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August 16 - 31, 2006
"August 16, 2006"
Ohio Spellbinding music!
"August 17, 2006"
Virginia put all limited release cd's on itunes please
Michigan I've been a fan since you and I were both boys...…
Pennsylvania "Couldn't make the appel fest a good friend did spoke to RT and brought me an autographed pic. First show in the surrounding area in a long time,grand daughters birthday party 7 so we sang some RT songs and pretended to be there. Her favorite is walking on a wire.She knows the words,Mom and Dad provide the rest."
"August 18, 2006"
Texas he rocks
Manchester found richards music inspirational can't seem to stop re-encountering his lyrics again and again. like a good book his music leaves an inprint on your soul that you just can't seem to shake.
"August 19, 2006"
Cork "I first heard beeswing being played on John Kellys mystery train,(now derailed sadly), about five years ago. I got a few albums and havnt looked back since.He played Cork opera house a few weeks ago,one of the best gigs Ive seen anywhere Keep it going Richard boy!"
California I love Richard's voice. I find myself mentally 'playing' some of his songs during the day.
"August 20, 2006"
California I live in North San Diego County. Look forward to continued gigs and album releases!
Colorado "I have been a great fan for quite some time, and only just saw Richard this year in Boulder, CO at Chautauqua. It was by far one of the best experiences I've had thus far. Thank you!"
Romania "Hello big man ! I'm listening now your last album, sounds great, pure there any chance to came performing here ? Good luck !"
"August 21, 2006"
Leicestershire "Hi there, just bought the new Dave Gilmour CD and he plays The Dimming of The Day. I was blown away by the beauty of the song and will be playing it tonight on my own guitar (I'm just learning and it's nice and easy). Thank you for a beautiful song."
Wisconsin I just saw him perform last night At Irish Fest in Milwaukee. He's always amazing....the sound he gets out of that guitar when he plays solo!!!!
Illinois "Thanks for reminding us that we are on the ""joyful"" quest for joy."
Wisconsin Just caught you live for the first time at Milwaukee's IrishFest. I had heard perhaps a bit of your music from time to time but Sunday night blew me away. Thanks!
New York Pleeeeeeeaaaasseee re-release First Light and Sunnyvista. Love the new Austin City Limits CD.
Northamptonshire followed from Fairport
New York "I have seen RT live far more(20+ times) than any other performer and I am a serious fan of serious music. He is, without question, the finest songwriter/guitarist performing today and one of the best of all time. I am bewildered by his lack of ""fame"" but I truly love seeing him in a small, intimate venue in front of his most devoted fans.My favorite is Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett, Long Island. I've seen him there about 10 times and last June he singled me out in the audience to congratulate me on my retirement from 34 years of teaching. Good friends knew the owner of the place and were aware that I would be totally thrilled by the honor. Was I ever! He is my favorite musician---The Beatles are #2."
Wisconsin "Had the incredible opportunity to see RT in concert yesterday in Milwaukee, WI, at IrishFest and it was one of the most incredible performances I've seen there in the 25 years I've been attending. Thank you so much for the opportunity."
Wisconsin Will I live to see RT with a full band in the states or will I have to travel to Europe ?
Goiânia - Goiás "I love English folk rock, specially Steeleye Span, Fairport.....I saw you in Porto Alegre with J.Tull - was GREAT!!!"
"August 22, 2006"
Gold Coast "YOUR music is great , now introducing you to my kids who are musicians also cheers"
Manukau City I'm really excited about listening to more of RT's music.
Northants late start listening so rushing to catch up !
Netherlands I can't listen my whole life (I'm nearly 57) but it started out on Sylvester evening 1968 when the Fairport Convention did a gig in Fantasio Center in Amsterdam *(with Sandy Denny). So it's over 30 years. And the great thing is renewed every lp/cd and only looking back as a voluntary sentinal
North Carolina "The owner of my favorite football team here in the US has just bought the Aston Villa football team in the British Premier league. My intention is to regard the Aston Villas as a sort of sister team and wish them well from afar. But I gather that they haven't covered themselves in glory in the last few years. You're a soccer coach, what exactly do they need?"
London More Please!!
Colorado Really! If I have to say it…
California Does it for me like no one else can.
Yorkshire I'm a massive fan of RT.
Netherlands I hope to be at the next show in the Netherlands or Belgium
"August 23, 2006"
Wisconsin Great set at Irish Fest this year!
"August 24, 2006"
New Jersey "Luv Richard! It was great seeing him in my home town of Elmer, NJ for the Appel Farm Festival!"
California "King Of Bohemia - cover by Ann Savoy and Linda Ronstadt on ""Adieu False Heart"" (Vanguard Records) just lovely."
Scotland "How about bringing ""1000 years popular music"" to Queens Hall, Edinburgh for start of a ""1000 years"" tour of UK 2007 ? Give us a treat, please."
Victoria Saw you for the first time in Melbourne in March. Great concert.
England you are definitely going in my bookmarks :-)
France Really miss you since living out here! Any chance of a tour or are there no french fans??!!(Cant believe that!) Come to Bordeaux first anyway!
