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SEPTEMBER 1-30, 2009
"September 1, 2009"
New Mexico I can't wait for more shows!
Louisiana I'm glad to see that Richard will be returning to Baton Rouge. I've been waiting to see him again since his last performance at the Varsity Theatre in the late 90s.
England I'm a really lovely person and I don't like rats or cable-cars.
"September 2, 2009"
Essex I saw Richard at Cropredy in Aug 2009 and was inspired to pick up my own guitar again and start spanking the plank for the first time in 10 years. Richard you are an inspiration - please come back to the UK soon so we can see you again
"September 4, 2009"
Tokyo Please come to Japan again very soon!
"September 5, 2009"
Devon First saw Richard live at National Jazz & Blues Festival, UK in 1969 (IIRC)!! Longing for the Songbook series!!
"September 6, 2009"
Derbyshire No comment!
Colorado my husband is also huge fan
Minnesota I love your music. I like your sons disc too. I really enjoyed the show at First ave a few years back with John Thompson. How about a John Martyn memorial tour?
"September 7, 2009"
Auckland New Zealand Tour Please!
Massachussetts Great performer! My sister (up in Yarmouth Maine) had me listen a few years back, I am hooked.
Nevada Can't get enough...
Washington Appreciate your work and thank you for your inspiration to keep enjoying the magic of playing with others. Enjoy continued successes.
France RT is welcome back in Paris
Alabama I discovered Richard by accident- best accident I ever had. Since then, I've also found Teddy, love them both!
"September 8, 2009"
California I saw RT live in a tent at a music festival in San Jose, Ca. (or was it at Shoreline?) in the early 90's. I've been a fan since the 70's and that small tent was magical.
Alabama I dont know why I have never heard of you till today but I think you are freakin awsome and I will continue to get your name out as much as I can word of mouth. Please come to Alabama soon . I will cook for you or shine your shoes. HeHE
Louisiana Stumbled onto Richard's concert in Central Park. Very random thing...Best concert I've ever been to.
Colorado Fairport Convention was awesome. But I admit to have lost track periodically.
"September 9, 2009"
California Why have I not heard about you before, I enjoy jazz, rock, and classical, so where were you hiding?
"September 10, 2009"
Great Yarmouth Saw Richard at Cropredy 2009 and was blown away - was never into 'Folk' as such but just smitten completely now - what an amazing man - busy buying all his music!!!!
"September 11, 2009"
Australia I'm really taken with your music and songs,I already love them, especially Beeswing, I misunderstood,1952 Vincent Black Lightning and I have no right to have it all. Thanks Richard.
Maryland Richard is still one of the most vital artists of the past 40 years.
"September 12, 2009"
Oregon Richard Thompson is my very favorite artist of all time
Marsten Hi there i'm after the album that contains the track used in the film "Grizzly Man" it's used in the opening sequence (instrumental) i'd seriously appreciate you getting back to me :)
"September 13, 2009"
England Loved this year's Cropredy set. I am sure Kami is going to have a great musical future.
tiobraid arann Ceoltoir den scoth is ea Risteard. Bhi se go hiontach mar chuid de Fhairport Convention, le Linda agus anois ina aonar Gon-eiri an bothar leis
Idaho RT songs are clever, sad, hopeful, dark, brilliant, nostalgic, and creepy--sometimes all at the same time!
"September 14, 2009"
Yorkshire why does every discography and biography leave out Amnesia my favourite of all
Ontario I regret not discovering his work sooner!
"September 15, 2009"
Northampton I'm looking forward to seeing RT again when he next comes to England!
"September 16, 2009"
USA Hi, Beekeeper, I wish that was my job title. Am I too late (west coast) for tickets for Richard and Elvis C? I have family in NY who are also fans!
"September 17, 2009"
Pennsylvania Inspirational in my own music! Fingerstyle does it for me.So thank you Richard for your virtuosity and inspiration in songwriting and playing.Lots O' Love
"September 19, 2009"
Birmingham Big fan of RT the man,ever since time began,another steam train buff....
"September 20, 2009"
Virginia Thoroughly enjoyed 1K years of Pop in DC last year. First saw RT during Daring Adventures tour. Looking forward to Rich & Loud in Charlottesville!
"September 21, 2009"
Yorkshire Is it possible to pre order the RT songbook
"September 23, 2009"
North Carolina great music. none like any other!!!!!!! keep it up don't stop for any reason!!!!music like yours is hard to find in this world today. i love it!!!!!
"September 26, 2009"
California I'm the guy who inadvertantly stumped you with "Gethsemene" at your all-request show in Sacramento last July 1 and hoping there's even a remote chance that you'd be able to play it at the Mystic Theatre in Petaluma on Thursday, December 3 of this year! All the best (watch those fingers!) to you and yours.
"September 29, 2009"
Georgia Just stopping by to say hello!