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September 16 - 30, 2003
"Tue Sep 16, 2003"
Wisconsin Please send RT back to Milwaukee!
Massachusetts "Like a fine wine, his writing and playing get better with age!!!"
"Edinburgh, Scotland" rt=quality.
Newark Tour nearer newark again please. I was one of ther chosen few at Newark Palace Theatrein the 80s
Louisiana wishing you all well...
"Powys, Wales" A Fairport fan and an inhuman fly
Leicestershire Hope to see you back in blighty before too long. Looking forward to the album of the (last) millennium. Any chance you'll play Derby or Nottingham? Keep up the good work Thompson!
"Wed Sep 17, 2003"
Arkansas "Keep touring the south central US. Maybe try to play in Fayetteville, AR when your passing through Lawrence, KS next time."
Wiltshire AMAZING - Thanks alot for all the great music - seen you 3 times live now and it just gets better and better - Hopefully you will be back in my area soon
"Thu Sep 18, 2003"
Ontario "Had the opportunity to see Mr. Thompson in Toronto in July, and it was wonderful ... what more could a fella ask for?!"
California "I LOVE his guitar playing, voice (which gets better and better), and lyrics. His music is unique, and deep, and wonderful."
London Looking forward to tonight's gig!!!
Dumfries and Galloway I've never seen such a horribly-coloured website as this...
Oregon "Mr. Thompson's shows rank in my top 5 shows of all time. Thank you."
London "Have just discovered RT this year, as the Old Kit Bag stormed its way into my top 3 albums of all time - am currently buying up back catalogue, and saw him in Croydon in July (best gig ever seen.) I got heavily into Dylan at did I miss this bloke for the folowing 16 years????"
Waterford Dublin...This Red Molly will be there for sure next time!!
"Fri Sep 19, 2003"
New York you are on my new journal entry
Bucks "Saw RT at Sadler's Wells, London last night. Excellent. Bought 1000 Years, More guitar and Ducknapped!"
London What a superb show last night at Sadler's Wells!
Lieghton Buzzard Just caught 1000 Yrs of Pop at Sadlers Wells. Fantastic show ! Richard is the Rory Bremner of the guitar !
London "Saw the Saddlers Wells gig last night, one of the best RT's done absolutely excellent!"
Cambridge "Constant musical and lyrical fun - a real antidote to much of the bland stuff out there, RT's supplied me with some of my all time favourite songs. I've just come back from the '1000 Years' show in Sadler's Wells, London, where I had a fantastic time. In fact, I might have to go and pick up my guitar and try to work out 'King Henry V's Conquest of France'."
California Almost as good as Bach
Surrey "Oops you did it again, another stunning performance 1000 years of popular music, Sadlers Wells, thanks Richard."
"Sat Sep 20, 2003"
Auckland I liked your hat when you played in Auckland
British Columbia YOU RULE!
Idaho "Congratulations on being recognized again by Rolling Stone as one of the greatest rock guitarists! Please consider a stop in Boise on your next tour. We have a lot to offer; great outdoor activities, lots of restaurants, diverse music venues, and friendly people. Thanks for the excitement, beauty, and richness your music has added to my life."
Norfolk "Just a note to say thanks for '1000 Years ...' at Sadler's Wells on Thursday - uplifting, uproarious, surprising and generally stunning. I held off buying the CD until the gig because I wanted to experience it 'fresh' - a fantastic night! I took my brother-in-law who's usually a soul/modern jazz/acid jazz kind of guy (but with wide tastes) and he was stunned and delighted. Keep pushing the boundaries Richard! Oh, and just my usual plea for the next UK band tour - don't stop at Cambridge, carry on to Norwich!"
Oslo "Thanks, Richard"
London "Just been to see 1,000 (etc) at Sadlers Wells. First class. One of my best evenings out. RT's vocals just keep on getting better - no longer can he allege that he has ""a good half octave"" range. As for the guitar - hey, who's better? "
Cardiff Wales "Is there a mailing list for news of tours, CD's etc?"
