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AUGUST 16 - 31, 2007
"August 16, 2007"
Hertford Got Sweet Warrior then saw RT and the band at Cropredy. Outstanding.
South Carolina I'm new to your music. I'm also learning to play the guitar. Please provide info on "Sweet Warrior". Is any of your music available in print that I may learn to play? Thank you.
"August 18, 2007"
Dublin Started learning the guitar just 3 years ago. I am learning some of your songs. Beautiful. God to you!
"August 19, 2007"
North Carolina I was sure disappointed that you didn't come to Chapel Hill on this tour. What happened? I heard your show at Bonnaroo was killer. I really like Sweet Warrior and was looking forward to hearing you rocking again. Your Mock Tudor show at the Carolina Theatre in Durham NC was the best hard rock show I've enjoyed since the 1970s. Your guitar solo on Hard on Me left people so stunned that they forgot to applaud. I've never seen that before. Hope to see you again soon.
"August 20, 2007"
Cadiz are you in Myspace?
Wallasey I was lucky enough to see Richard last time he played Guilfest. What a fantasic set it just kept getting better and better. One of the best live acts I have ever seen.
Massachusetts Dad is so well done
USA Would really like to see another show here in Florida. Come on over, the weather's fine.
North Carolina Love the music and would like the lyrics to his latest CD--I downloaded it off of iTunes and didn't get them.
Louisiana I just found a motorcycle repair shop which has a customers Vincent Black Lightening 1952 in for repair.
"August 21, 2007"
Perth Vincent's forevever 1952 black lightning that is
"August 22, 2007"
Colorado Thanks to Richard and all the band members for wonderful music and great memories! Here is my vote the songbooks will be spiral bound. Take care!
New York RT is the best argument for the proposition that lack of commercial record sales is the best indicator of musical excellence.
"August 23, 2007"
Hampshire I'd love to see 1000 years come to the UK.
Galway Richard Thompson is a genius. He has a great understanding of the human condition. I feel sad for the people that don't get him!! They don't know what they are missing. Hope he plays in Galway again soon.
Much Wenlock I was working at Cropredy this and I think Richard rather took a fancy to my hurdy gurdy. You can have my Jimmy Shands for a fee but the gurdy stays with me.
Minnesota I see Richard every time he is in town.
Ohio RT, thank you for scheduling a return to Northeast Ohio for the third time in 12 months. Can't wait to catch your over the top performance of 1000 Years of Music at Kent Stage in February. I feel like a kid having Christmas three times a year!!
"August 24, 2007"
Hemel Hempstead An excellent website for a outstanding performer.
Texas Sorry our prez is a dithering idiot. I did NOT vote for 'im.
Massachusetts You know music sticks to your soul because you experience it at the same time you're living your life? Your music has that place in mine. How about a myspace page so fans can subscribe to your blog, know your concert schedule, etc?
California I can't believe I haven't heard your music before...I am awestruck. Can't get enough.
New York Keep up the good work.
"August 25, 2007"
Ohio PLEASE come and visit Cleveland, Ohio for a show. We would love to see you again. Thankx and Best Regards!
Pennsylvania one of my favorites. his live shows blow me away.
California When are you gonna play in Weaverville, Ca.??
York We have seen you and your band play a few times this year. Sheffield was fantastic and Cropredy was even better!! We will see you again in Leeds and Liverpool and eagerly await these dates! You are amazing and just get better and better!
"August 26, 2007"
Coventry Your last album was fantastic
Ohio First saw Fairport Convention at the London School of Economics (LSE) back in 1968 or so when I lived in Chislehurst, Kent just outside of London. Brilliant then and RT is still making wonderful music.
Johannesburg Hi. We had the pleasure of being in the crowd at your shows in Lewes and Bilston. Both shows were most enjoyable and generous as regards the length of the performance. A great pleasure for us and we hope that you continue to play at this level and continue to enjoy doing so for many years to come.
Washington ack, 20 years, where did it go! You inspire me.
Amersfoort RT Live on stage, an experience you must have seen. I did it several times
Virginia Richard's music has meant a great deal to me over the years.
Virginia I haven't missed a tour since I first saw Mr. Thompson live in 1999; I've been teaching friends my (woefully inadequate) versions of his songs since 1995. There is no one better in music today. Everything Mr. Thompson has done means more to me than I can say.
"August 27, 2007"
Aarhus you are the best guitarist ever. ( Maybe Hendrix, But !!!; still alive )
"August 28, 2007"
Huddersfield I've only heard "wall of death" and I can't stop listening to it!
Long Buckby Wharf An Old Elysian!!
"August 29, 2007"
Texas The river just keeps on rollin', tho...
Wisconsin Wish you would come to Wisconsin with your band.
"August 30, 2007"
Glasgow, Scotland He's up there with the greats, the really greats, Dylan, Wilson, name them!
USA can I send RT email?
"August 31, 2007"
New York Keep 'em coming, RT. Look forward to seeing you in Tarrytown, NY again. Even better, how about, the Syracuse/Rochester area. Keep up with the releases on vinyl, too. Kind regards. Oh, and heard Teddy on NPR's Fresh Air the otherday. Watch your back! All the best.
USA I have seen Richard about 10 times. I still NEED to hear Calvary Cross.