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September 1 - 15, 2004
"September 1, 2004"
New York "As a guitar player and song writer myself I am humbled and inspired every time I listen to a Richard Thompson song, that would be just about every day. Thank you!"
Virginia "I love that Piedmont sort of style Richard uses. I have tried it myself, but ..the pick jumps right out of my hand! Any time I have been fortunate enough to hear him play, he has always been syncopated, rhythmic and of course demonstrated perfect timing.

P.S. One of my favorites: Psycho Street!"

LEICESTERSHIRE "Please can we have a live cd of Richards last UK solo tour it was superb and great to hear Crazy Man Michael and Genesis Hall + an overview of his fantastic catalogue, please come back soon."
"September 2, 2004"
antwerp stay healthy this world needs music more than ever right now
"September 3, 2004"
NSW "RT and co, we never forget your superb tours to Australia. Looking forward to all the new releases: DVD and albums! ALso waiting patiently for the acoustic studio album and the fabulous RT Box. It should be issued in a batsman's protector-shaped 'box' just to be different! Much love from sunny Oz."
"September 4, 2004"
Maryland "I really can't add anything that may have already been said before.I have been a fan of richard's dating back to his years with fairport convention,and have tried to spread the word about both his playing and writing as a muscian"
"September 5, 2004"
Kansas Your music makes life special!
"September 6, 2004"
Texas "1000 years tour GREAT !!! but where are the southern dates? Get back to Austin, TX. The music mecca city loves ya here.…"
"September 7, 2004"
Idaho "Fantastic show in Boise, on the 13th, Aug. Have waited long, but quite worthwhile. Please come again soon"
Glasgow Scotland "most certainly a genuis but even more so a great listen, love your music, come back to glasgow as often as possible,although, edinburgh is better than nothing."
"September 8, 2004"
Northants "I've been fortunate to have seen the Man on a few occasions, really love the whole atmosphere,environment & when he played ""Here Without You""@ Northampton Spinney Hill Hall..well,say no more,Squire!! Keep it going, it's a real treat to be here.Best Wishes"
california You are truly inspirational. Please keep playing beaucoup in San Francisco Bay Area. Thanks so much.
"September 9, 2004"
Maine "can't wait to see RT for third time in camden, me 10/29!"
London wow!
Pennsylvania Bravo!
Rbode Island More Info on the DVD release?
"September 10, 2004"
Hertfordshire Richard is probably the finest songwriter & guitarist this country has produced
new hampshire "I took a friend to see the Palace Theatre show on the solo tour in March 2004. Bruce was completely awestruck. He only knew a bit of your music,before the show. But he raved after the show. I think you gained a convert there."
"September 11, 2004"
Ontario Don't forget us in Toronto !!!
Brisbane Lucky enough to catch RT's brilliant show at The Tivoli in Brisbane this year having seen him so many times in GB.Hope sincerely that he returns !!
"September 12, 2004"
Kent "Just recently come back to listening to RT and collecting albums on CD. Saw RT at Hitchin Folk Club in about 1980, a solo gig which was great. Just discovered the website!!!"
Massachusetts "The artist who wrote Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee's name is Stick not Sticks McGhee. See:"
"September 13, 2004"
Brighton "Can't seem to find any setlists from the 80's and it would be useful to have all the photos listed by date. Apart from that, excellent site ! Thanks"
california Thank you
Mississippi Thanks for all the great songs RT!!!
Susa, Torino Italy I want to buy the RT biography by Patrick Humphries
Oregon Come back to Portland!
Pennsylvania "Unfortunately, I've only seen Mr. Thompson perform three times - all in Philadelphia. Each performance leaves me in awe of his wit, his guitar playing abilites and his ability to create vivid and unique images through his lyrics. No one sounds like him. Many of my musical interests are derivative - the result of my older brother's influence. I'm glad that I've been able to turn on at least one person -my wife - to Mr. Thompson's magic. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful music you have made over the years!"
"September 14, 2004"
Sevenoaks More solo uk gigs please!
norway "it's at least 3 years since RT visited norway, do we have to wait another 3 years?"
Wolverhampton Bloody Brilliant Music !
"September 15, 2004"
Illinois "Keep fighting the good fight. And don't sell out to any commercials, no matter what they pay you."