Massachusetts "didn't realize you had a website until I read the Stereophile interview - been a fan since the Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span days. Glad to see you're still kickin' ;)"
Hull "I wish RT would play more in the Uk :-( Great wesite - wish we could order RT cd's on-line"
st albans "sadler's wells he looked like a little mechanical man,a minarette from up in the balcolney.his uncertainty came over in his speech and i thought that's why he's so fantastic.that uncertainty coming out in the emtions through his voice couple with that mechanical vehicle of provoking guitar.wonderful being!"
California "I believe that he is not only a genius guitar player , but, his lyrics are poignant and beautifully expressed. They move me."
"Sun Sep 21, 2003"
Llandudno Wales "I heard Mr Thompson on Bob Harris' show on BBC Radio 2 last night (20/09/03) and realised that there were some new releases I'd not yet acquired. Keep up the very good work and it would be nice to see you in north Wales some time (please)"
Hampshire "Is 1000 years of popular music CD being released commercially in the near future, or will it be only available via the website."
Berkshire "I've actually been listening to Richard's music for 35 years. Went to the Sadlers Wells gig on Thursday and it was fantastic! Quite a triumph to enthral a large audience with entirely unfamiliar material. Realised for the first time how much fun music hall must have been - not like ""The Good Old Days""!
"Mon Sep 22, 2003"
"We just came home from an accoustic soloconcert of Richard at the Leffingeleure festival in Belgium. Since I'm the soundengineer of another band playing just before Richard at the same festival, I had an all-areas pass and was able to approach the man. But I was too shy to do so. I just didn't dare. I would have told Richard it was the most beautifull and honest gig I've seen and heard, since a very long time. Thank you very much for an amazing experience. I love the man."
Indiana "I sure enjoyed visiting with RT at L.A. Namm and Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, CA. (twice)! For that, and all the shows and songs, thank you!"
"I try to play '1952 Vincent Black Lightning' on guitar, but every time I see Richard playing it (like yesterday at Leffingeleuren), I realise there is still a very long way to go... Finally succeeded to bring some friends, and they were impressed. Of course."
Buckinghamshire Superb music and lyrics. Just wish I had been introduced to him much earlier in my life. Went to Sadlers Wells last Thursday - stonking performance. Can't wait for the new tour of UK (make it soon please?!?!?!).
Georgia One of the best guitar players I have heard with a fantastic voice.
Preston What a man!!!
roeselare "after seeing richard perform at leffinge yesterday (wow)-i long to be informed about further belgian performances to come. (note: i missed beeswing yesterday, shame...)"
Kansas Where do I begin? Sorry if it is a dumb question.
"Tue Sep 23, 2003"
London "Saw the 1000 years gig last Thursday (18/09) at Sadler's Wells, congratulations on an awesome gig, great chat and the definitive version of ""Oops! I did it again"" - at least for me."
Manchester It would be great to see Richard play a gig in Manchester where the audience could get up and dance (preferably no seats at all) rather than have to sit in sterile concert hall surroundings like the Lowry. Good gig though!
Sheffield Much enjoyed RT last at the Lyceum - apart from the blasted spotlight
Oxon Yes we're male and female because we're married!
London loved 1000 years at sadlers wells
Washington DC His music is so evocative; we see him whenever he's in the mid-Atlantic.
Pennsylvania Can't wait to see him in Collingswood. My first time!
Dublin "ive played music for 30 years and unfortunetly i never heard of richard.i now feel i have missed playing his music in our band,but who knows we may have but never knew who wrote the songs or music.i feel at this stage it has been my loss.thank you."
Victoria "web site-very informative.I can't stop playing ""THE OLD KIT BAG"" -what a marvellous collection of stories."
galway i just love richard and his way to talk with people trought the music...that is just the sound of his heart....his great....unic and unpredicteble.…
Nova Scotia "Great songwriting Great voice"
Massachusetts Only the one of the greatest guitarists in history!
"Wed Sep 24, 2003"
Seattle "Hi, Richard, I was just playing the grooves out of ""Watching the Dark"" here, yet again, and thought I'd say hello. We enjoy your guitarwork out here. This close to Canada, we're practically a commonwealth country ourselves and so your music has a ""Northwest"" feel and it's great to see you come out."