Massachusetts "i'm listening to your mp3's off of beesweb. man it's just amazing. i'm in awe, in tears, and wishing so much that i get to see you with your band (seen you solo 2x) before i die. so, i figure you've got about 54 years to get here with them. could ya do it?"
Michigan Looking forward to your song book..any updates?
Tennessee "Where has RT been all my life? I am a new and rabid fan. Heard him on local NPR, saw him in Knoxville in June. Now he's in my MP3 and in my head. I love Old Thames Side."
"August 25, 2006"
Western Cape "Brill, brill brill.To played over and over without being bored.If only RT would come to South Africa in the summer.I am still looking for certain CD'S that are very hard to come by, even on the internet.I am an unashamed fan and will be ............amen"
Illinois "Saw you in St Louis twice: once solo, once w/ band. Wept like a schoolgirl both times - Bee's Wing & Vincent Black Lightning. Mum's the word on that, though, OK?"
Michigan "A good friend and fan told me I should give you a listen. I looked you up and found your show in Detroit this summer. ""Watch his hands,"" he told me. I parked my carcass on the concrete in front of the stage. I loved what I saw, what I heard, and what I felt. I believe my lower jaw is still back there somewhere! Thank you, good Sir. God Bless, and come back to Detroit soon, please!"
"August 26, 2006"
New Hampshire "R.T., you are a treasure. Thank you for continuing to tour! We love you and your style! Crazy idea: hook up with David Bromberg and see what cooks!?!"
Yorkshire "I have heard that some guitarists make their guitars 'sing' and 'speak' during a song. I don't mean a melody, or making lovely music, but actually making the instrument replicate words. Do you, and which songs should I be listening to try to decipher guitar-spoken words? This could be a whole new way of listening to you!!"
Kenilworth Followed and bought RT's recordings since v. early Fairport days. Scouring internet for some sheet music.
Ireland "love your music, richard lovin beeswing,i fall for the girl with the brown hair everytime and everytime get my heart broken.."
On the Road You've been one of my biggest influences.
Chiba Prefecture I would like you to also release DVD with region free & NTSC code (available in Japan). Please come to Japan.
Minnesota I haven't gotten this excited about a musician in years. Great stuff.
Georgia "Love your music. Looking forward to upcoming date in Athens, Georgia. "
"August 27, 2006"
Wisconsin WOW!! Just heard you at Milwaukee's Irishfest and was blown away by your performance. Hope I get to see you again soon in the area.
Bologna "So Ben Mo Ca Bon Tempo - it's in ancient italian, it's hard to translate it even for me, but watching your dvd I finally learnt with the guitar!!! thanks mr. Thompson!!!"
New Jersey "Richard has always been an inspiration and his/your music carried me many times through the ruff! I thank Richard for his talent and the many years of amusing, sad, emotional, jealous moments together when I cried out ""how could someone be such a great songwriter and be one of the greatest guitarists ever?"" Thanks Richard for all the years and joy!"
Pennsylvania We adore Richard and wish he'd record some acoustic Scottish ballads that he said inspired him way back.
"August 28, 2006"
Connecticut "Richard- i saw you live @ Ridgefield CT Playhouse,Spring 2004 you were so exquisite to remember it... it makes me cry. My boyfriend and i will catch you in Lebanon,NH NOV 5 2006. Love U and your music"
New Jersey "I found you late, but better than never. You inspire me to laugh, cry, create, and recognize this life for what it is. Thank you!!"
"August 29, 2006"
California The BBC did a profile program on RT a few years back; any chance of getting that made available to us?
Bucks "Just seen Grizzly Man, and the extra feature of the recording session. Amazing. Thanks. My partner is new to your music, a guitarist who is mesmerised by your virtuosity. "
"August 30, 2006"
Adelaide impressed and intrigued by your musical brilliance
North Carolina "I am constantly amazed at your vocal charms and songwriting abilities. I listen to you at home, and WNCW in Spindale plays your music all the time. As a fellow musician, I would like to thank you for continuing to inspire and bring out the best shine in other artists and fans alike. Peace. Sharon P.S. Come to North Carolina soon. I live in the mountains, but would drive down in a beat to see you perform."
Pennsylvania Went to the pub with a few friends and they were talking about the music of Richard Thompson. Thought I would join in!
Slovenia "I just love your music, it reminds me of the summer in Morwellham Quay. I was 19 at that time:) So beeswing is my favourite song…"
"August 31, 2006"
New Jersey Please especially email me when the songbook is for sale.(and when Richard's book tour gets started!)
Virginia Hey Mate-Bring the band to Charlottesville VA in October! Or at least the Stratocaster--looking forward to the show!
North Carolina Listening since Fairport's Liege & Lief. Looking forward to your visit to NC in Oct (I'm in Durham).
Derbyshire "Though aware of Richard,his music and his reputation for many years, I have not, for whatever reason (probably stupidity) really latched onto it...until the other day when I accquired a copy of the B.B.C. Radio 2 Folk Awards 2006 CD. That little ditty 'Let It Blow' did just that..Blew me away... with its simplicity, its power and the sheer joyous release of the chorus, let alone the beautiful guitar work. Anyway I now have to make up for time lost and listen to a LOT more R.T.; Could cost me a bit."