy in the biz !
New York "seeing him perform live was unbelievable... i'm new to him, so i have a lot of catching up to do!
"August 23, 2004"
Louisiana i believe you know a few people down in here in about paying us a visit every now and again?
Massachusetts "I bought a two CD set of live music at the Lupo's (Mock Tudor)concert in November of '99. It was $30.00 and some one walked by and said, ""That's the best $30.00 you ever spent.It was! It's a great album - Bee's Wing, Galway to Graceland, 52 Vincent, and on and on. "
"August 24, 2004"
Tennessee Just waiting for the tour to land somewhere near East Tennessee.
"August 25, 2004"
edinburgh scotland when are we getting an electric tour with a band?
London "The pits referred to in The Blackleg Miner should be Seghill and Delaval, although they and every other Durham pit have since been closed. However, the Durham Miners Association (National Union of Mineworkers) continues to hold its annual Durham Miners Gala (aka The Big Meeting), which is attended by tens of thousands of people."
England I first saw Fairport many years ago at free open concerts in Hertfordshire circa 1968-9. I've seen RT many times since...still the best!
"August 26, 2004"
Vienna "C'mon, genius, have a concert in Vienna/Austria, too! there are more fans than expected!"
New York He's one of my guitar heroes!
"August 27, 2004"
Ohio "I just had the honor of selling RT CD's at Dublin OH Irish Festival. I just wish I had a chance to meet him, and get a CD signed."
England Like to see RT whenever he tours UK
North Carolina Mirror Blue what an album! My favorite of many. i want to see Richard in concert.
"August 28, 2004"
Landau I decided to see what Richard was up to. I'm sitting here listening to Mock Tudor. Richard - you're the man. Really.
rochdale great fan of richard and so much other folk type music. Would dearly love to retire and be able to DO the festivals and enjoy quality concerts.
"August 29, 2004"
Nebraska "I think Richard Thompson is one of the most underappreciaated artists in the world. You can count on me to keep spreading the word about him, his songwriting, and great shows."
"August 30, 2004"
Illinois I have seen Richard in concert many times. Always a pleasure. I try to bring someone new each time. Seems the Chicago area shows sell out quickly! Good fan base.
"August 31, 2004"
Birmingham "Very interested to hear of a forthcoming box set - are there any rarities planned as I have almost all of the studio output and most of the official bootlegs.Also,heard that he had some gigs recorded with David Byrne many years ago - whatever became of them?"
Maryland As another dirty duffer approaching geezerhood I think I can say that life has taught me a few lessons not the least of which is if there is some misery looming over the horizon it's best to slip a Richard Thompson CD in the box and let the old bugger accompany me for a few minutes. Keep it up Ricardo and let us know when your own personal line of wigs makes it into the emporia..
california "If Mozart were to be disinterred and brought back to life for a one-time only concert, I'd definitely in the audience. Unless Richard Thompson was in town that night. Come back real soon, you hear?"