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September 1-30, 2012
"September 2, 2012"
Blackpool Lancashire Have always admired Richard as he is the most unique guitarist and best songwriter the world has ever seen. I listen to his songs just about every day. Sheer joy.
Milton Keyes i love all richards music fairport richard and linda thompson solo and band brilliant band tear stained letter brilliant richard gets even better and better true folk rock singer songwriter guitar legend
"September 3, 2012"
Pennsylvania every time i see rt live he blows my mind over and over thanks
Illinois Can I get on a email list for upcoming concerts? I wasn't able to get tickets in time for the two upcoming shows in the Chicago area this time around, and if I know earlier, I'd grab them. I have a whole generation of nieces and nephews that need to be exposed to Richard's music, and its my job to take them there!
"September 4, 2012"
Rhode Island My husband's been listening to you since the 'beginning'. Loved Frets & Refrains and hope there's more songwriting workshops next time 'round!! Got your iPad app 1st...most fantastic lessons/teaching! Thanks for a most inspirational camp experience - not to be missed (or forgotten)!
South Carolina I am a long time fan. I introduce people to your music ever chance I get. I make the chances and have yet to find a 'hater'.
"September 7, 2012"
South Carolina Just printed out lyrics to 1952 Vincent. Moved to the point of tears for such sweet observations of all of mankind. The ones that don't always follow the rules are still capable of love. Thank you for your Poetry.
"September 8, 2012"
Texas Was first introduced to Fairport Convention, courtesy of an "undergroud FM station" over 40 years ago
"September 10, 2012"
Dublin Richard is the most under-appreciated artist in the world - bar none!
"September 11, 2012"
Virginia Great artist. Great guitar player
Moscow Thank you Richard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"September 12, 2012"
Derbyshire Tell him to play Derby Assembly Rooms again!
California Were you familiar with Harlan Ellison's work before you wrote Harlan's Bounce? After seeing Dreams with Sharp Teeth I dove enthusiastically into his stories on the husband's recommendation.
"September 14, 2012"
London Thank You for all your beautiful music - you have been a huge influence on my music - been playing since I was small and write and sing in performances and in my sleep :-) Love Who Knows Where The TIme Goes.
Oregon Have been playing music professionally since my mid-teens - will get it right one day. For the last 35 years with Portland band Rite of Spring. - yes we do some of RTs music.
"September 15, 2012"
Lothian, Scotland inspired by seeing Richard in Edinburgh with Fairports in 1969. Still listening today to old and new.
Tennessee A true blessing.
"September 18, 2012"
Pembrokeshire, Wales I am writing a biography of Welsh folksinger Mike Stevens. Apparently he shared a gig with Rev Gary Davies at The Marquee Club following the 1966 Cambridge Folk Festival. He says Richard and Linda Thompson were the Rev Davies guides at the time. Do you have any recollections of the occasion? Any recollections of Mike himself or insights into his songs and performances?
"September 19, 2012"
West Yorkshire Was told how good his music was, and didn't listen to anything until I saw him live at Cropredy this year, wow blown away, since then only thing on my iPod.
"September 20, 2012"
Montana I've seen Richard 2X electric and 2X acoustic. Excellent. Chatted with him a bit, nice bloke.
"September 21, 2012"
Sheffield As a teen, thought I watched FC on a tariler film to Led Zepp Song remains the same and never for got the quality. Since then, various recordings and later, tv programmes convinced me RT is one of the greatest guitar players
"September 23, 2012"
Massachusetts Looking forward to your next New England/East Coast tour dates!
New York Great set at the Beacon opening for Derek and Susan. Really enjoyed it.
"September 24, 2012"
Wales Hi Richard, Just a quick line, I am a fellow user of medium 347's, Rotosound do them (I think they are D'andrea with Rotosound logo).
"September 25, 2012"
Colorado thank you. you are an outstanding artist. Reading a book about Sandy Denny at the moment.
"September 26, 2012"
California I would be honored to have him over for tea or libation after the Arcata CA performance this Saturday, 9/29/12. At the very least, perhaps he will sign an old LP of his should I be fortunate to meet him...I also adore Teddy's work.
"September 27, 2012"
Kent I'm a member of Albion Morris.
"September 28, 2012"
New York Come to Buffalo NY again.
"September 29, 2012"
British Columbia We are looking forward to your concert here in Victoria at the Alix Goolden Hall. YIPEE!!
"September 30, 2012"
California Thanks for another truly exhilarating performance last night at HSU! Oh, could not dance but somehow survived. Your songwriting, guitar work, singing: phenomenal! Many many thanks!
Pennsylvania You rock