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August 16 - 31, 2005
"August 16, 2005"
West Midlands Just to say 'hi' - I've just heard 'Front Parlour Ballads' - a real gem (again!) - when are you coming back to the UK Richard - we miss you!
Southampton Hope I'm as energetic as Richard when I'm 57!
Tennessee I've seen you perform in England. I've seen you perform in various cities around the US. I own many of your albums and cds. Amazing guitarist. Amazing singer. Amazing poet. Amazing artist. Simply amazing. Thank you.
Minnesota Please back to St. Paul soon!
"August 17, 2005"
California You made a believer out of me!
New Mexico Saw RT w/Gregson/Collister-still have the sweatshirt. Come to Albuquerque next time you're in NM.
Yorkshire saw you at Cropredy this year...fantastic show...but was gutted that I had to leave a day early to go to a wedding...and missed your signing on the Saturday..was desperate to meet you and have any number of cd's signed by you...never mind..maybe one day...
Grimsby "Saw Richard at the Queens Hall Endinburgh last night, (Tuesday 16th August 2005). Another superb performance! Also, love the new CD."
Vienna It´s real pleasure to listen to such an extraordinary musician; hopefully some time again in Vienna!
Oslo "Looking forward to see Richard at Rock Bottom in Oslo at 31.august. Hope he plays: Keep Your Distance, and then Misunderstood! "
Iowa "Would really like a tour stop in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Clear Lake...."
Cumbria I've just bought Front Parlour Ballads; very very good!
"August 18, 2005"
London "Really enjoyed the Cropredy gig. Best gig ever: Round Chapel, Islington. Thanks"
New York Outstanding website ladies and gentlemen! I really enjoyed getting the chance to catch up with everything! Thanks!
San Sebastian It is possible to see sometime RT in the baske country?
Kent Great show last night (17.8.'05) @ Queens Hall Edinburgh!
West Bridgford I have waited 35 years to see Richard play and now I have seen him perform twice in 2 days at Cropredy 2005. I now know the man is a genius. Thw acoustic set on the Friday night was brilliant. To see and hear 1952 Vincent Black Lightning played as though it being performed by 2 guiters will live with me for ever. How does he do it? I have had my Thompsom and Fairport albums on the turntable all week. Hope you can make Cropredy next year.
"Edinburgh, Scotland " "I saw Richard live in Edinburgh last night, and sadly he was superb! I was hoping I wouldn't be too impressed, so I wouldn't have to buy his entire back catalogue, but it looks as though I will have to after all. Can't wait!!"
Dorset why is it so difficult to find RT's records in the shops?
Brega Thanks for all the good music that you giving us over the years
"Edinburgh, Scotland " "I saw Richard live in Edinburgh last night, and sadly he was superb! I was hoping I wouldn't be too impressed, so I wouldn't have to buy his entire back catalogue, but it looks as though I will have to after all. Can't wait!!"
"August 19, 2005"
Gloucester Introduced to RT at Cropredy 1998 - So many missed years and CD's to catch up on!
Lower Saxony "I had you seen live with Fairport Convention and with Linda and with your band. A lot of fans and I would enjoy very much to see you in Germany."
Shropshire "1967 makes it more than 30 years but not my whole life. Old age does foster pedantry, forgive me."
Lincoln Interesting site!
Tennessee "Hey, just nice to see you are still putting good music out there. Thank You."
Massachusetts Just purchased the live Mock Tudor CD-love it! Am looking forward to the new box set. Thanks Richard!
"August 20, 2005"
Dorset Quality in an age of beginners and starters
Dublin "Love the new acustic album, really good really strong and as usual has one or two of those dark moments excellant stuff. I'm still a fan even if Dublin seems to have seems to have dropped of your itinerary over the last few years.[A fan since first I heard Fairport on the radio singing a version of Cohens ""Susanne"" back in the 60's Ian and Sandy [God rest her] did an amazing version of it.] "
Kent "The Cropredy set blew me away. The music will stay with me forever. Converted me from 'interested' to 'hooked'! Thanks, Richard."
