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September 1 - 15, 2006
"September 1, 2006"
Missouri I learned of RT from the bluegrass cover of his Vincent '52 song (I suppose many folks have). I noticed RT played in ST. LOUIS in 2004. Any chance of him coming back?
"September 2, 2006"
Washington You are still; the greatest. Thank you.
New York I am in awe of Mr. Thompsons songwriting and storytelling abilities.
Florida caught you in concert at the Carefree in West Palm Beach - fantastic. Please come again
"September 3, 2006"
Sheffield Hope you'll play Sheffield soon!
Holbæk thank you richard and all your musical friends for providing us with so much beautiful music. please come to denmark again so we can meet you and listen to you.much love.
England too used to gettin into trouble with my comments so i'll pass this time
"September 4, 2006"
Texas My favorite guitarist since I first heard him. Saw Richard at Stubb's in Austin, TX, in '03. Almost threw my own guitars away!! Absolutely the best guitarist I've ever seen.
"September 5, 2006"
New York Thanks for all the GREAT music!
"September 6, 2006"
Maine Please come to Maine as often as we want!! :)
"September 7, 2006"
USA Found you in the Linda Ronstadt and Ann Savoy Cd, Love the songs!! A New and!!
Galway Just discovered Richard Thompson after Galway Arts Festival gig. I haven't enjoyed listening to music anew like this since I was fifteen and discovered Dylan properly.
"September 8, 2006"
Ontario No other comments (other than that comment - and I guess that comment as well).
Queensland Richard, my family owes you a great debt. We have two children, aged 9 and 13, and each are as big a fan of you as my wife and I. We each have our favourite songs but listen together to it all and discuss the stories and emotions therein often - quality time we all share. What a special gift you have given us. Thank you.
"September 9, 2006"
Texas thank you for the many years of pleasure...from listening to your subtle and searingly beatiful music.
"September 10, 2006"
Missouri Mr. Thompson, I saw you at the old Blue Note in Columbia, MO on April 22. 1987. Outstanding!
Maryland R.T. rates in my top 5 of musical influences. Master wordsmith, excellent guitarist, great wit, great stories, characters that come from the underside of rocks wonderfully painted poetically.
"September 11, 2006"
Illinois Please send info on DTS cuts of Mr Thompson
"September 13, 2006"
Tunbridge Wells, Kent I just love the songs, the guitar and the voice.
California Love it!
"September 14, 2006"
Glasgow, Scotland Your music inspired me to learn to play guitar and gave my life a new direction , the love of listening to and playing good music. Thanks
Essex Been a Fan since my big sister aquired a copy of leige and leaf, then became a bigger fan with the release of bright lights. But what sealed my fate was the first time I saw you play at the roundhouse in 75 had a go at the uncultured man on the mixer desk for not turning up the sound level on JK's accordion.
Oxford I'm sure my husband married me convinced I was the red- head in his favourite song - 1952 Vincent Black Lightening. I've seen Richard perform only twice but was moved to tears by the beauty of his words the vibration of his voice sent shivers down my spine and the sheer joy felt from watching an amazing performer left a lasting print on my heart. Thank you
Norway I dont think You?Me?Us? is a lesser achievement than Time out of Mind.
"September 15, 2006"
Cheshire Great to see an artist's site that has such a personal touch.
California Richard is the only person who has EVER made me want to buy a box set before. I've not got the "Life and Music" of...and am going for another. Plus, I want him desperately. Richard be mine.
Ohio been a fan since the first time i heard 'what we did on our holidays' way back in the nineteen sixties.…
California I'm trying to see when you are playing near Santa Rosa at a celtic festival...keep up the great music.