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AUGUST 16-31, 2008
"August 16 , 2008"
Finland Thank you for the great concert in Helsinki this evening. I enjoyed your music very much. I would have enjoyed even more with a bit less volume: for me the clarity of music is the main thing. My impression is, that we lost a lot of details this evening, and that is a pity as in your music there´s a lot! Best regards
Ohio Richard, How can I get a copy of "I Want a Girl with the Smarts off the Charts"? You performed it in Ann Arbor at the Ark in July.
Helsinki Thank you for great consert in Helsinki 18.8.
"August 19 , 2008"
ABERGAVENNY, WALES Now i know where huge cornballs of spunk boy band the anglers got his hooks from how were emil and the detectives?
Ohio i love your work.
Norwich Just booked for a RT concert in Cambridge in 2009. Hoping this is a 1000yrs show. Not on the RT Website yet ! Selling fast
New Jersey i love you your family and your beautiful music!!
"August 20 , 2008"
Haverfordwest, Wales Inspiring.
"August 21 , 2008"
Kentucky Friday on My Mind--the music vid is great!
Vancouver, BC Richard, I heard your Ottawa Bluesfest concert on CBC's Canada Live. I can't believe I've lived my whole life without hearing your music before now!!! You moved me with Crawl Back, Richard, but The Hots for the Smarts stole my heart! What joy to listen to a musician who composes so beautifully and writes such intelligent, thought-provoking lyrics. Would love to hear all that talent in person. Tell me you're coming to Vancouver at some point in time. I'll wait.
"August 22 , 2008"
Michigan I think his lyrics and style of guitar playing are unparalleled.
artic nortway you and sandy made a revolution in mye opinion of folkmusick. i hope i kan hear youn playing in tromso on the bukta festival in 2009 like i herd patty smith this year
"August 25 , 2008"
New Jersey I'm looking foward to my first Richard live experience at the McCarter in Princeton in October. I can't wait!!!
Ohio I consider Richard to be the best musician to have ever lived.
"August 26 , 2008"
Indiana The depth of intelligence and beauty in RT's writing combinned with his performing talent becomes almost addictive in its evil sweetness.
Ontario I just listened to RT's rendition of Season of the Witch for the first time and I'm speachless. The guitar work is like no other, it's angry,beautiful, intense, and incredible. Where could I find more of that?I've been listening to RT & Fairport on and off for years but I'm starting to pay a little more attantion. RT is quite underated as a guitarist, I had know idea he was that intense.
"August 27 , 2008"
Östersund Heard you at Urkult. The best I`ve ever heard.
New York With gratitude to my 10th grade English teacher, who introduced me to Fairport Convention when I was 16.
"August 28 , 2008"
Pennsylvania I can't wait to see RT live someday!!
London Early 70's listened to my sister's Fairport albums but have only really started to explore Richard in the last couple of years. Knocked out by the Green Man gig. Next gig you do in UK me, and a bunch of fellow recent converts, will be there. Cheers.
"August 29 , 2008"
Pennsylvania fantastic songwriter/guitar player/performer! thanks richard!
"August 30 , 2008"
California Great website! I love Richard's openness and willingness to respond to readers questions.
Alaska 52 Vincent Black Lightning is the best motorcycle song ever recorded!
"August 31 , 2008"
Dublin just started listening and i can't get enough!!!
Scotland Hi Richard, come back to Scotland soon. Any format will do: solo, duet, band. We're aleays grateful.
New Mexico Hello, Richard! Good fortune to see and hear you at Thirsty Ear. I have enjoyed Fairport Convention in the late 60's and, then, discovered your solo work in the early 70's. About that time I also discovered Ralph Vaughn Williams' music. He remains one of my favorite classical composers. With you being another musical favorite, I would be very interested in your views regarding his works. I am a little hoarse this morning from singing at the top of my lungs and cheering along with the rest of the lucky throng. Before you played I saw you and your lady enjoying and photographing the scene and what a scene it was! Thanks and all the best