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September 1 - 30, 2013
"September 2, 2013"
Ohio My favorite guitarist
"September 3, 2013"
Colorado One of my absolute favorite performers to see live. I also love his son Teddy!
"September 9, 2013"
Paris I hope RT be back for a concert in France in 2014
London Not really a folkie (only really liked Lindisfarne)but am a great admirer of RT`s electric works.Very in trigued by his guitar tunings.
England Astonished by Electric, a really great album.
"September 12, 2013"
Jerusalem One of the most soulful artists i have ever listened to. One of the most magical guitarists out there. Always good to come back and see this still holds true.
"September 29, 2013"
Netherlands Curious where the text from Mr Rebound comes from. Folksong Brittain?
"September 30, 2013"
Scarborough Good to see you and the extended family on the BBC ending another era!
New Jersey Just watched your concert on BBC and while Smiddyburn is no longer on my turntable it IS on my iPod and it is one of my alltime favorite albums! I listen to it quite often.