Florida "I love the music and words, theres something special about the way richard masters the guitar.i proudly wear the bees web t shirt frequently. "
Brussels " Today Richard performed in Brussels, accompanied by Danny Thompson. It was a great show. Unfortunately they had to stop after an hour because they were part of a festival. I'm certain the setlist contained more songs and RT was surprised their time had run up. He pleaded with the sound manager, but one encore and that was that. Then the sound would go dead. Ot's truly a pity there are no concert directors asking him and it's getting rare to see and listen him more often in this country. And then he's got to stop, while the man has the material to play a show how long he wants to. Sad times for true artists. Most of the songs they performed you all know, there were some couple of songs from his new album. But once again, hard to find that one in the music shops. However, as it is still fresh you can contact me to find out the setlist but I'm sure you may find easier ways to lay a hand on them. I hadn't any notebook, so I would have to think about it. This is a great site that I visited more than once."
Lancashire "Found the 'live' version of 'Hard On Me' on the RTL discussion list, & it is stupendously AWESOME! Of course, it is well known that RT is a gifted guitar player, highly expressive without the 'histrionics' and over-the-top posings, he let's his fingers & his writing do the talking, & when they talk, you listen! Payday soon! I'll be spending my hard-earned dosh on an artist of incomparable ability & integrity, whom, along with many other 'real' musicians bubbling under the surface-awareness of a public betrayed by the big music companies, are sustaining the belief that 'genuine' music is still being made by 'genuine' artists. RT is at the vanguard (more so today than ever) of that truth! Someone suggested elsewhere on this 'guestbook' that RT maybe the one whom will save 'rock 'n' roll', I both agree & disagree. It doesn't need saving, it just needs re-recognizing by the listening public whom need to be more discerning & to place their money where it truly the appreciation of Rt's ilk and calibre. The big companies will quickly catch on to the fact that they don't shape the music wave...the artists do! Regards to you Richard, FPB is another great album."
Alaska Thank you!
"August 21, 2005"
Western Australia I never miss an RT concert in Perth.
Kansas We saw you in Omaha and enjoyed the show greatly.
California Songs that tell stories and make us feel them. Fantastic! Thank you NPR.
Devon Wish I could play like Richard
Ohio "I'm an old(er) folksinger and rhythm guitarist. I'm just coming out of a kind of retirement. Looking for new material, I found you and have enjoyed your sound, style, and word-smithing. I found your site through NPR.ORG"
Virginia "I saw your show last year at Charlottesville, Virginia. It was very enjoyable. You performed one song that I haven't heard from you before or since involving (since this is a public forum) an incident that occurred during that year's Super Bowl. I would love to hear it again. Has it been recorded? If not, can you send me a file of it ;)? In any case, clear skies to you and P.S. I couldn't find a 1952 Vincent Black Lightning so I settled for a Triump Bonneville and, or course a red haired girl."
grimsby i saw you at cropredy and it was great thank you .
California Cool design!
England Front rparlour ballads is the best record I have heard in years. Let it Blow is brilliant. Noel Coward would have been proud to have written it.
Otago NZ tour? When?
Georgia "As a guitarist myself, I always look forward to anything Richard does. Bless'd by God HE IS...."
Barnsley Thank you for countless and continuing hours of recorded pleasure. The live shows have been highlights of my musical life.Just about to listen to session on Andy Kershaw Radio 3 10.15 21 August.
"August 22, 2005"
"Ceredigion, Wales" Saw Richard at Cropredy 2005. Fantastic. Richard's music has been extremely important to me (although I'm sure he'd be embarassed by such comments). Long may he run.
North Carolina You are the best Richard. Keep on rolling.
California "Great guy - hell of a guitar player, just wish he could master the cajun accordian..."
Freetown "Seen several live shows in my other home, Vancouver, B.C.Canada"
FRIESLAND Last year we went to a concert in Dublin and we enjoyed the music as it is now available on cd.Now we can bring back the enjoyment of that night
Oslo Looking forward to his gig in Oslo 31.8
London I bought the current CD front parlour ballads at the Edinburgh gig wednesday 17 August
Virginia Am looking forward to seeing you perform live.
Bavaria "Saw RT live in S. California in about 1993. Love your songs, and cover them minus the scratchy voice and fantastic guitar playing. You are a genious."
