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September 1 - 15, 2005
"September 1, 2005"
Texas Have never attended
Oslo Great gig in Oslo yesterday!
Oslo What a beautiful and awesome site.
California thank you
Trondheim RT is the best!
Wisconsin Don't stop coming to Madison! We absolutely love - and never miss - one of your shows.
New England I Like Your Site. It's amazing!
Drøbak/Norway RT in Oslo on the 31st of August was absolutely fab! Please don't let it go another 3 years will ya!! I for one is 'stunned' - unbelievable live performance - stuff from 'Parlour' was amazingly live!!
"September 2, 2005"
Oslo "Got my bottom rocked (ha ha) on Wednesday, right in front of stage. Great experience for an old guitar player, man you have got yourself a new dedicated fan. And I think I must add a Lowden to my collection!! Thanks, Richard!"
California Site's amazing! The most! I Like the design!
"September 3, 2005"
California "Loved his music since Fairport days, but Amnesia turned me into a dedicated fan. Seen him live a few times and he is awesome, way up there with the besy & I have seen all the greats."
Virginia love the site
Stuhr "I've just bought this afternoon ""Front Parlour Ballads"", the last hours I'm only listening to ""Miss Patsy"". Sometimes I play ""Let It Blow"" but ""Miss Patsy"" is the best one! I wonder if anyone else in this world is able to write and play such a great song. Could you please write some more music like this? I also like to see you play and sing near my hometownm - for example in Bremen/Germany? Hamburg would also be o.k."
California What a great set at the Kate Wolf Festival in June!
"September 4, 2005"
Canterbury "The download for the ""World"" Premier of Let It Blow dosen't work? Is this another case of ""World"" being just the United States of North America only?"
Mellerud Please come to Sweden soon and play some concerts!
"September 5, 2005"
Yorkshire More UK Tours to include my part of the UK
Hamburg "Thanks for giving a wonderful performance at the ""Knust"" (by the way, it's pronounced ""cnoost"", it's not Knut the Norwegian King like you thought ;-). The sound was great, the show was faultless. Yikes!"
Apeldoorn "Great to see the website finally from this great singer/songwriter. Since Lieg and Lief I follow Richard. And ever since it only got better. Hope you continue for ever more."
Pennsylvania "I was introduced to Richard's music around 1984.Since then I have tried to see every show within driving distance of Pittsburgh. It was a thrill for my wife and I to see him this May at the Rosewood in Morgantown, WV and meet him after the show. I'm looking forward to his next trip to Pittsburgh"
New Jersey "i am so in love with RT... even as a 14 year old i really appreciate his quality guitar and his whole personality makes the musical experience choice. come back to outpost in the burbs, we love you here!"
Illinois "You don't need anyone else to say your're an inspirational artist, but what the hell, I'll say it anyway."
Antwerp "I'm a guitarist/composer, and RT's one of my all-time favourites. "
Oslo richard thompson is pure class! And unlike so many others he is still creating original music. Well done!!
"September 6, 2005"
Colorado "I am having a terrible time with a relationship. I got into my car tonight and heard Let It Blow. In a way, it literally saved my life! Thank you so much."
London "Very informative, I am becoming a regular visitor."
Nottingham Richard at some point when you next gig with a band in the UK bring Dave Mattacks along as your drummer please. Keep up the very good work
Ruhrgebiet "I made the 350km trip to Hamburg to see Richard's show at the KNUST-Club. As always with RT, this was simply one of the best shows and musical experiences I've ever had. I've never ever seen or heard an acoustic guitarist who plays with so much emotion, virtuosity and drive at the same time - a revelation. My only hope is that he will come to Germany more often in the future."
Paris "after looking at the bio in a music book , i went to see the paris concert and it was one of the best concert of my life and i have seen a lot!!!! Magnifique"
California "Since Fairport Convention days you have made our life richer by sharing your music; your joy, discomfort or wonderment--thank you!"
New Jersey when are you coming to see us? Not in NY city.
"September 7, 2005"
Florida thanks for MANY happy & sad times!!
Dublin "Richard I'm sorry but I have to say that I find ""Parlour room balads"" hard going. Maybe in the fullness of time I might come around on it but with the exception of a great opening track I have my doubts. As someone who has been shouting your praises for over 30 years I don't know maybe it's me getting old. I'm sorry but not to worry I'm still one of your biggest fans and ""One swalllow doesn't make a summer"" so I'll go back again and just see what I'm missing...still a fan even if Dublin seems to have dropped of your route."
"September 8, 2005"
Missouri "Many thanks for your fluid telling of human love, passion, sorrow, rites of passage. "
California Aaaahhhhh!
California "Saw Richard & Linda about 10 yrs. ago in S.F., but really tuned-in only recently. Twas a grand show @ Kate Wolf festival this year & looking fwd. to another Bay Area visit this fall ! peace & love"
New York Anticipating RT in NYC in Oct '05!!!
Leinster "I can't believe I have not stumbled across the genius of Thompson with all the great artists I am familiar with. Anyway, that's all behind me, after discovering the Fairport Convention I soon sought out the great solo works of Richard and will never put his music to rest as long as there is air to breath...Thanks :)"
Lower saxony Will I ever have the chance to see RT live in Germny. Regards and thx for the great site.
