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September 1 -15, 2003
"Mon Sep 01, 2003"
"Great to find your site...Love RT's work, I'm a guitar player myself...thanks for the inspiration to push myself more. I love the fact that Gilmour did Dimming of the Day on his concert DVD.. You should be proud..."
"Edinburgh, Scotland" Four stars in Q for 1000 Years... -- congratulations!
Saskatchewan I have been a huge RT fan since going to vist my older in the seventies. On my life to do list is to see the man live.
"Tue Sep 02, 2003"
Utrecht "I hope he will live a long life, because almost all the other favorites of mine died young."
"Wed Sep 03, 2003"
New Jersey Hi
Tennessee How long? I purchased fairport's 2nd and 3rd albums in both british and US versions the day they came out - even the 8track henry the human fly - saw live in late 60's
Matsudo-shi "I like Ralpf Mctell,too."
Plymouth Great site!! When are you going to play in Plymouth UK again?? Also what about an RT festival??
Minnesota "I love you so much. I have seen you six times in one and a half years. Nuts, huh!!!!! If only you weren't married so happily, this old hag would be hanging around... "
"Thu Sep 04, 2003 "
Maine Thanks for the music!
"Pachuca, Hgo" "I met Richard through the Gentle Giant list, I'm amazed!"
South Carolina "We saw Richard in Atlanta and loved it, can't wait to see him again, his music, warmth and humour filled the Variety theatre."
California Not only a great artist but a real person as opposed to a self-absorbed poser. Always one of my faves.
Zaragoza "In the box asking ""how long?"" I wanted to check ""his whole life"", but it's not an option. We recently moved to Spain, from NY, and are accustomed to seeing RT play in Tarrytown - once, sometimes twice a year, for lo, these many.."
"Fri Sep 05, 2003"
Oregon "Just recieved ""Ducknapped"", which of course is great stuff and brings back memories of the great show in Portland recently. Amusing, too, because here we have the University of Oregon football team (the wimpy American kind of football, with padding for the players and frequent breaks for conversation), who are known as the ""ducks"" and sporting a variety of fowl mascots. One is owned by Uncle Walt D!$n3y and I wish someone really would 'knap the bugger...let me know who the culprit is, because I've got a job for him...."
"Edinburgh, Scotland" "God knows, I'd like to find Henry The Human Fly on c.d. but I think I may have already mentioned that, by another route."
Ljubljana Very pleased to have found an old tape of Henry The Human Fly. Hope it gets released on CD one day
lancashire "Great site, great bloke."
"Sat Sep 06, 2003"
Illinois "These live cds available from Beeswing and Flypaper and whomever are so worthwhile; the sound quality and performances are terrific. I must say, though, that I am disappointed that the ""Full Fathom Five"" is not on the 1000 years cd. It was one of the highlights of the NYC Joe's Pub shows of last summer. Please find a way to make it available so that I can prosyletize with it. Cheers"
New York "Rock on Richard. Oh, and by the way, you need to come back to Tarrytown, NY!!!"
"Sun Sep 07, 2003"
Colorado "Outside on the inside"" is amazing. so is the entirety of ""Mock tudor"", ""mirror blue"" and everything else by RT/"
"Mon Sep 08, 2003"
Kent he's amazing!!!! more concerts please! great to find this siteyou have sooo many fans!!good.
Georgia amazing what I missed...almosT!
Winchester "My 16-year-old daughter and I share a love of Radiohead but I cannot get her to listen past RT's voice (but she likes Thom Yorke's??) to get to the music. Old Kit Bag has some wonderful stuff. Favourite album is still You, Me, Us."
"Tue Sep 09, 2003"
first saw RT in about 1971 - just gets better and better. Has he released any records?
Indiana "saw richard at bumbershoot last summer. coming to london to visit a old buddy and he says, hey richard is in town wanna go. i see it's 1000 years show which will be cool. have seen richard a lot at the club i worked called Jake's in Bloomington. now see him a couple of times 6000 miles apart."
Essex Tell Richard i play in the same Cricket team as Francis Wheen and would either like to meet him after a gig or arrange a fixture next year?
Nottingham Nottingham gig again soon? Always enjoy RT's music in whatever form. Cheers
"Wed Sep 10, 2003"
New York I would like to know the schedules of his live performance if any.
