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SEPTEMBER 1-30, 2010
"September 1, 2010"
New Hampshire Just saw two RT shows (Portsmouth NH & SMAC/Brownfield ME) GREAT! shows, especially SMAC
Pennsylvania You should do a cover of Green Day's "¡Viva la Gloria!" Oh, and you should a concert in Philly soon. Or Seattle in the Summer.
"September 2, 2010"
New York great singer/songwriter/guitarist
"September 3, 2010"
Amersfoort looking forward to your concert in Antwerp. And Amsterdam next year!
"September 5, 2010"
Twickenham When is Richard coming to London?
"September 6, 2010"
Warwickshire Richard is an all-time hero and with Jimi Hendrix and Neil Young is my favourite guitarist. I see him live when I can. I share his choice of fave girl singers - Sandy and Dusty - too.
"September 7, 2010"
USA Just heard your song Daddys gonna kill me. Did you ever serve in the military? Or in a combat zone?
"September 8, 2010"
Italy I always loved Fairport Convention (with Sandy Denny).
Florida Just heard your song on SOA I love your music.
Western Australia thank God for Artists like Richard Thompson
"September 9, 2010"
Essex Nice shirt Richard!
Florida I just heard your song "Dad's Gonna Kill Me" in the series opener "Sons of Anarchey". I love the song so much, I had to learn more.
California Awesome!
Michigan Heard "dads gonna kill me" for the first time Tuesday night on Sons of Anarchy.. First time I've ever heard of you-I've been jamming all your songs on youtube since then. You rock, had to let you know…
"September 10, 2010"
Norwich "There's no possibility of putting "since 1968" or similar in the "How long box" and nothing else is true for me. Very much enjoyed "1000 Years" at Barbican.
Hamilton I also listen to Linda and Teddy and all the other Thompsons. Shoot Out the Lights is one of my all-time favs.
"September 11, 2010"
London look forward to hearing from you
England Keep on rockin'
Birmingham Well I am kind of embarassed. I had heard of Fairport Convention but hadn't made the link to Richard.I play acoustic and came across Richard doing some solos of his great songs. I am hooked. Love his music and style of acoustic playing.I must get a Lowden I thinks.Look forward to the Uk end of the tour.Thanks for the pleasure you give.
whyalla australian tour?????
"September 12, 2010"
Victoria We would love to see you tour in Melbourne . You have lots of fans here, and a great place for a holiday as well!
"September 14, 2010"
NSW You reckon Oprah could sqweeze the RT Band into her plane bound for Sydney? :-)>
New Jersey You are a true legend!
Arizona Heard thru "Sons of Anarchy"!
Missouri I love that song Dad's gonna kill me!
"September 15, 2010"
Oslo Hello Richard! I think your latest livealbum is just brilliant. The sound is fresh and the songs are as good as the old classics. "Here comes Geordie" reminds me of old Fairport, and it could as well be taken from the album "Full House" from 1970. ""Brother slips away"" is one of the most beautiful songs I`ve heard for a long time. I saw your gig in Oslo in 2008 alone with your acoustic guitar. That night was just magic. Please come to Oslo soon. Greetings
Amersfoort have listened a lot at Fairport Convention in the 70th's. Richard Thompson Solo was unknown for me untill a few months ago,molto bello! Healing Effect on my Bipolair Disorder (Manic Depression). I Thank you a lot Mr. Richard Thompson. With Compliments
"September 16, 2010"
Yorkshire Have been a fan since I saw Fairport in 1968 at an allnighter at Burton Constable Hall - RT played his Grimshaw at the time
Oklahoma saw him years ago at the Austin Opry House. One of the best musical experiences of my life!
"September 18, 2010"
Washington Just heard Dads gonna kill me on Sons of Anarchy. I am in a band and will be play it for them soon.
"September 19, 2010"
Oklahoma I was 15 when i bought my first fairport lp.. Been a fan ever since!!
Maine i closed my eyes and thought at least 3 awesome guitarists were on stage at his solo acoustic show in waterville,maine - and yet, it was only he, well, i don't mean Only . anyway, i enjoyed the hell out of myself and will get attic when i can afford to.
"September 20, 2010"
Austria Congratulation to your survive!
Massachussetts Love Richard!
"September 23, 2010"
Tennessee Who does you media
"September 25, 2010"
Stensrud Fantastic song writer and artist. One of the finest guitar players ever.
Illinois Love Richard
"September 26, 2010"
Illinois I'll see you in Chicago in November and London in December! So excited!!
"September 27, 2010"
Vicenza i find these vinyl records of Richard:

1) Rumor and sigh (Capitol C1-95713)

2) Mock Tudor (Capitol)

3) Action Packed

It's possible for you to contact me? Thank you

Michigan I Think Mr Thompson is very underated Player
Wakefield I saw RT at Glastonbury this year and I was blown away, an amazing experience and loved the duet with Teddy! I was left wanting more! X
"September 28, 2010"
New Jersey Love the song Dad's Gonna Kill Me
Pennsylvania I saw the Rich & Loud show in Pittsburgh last year.That was great as all of his shows in Pittsburgh have been over the years,including a show at Rosebud(now closed.) My son introduced me to R.T's music and I've been a fan ever since.PS-I love the photo of him shown here with the camoflage wallpaper!
"September 30, 2010"
Oxfordshire Cheers!
Virginia awesome!!