Pennsylvania "Please come back to Harrisburg, Pa. soon. LOVE your music. Thanks much!"
New York Keep Up The Good Work!!
Oregon nice site. I've been a fan since the early days. I loved the song Poor will and the jolly hangman as a youth. I was a morbid child. I'd love to hear it redone or dredged up in some form. I'd also like to hear the song from the record hard cash. i don't remember the title but it's some of your best work. I have a friend who can play it but he feels it's too sacred? he's so good he should be dragged into the street and shot;) I'd also like to pick up Celtshmerz. i'll search the site. Well no more requests off hand so thanks for so many years of excellent music. keep em comin.
"August 23, 2005"
Washington "i was trying to explain sufism to a friend, looked it up in sourtimes and got the link to here, fascinated."
Cumbria This is an amazing website!
Liverpool "more uk tour dates please, as near to liverpool as you can."
Uppsala "I have been listening to RT since the Fairport period, which is almost 40 years, but certainly not all my life (which would have been even better). Give more choices!!!"
New York Thank you for music
NSW have just discovered richard's music. i am looking forward to hearing more.
New York If you have any kind of mailing list for concerts or releases - let me know.
Preston "I love your website, the music and the man in the beret!"
"August 24, 2005"
Manchester hi richard. i have just got my first grandaughter. next tome your in uk do you fancy coming for a cup of tea and saying hello to her. unlikely i know but you don't ask you don't get.last time i saw you i took my partner along to her first RT gig. our song is dimming of the day. i've never heard you do it live but you closed the gig with it and we both cried. love your music a big lot mate.
Tasmania "Began with Leige and Leif, within months of release. Without being fanatical I realise Richard has been with me my entire life. When I was a sprog I'd dance till I dropped to our (one) Jimmy Shand EP or LP. Isaw him once. My Dad played in the house band of the Palace Theatre in Manchester so I'd get to see some free shows. Jimmy was one of the acts. Act? It was the real thing.When you listen for Your entire adult life connections attach. Friends dead who argued about the most inspired records. Their love of bikes and cars that eventually killed them. They are gone, the machines squeezed into a new form but I still have the songs in my head. Even had that double, Live (More or Less)with the Bright Lights coupled with a live LP."
Hoofddorp It's great to hear Richard play guitar for so many years and to find out that his playing still getting better.
England I've enjoyed RT's work since I heard Fairport Convention at Sussex University in October 1967. So you need an entry for 30+ years. My favourite album in Pour Down Like Silver. My favourite song is Sloth.
Maryland RT is my absolute favorite artist.
"August 25, 2005"
Virginia Love FPB! Can't wait to hear lots of these songs live at the Birchmere in October. Thanks for the music!
New York Please release more live shows.
London "I just wanted to say thank you for the concert last night at the Lyric. We had excellent tickets for the second row and really had a great time. Hokey Pokey was much appreciated- my first girlfriend had a copy of Shoot out the Lights back in 71 when I was at Exeter Uni and I know that there is a running joke about teh paucity of sales of Henry the Human Fly but we had a copy of that in our student pad. Anyway, you were terrific. I am looking forward to the thousand years DVD eagerly as I saw you do that at Sadlers Wells. Come back soon!"
Illinois i would love to see the big band again
NORTHAMPTONSHIRE "long may you twitch,write,perform and astound all with your music. Please keep coming to Cropredy its never quite right on the few occassions you can't."
Plymouth "Would Richard be interested in a gig in Frome, Somerset at anytime? It's not a plush theatre but has a standing capcity of 800 and attracts genuine music fans to an old building in a historic town"
Bree "Dear fellow Belgian RT fans, Here's the best vacation tip I can give: go to London with one of your best friends, visit that great city and catch a RT concert in the evening. Last Tuesday we got a fine support act, a 2 hour concert with Danny Thompson and encores with his daughter. What an experience to be among RT fans who not only admire him, but who treat him as one of their own. Practise some English humour before you leave for London."
Georgia "Keep it coming, Richard !"
New Jersey "I can't find a messageboard here. Is there one? I love RT!!!"