Sussex "Thanks Richard, your contribution to the pleasure I get from music is immense. After seeing your show at Brighton a few months ago I was inspired to obtain a guitar and learn to play. Your guitar sings like nobody else's"
California "just bought ducknapped from the site, we encourage all fans to buy some goodies from richard! "
"My great moment to actually speak to RT came at Cropredy 2003. In my hand I was clutching two limited edition live CDs - one for me and one for my brother. Running through my mind were all the things I could think of saying when I reached the man himself, like ""Hi Richard, I remember the first time I saw you was in a field in Little Hadham and you played a blistering solo on Sloth and that was it, I knew you were the guitar hero for me!"" (actually the first time was the previous Hadham gig but the RT bit was less memorable - Matty Groves was the most memorable thing from that - my wife says please ask Fairport to stop doing it at every gig they do!) Or I bet you don't remember asking me where the folk club was in The George in Bishop's Stortford! But maybe it wasn't RT who asked - even I can't remember that...back to Cropredy, the moment came ""Er, would you mind signing these two for me and my brother?"" ""Sorry,"" says the guy from Mojo, only one disc."" ""Oh, right, well thanks Richard."" Trudges away, that classic moment lost! Well maybe another day, another gig - usually Cambridge - thanks for doing Cambridge, March 03 was good, and there's even a track or two on the latest limited edition live CD - my order's in the post!"
California I need some RT shows!! HELP!!
"Thu Sep 11, 2003"
Arizona "Saw Mr. Thompson on a rerun of ""Austin City Limits"" a couple of years ago. Wept like a baby at the slow ones, couldn't sit still during the fast ones. Love his music."
"Marple, Stockport" When are deleted albums ie. Pour Down Like Silver going to be available?
Maryland "I go to see RT whenever I can and I buy his cd's. He is fantastic! Adult, literate, rock and roll"
Massachusetts "Been a fan since my favorite Uncle gave me Liege and Leaf as a very young teen. Love the music!"
Newcastle Saw Richard for the first time at Newcastle Opera House this year. Best gig I've ever been to - and I've been to lot's. I knew it was the best gig I'd ever been to within the first 30seconds of the first song - Tear Stained Letter.
"Fri Sep 12, 2003"
Niedersachsen "Congratulations on ""The Old Kit Bag""!"
"Sat Sep 13, 2003"
Taranaki Hope to see you again in NZ soon.
Kent why no on-line order facility ?
California I Want to buy Celt-shmerz...and would like to hear more acoustic guitar-celt-earlymusic style songs…
Yorkshire "Making a comment about an artist such as RT is hard! He has consistently plucked at my own heart strings - songs about cars (MGs) and motobikes (Wall of Death, Vincents) just win me over (I drive/ride both), and Cold Kisses and Beeswing are almost scenes from my life. Consistently superb, especial thanks for Cooksferry Queen, thumping great song to sing in the helmet when biking !"
California "Dear RT, thanks for the terrific tunes through the years--"
Massachusetts "I count myself as one of your biggest fans, Richard Thompson. Thank you for all the years."
"Sun Sep 14, 2003"
Washington Seen Richard many times over the years and he has been awesome every time. Thanks for the music. Peace out!
FinistËre "Looking forward to every RT's new CD (not for the folk stuff, but the ""rock"" songs). Waiting to see him perform again. Saw im in the summer of 2000. Great show (with tenor sax !), unfortunaly, it was during a festival. When in Britanny (F) ?"
Wales more gigs down in Wales.
Shetland He is the man!
Washington "A tunnel at the end of the light, no wait, the other way 'round...Love the tunes, love the shows, like the hat - enjoyed the Britney Spears cover. As masterful as much of the older material is: The Old Kit Bag and Mock Tudor are really phenomenal. More masterpieces to follow, I expect."
Paignton Devon I thought oops!was tremendous-but why not?
"Mon Sep 15, 2003"
"Lewisville, TX" I'm thankful.
Alberta "I'm a ""jazz"" bass player making a living at it. I really appreciate you using a double bass on ""the old kit bag"" It sounds great and helps take us out of the pigeonhole."
Michigan "Wish I had been turned on to Richard a long time ago!"
Georgia your music is at times the soundtrack to my life.