Illinois Thank goodness for Richard Thompson's music. There is nobody out there like him. I am so glad I have good taste. Yippie!!!!Come to Chicago!!!!
Pennsylvania I have RT withdrawl. I can't wait to see you in Pittsburgh
"September 9, 2005"
Coventry He is our ( England`s) finest songwriter .
Massachusetts Richard is the only artist that I automatically buy each new CD & know I won't be disappointed!
Sydney "Richard, if we let you win the ashes will you come to Australia again. Bring Danny and Loudon if you can, but if not just come anyway. It's lonely down here and there's only Shane Warne to talk to."
"September 10, 2005"
Stockholm His concert in stockholm was one of the best concerts I´ve ever seen. Will he ever return?
Paris truly great. Good concert at Le java in Paris on monday. Well done Karrel Beer.
"September 11, 2005"
New York Would like to know when Parlour Ballads will be issued on lp.Thanks
Maryland Love acoustic guitar and good song writing
Oxfordshire Great Site!
"September 12, 2005"
whitley bay your music accommodates my eclectic taste
Cheshire "Your concerts are amazing and I just love your lyrics and that voice, nobody can sing quite like you. keep on touring as every concert is an experience. "
"September 13, 2005"
North Carolina "Please tell me about the concert at the HandleBar in Asheville, NC... want to know more!"
Yorkshire Pleeeeeeease can we have some news from home soon! Im dying to know what's been happening with Arnie and Mavis! Warmest Wishes! Xxx
Texas I still enjoy richard's wit and insight and especially his sound and guitar work. don't let him retire yet. I'm looking forward to the new box set. Take care and be careful
"September 14, 2005"
Budenheim I hope to see RT live in germany this year...or next year ;-)
Zuid-Holland "we watched your latest video ""Let it Blow"" it surely is our style, great song, great video, great HOUSE! "
Aberystwyth Wales Greetings from Aberystwyth ... really looking forward to your gig here next year and thank you for making the trek!
Cork I see RT will be in UK early '06. PLEASE consider a show or two in Ireland.
Oxon Love the music
"September 15, 2005"
USA Really like where you are going and taking us along.
Connecticut "I recently saw RT at the New Haven Folk Fest, and thouroughly enjoyed the show. His performance was pure enchantment. I attended with 4 other people who were unfamiliar with his music, and they left the concert as new fans. We look forward to his next visit to Connecticut, and hope it won't be too long before he returns."
Avignon "I'd like to thank Richard for taking time to answer fans' questions. I've been a BIG fan since first hearing the ""Shoot Out The Lights"" album 20-some years back. I soon had all Richard's records, followed his tours, collected rare tapes. One night my girlfriend--her name was Linda, oddly--left me, saying I loved Richard more than her. I told her to shag off, then put on ""Small Town Romance."" The song _Woman Or A Man_ rang oddly true to me that night, I took it as a sign. Long story short, I save a bundle, flew to Oslo and had the surgery. Spent the next four or five years trying to win Richard's heart. Needless to say, he never even noticed me. Either he REALLY loves Nancy, or perhaps isn't drawn to 6'3"", 16-stone blondes. Turns out few fellows are. Anyway, around the time I'd given up all hope, I inherited a ton from an old uncle, invested it in the dot-com boom and made a huge fortune. Through bribing a venal L.A. phlebotomist I was able to obtain a small quantity of Richard's blood, which I delivered along with several million quid to a secretive French firm. Two years later they delivered a gangly teen, my Richard (I call him ""Rickee"") grew to his mid-thirties over the next three years, where he stabilized into an enjoyable companion. No, he doesn't play guitar nearly as well and tends to fall asleep during sex but he has rather more hair. All in all it's a fairy-tale life we lead together at my Cote d'Azur villa. My question is, what's with the change in emphasis while singing _Ghosts In The Wind_, anyway? Kind of a jazz thing? All your fans prefer the old way. All those I've asked, at least."
Middlesex "I love the new album ""Front Parlour ballads"", and the kids are wandering around trying to sing ""Summer is Icumen in"" from ""1000 years.."". Come for a cuppa, if you are passing ;-)."
Massachusetts "I stumbled on ""You, Me, Us?"" in one of those listening booths at Borders Books ans Music and was very impressed with RTs songwriting and the wonderful haunting quality of his melodies. I had never heard of Richard Thompson, I am embarrased to say. But then ......I saw him live-just this past summer at a high school- and I am absolutely blown away. I had no idea that this man is that talented. I am a musician myself and have seen many wonderful musicians perform in my life. Richard Thompson is one of the most moving I have EVER seen. I have since purchased 5 more of his CDs, bought his biography and have tickets to see him in Boston. I thank God, Allah, the universe, whatever, that such a talent exists and that I have been able to experience him."
Hertsfordshire Been a fan since seeing RT at Cardiff's St David's Centre in the late eighties at the tender age of 19! Every album is an event for me!
Arizona Your association with Sandy Denny must have been a kaleidoscopic ride with an ethereal talent.
Michigan hard to say how long