Auckland Love to see Richard back here in New Zealand!!
"August 26, 2005"
London "I saw the last show at the Lyric Hammersmith (25th August), the first time I've seen Richard live. It was fantastic! So many good songs, sung and played so powerfully. Excellent guitar-playing, and - being an amateur bass guitarist myself - it's always nice to hear someone as good as Danny Thompson on the grown-up bass.It says a lot about Richard's music and about the quality of last night's performance that I felt short-changed by a mere two encores. I thought 'He's done two hours, and there's still another 300 great songs he hasn't done yet.'I look forward to Richard's next London shows, and I'll be buying the new album tomorrow."
Kentucky "I think Patty Loveless is one of the greatest Country artists of our time. I've seen her do 'Keep Your Distance"" and was blown away by this song and this artist. Thanks for this great song Richard Thompson, We true Patty Loveless fans LOVE it!!"
Sussex "saw the show in hammersmith last night,it was great."
Michigan His music inspires me.
Amsterdam We will see RT live this week in Amsterdam! Yeeeehaaaa!
Missouri the 1000 years of music show was amazing. Thanks for all the great work!
"August 27, 2005"
British Columbia You must add Vancouver to your tour when you're in the Northwest!
"August 28, 2005"
"Songtan, Korea" your site is really worth visiting
Florida "When I grow up, I want to be just like Richard."
South Carolina When I see him in November It'll tie him with the Rolling Stones and Beach Boys for my most seen acts.
Middlesex "I was at RTs concert at the Hammersmith Lyric last Wednesday and have only just come back down to earth! What a fantastic gig! RT's guitar playing was superb and I don't think his voice has ever sounded so good - 'Ghosts in the Wind' was spine-tingling and in all the years I've been going to see him in concert I've never heard a better version of 'Al Bowlly'. Why don't you tour more often, Richard?"
Dublin I love the new album. Thanks and well done.
Kentucky we love your music :-)
"August 29, 2005"
Medway "I am a big fan, began listening to you in fairport and through the years have have moved on to different line up's, genres etc. I have only just caught up with you more recent work and would like to offer my congratulations on being such a role model for young folk/rock players(myself included). Also if you find the time in your tour book please do some gigs in the Medway Towns or the Maidstone area, i believe you know these places.Thankyou Richard"
Virginia Leaves Clapton in the dust! Love him as much as Springsteen. No greater praise than that. But his songs are much better.
Wisconsin Thanks for making Milwaukee a fairly regular stop.
Bologna Thanks for the concert in italy. We happy few...
California "Last time I saw Richard (Santa Cruz - June(?) 05), I vowed to see him every chance I get until he quits the business. See you at the Fillmore in September!"
California Love your site and looking forward to enjoying it more often
California Thank you so much! The several times I've seen you and the many pieces of your recorded music that I have purchased have and continue to provide me with a great deal of musical enjoyment.
"August 30, 2005"
Western Australia "great@ Oxford Town Hall mid 80's, great @ Perth Concert Hall mid 90's... Love your work Richard."
Brevik Looking forward to see you play solo in Oslo tomorrow!
California "Come back to Santa Cruz. My roomate has booked you in Santa Cruz. Would love to meet you next time you come to the Rio Theatre. Which CD has ""I've Got The Hots For the Smarts!"" on it?"
Den Haag "Been to the concert in de Melkweg, Amsterdam, 29/8 and it was so so great and wonderfull. Enjoyed every second. Thanks for a great performance!"
Illinois "Actually I got my first Fairport album in 1970 (Full House), so it's been 35 years that I've been listening."
Ohio "You move me. What else can I say? I had the good fortune to see you live (as if there is any other way)at the ""Kent Stage"" this spring. A gift from my husband for Mother's Day. I was not prepared.I can only say that I was not ready for the emotions that would ensue. Your music moves me. You are intelligent, ironic and bittersweet. I would love to meet you some day so that I could see genius personified. I am not a crazy person; just a person who appreciates musical talent. Thank you for your time."
"August 31, 2005"
California Keep up the great work!
New York "Thank you for maintaining a well designed, dynamic site. A great resource!"
Cornwall come and play in cornwall please