California "In 1976 a friend put ""Henry the Human Fly"" on the Record Player, I was Hooked. Then he told me ""that's the lead guitarist on Leige and Lief"", I was in pain from wanting more. Richard Thompson went to the top of my ""Buy on Sight"" list. I've bought it all and there are no regrets. Then that day came when I saw an ad for a live show - it was the Great American Music Hall ""Shoot Out The Lights"" tour. Of couse I was there with bells on, and had a front row view of the fireworks. Spectacular, and there have been many more since then I've never missed the opportunity. But I just have to say that the last two shows here in SF (one Solo and the other with the Band) are both on top of my musical adventure list. I just don't know why your name isn't on the lips of EVERYONE, I've certainly done my part over the years to pass on the favor done for me in 1976. Rock on Richard -"
"Thu Sep 25, 2003"
Connecticut When is he going to play in Connecticut?
London Great site.Keep up the good work and great music.
first saw richard in 1972....never been the same since!!!!!
"Fri Sep 26, 2003"
New York Yarr!!!
Ontario "Richard's show in Toronto on July 28th, 2003, was perhaps the finest simultaneous display of guitar wizardry, spot-on vocals and irresistable song selection I've ever encountered. Thanks for the wonderful musical experience! "
California "Just when I thought he couldn't get any better, my mind has been blown once again."
California Richard Thompson is my greatest musical influence and his music has provided me with countless hours of listening pleasure. His story telling ability in the context of songwriting is second to none.
cheshire Top site design.
New York "Richard, congratulations on being the 19th best guitarist in the Rock World. Keep practicing. Maybe someday you'll crack the top 10! Fantastic show in Rochester, by the way. Come back soon."
"Sat Sep 27, 2003"
Maryland "I produced a Richard and Linda show in Baltimore on the Shoot Out the Lights tour; my band opened the show, Richard's amp died midway and he used mine, I have the whole thing on tape. I've met Richard several times since (though I have to remind him who I am each time). Hi there, Richard."
Glasgow Scotland The Old Kit Bag' is a terrific return to form after a few albums that were perhaps not the strongest. Thoroughly enjoyed the recent tour.
London Just keep coming to London.
California Beautiful guitar work
Texas Great website! I always check in to make sure that I have all the CD's that you make available online--thanks!
Sussex I continue to be amazed at Richard's creativity. Don't stop.
"Sun Sep 28, 2003"
Tunbridge Wells "RT is and always has been my favourite guitarist,singer, songwriter. Looking forward to another 30 years of great music"
Florida "Please come back to St. Augustine, Fl"
Oxfordshire RT is the worlds greatest guitarist!
Cheltenham "I generally catch RT 2-3 times on any UK tour but I was away for the recent Sadlers Wells gigs. Any plans to repeat ""1000 years"" in the UK?"
"Mon Sep 29, 2003"
New Jersey "Looking forward to my first RT concert in November at Princeton. May even attend another show the following night in Lakewood, NJ, real close to my home."
Los Angeles Hi Richard I'm posting a link to you at my website.
Long Island "Looking forward to the show at IMAC on November 1, & if anyone knows the guy who caused the ruckus last year at the Harms Center, tell Warren I don't have his number!"
Oxfordshire Keep on going!
Texas I listen to his music whenever I want to feel energy.
"Tue Sep 30, 2003"
California " I was nineteen , when I came to town. They called it the Summer of Love "" …"
Victoria "Hang in there, the no-brain stuff is dominating. Check out Jeff Lang's version of 1952 Vincent Black Lightning sometime !!!"
Oxford "Hi, one question really, is the live double Two Letter Words available in UK, and if so how much, as since a radio play Ive been trying to get a copy of from galway to graceland. many thanks."
London Just a thought. Have you thought of doing a 1000 years of popular music for children? There is a real need for high quality music for children that re-connects them with the past and opens their ears. Be interesting musically and our label (World Music Network) may be interested to release. PS - loved the recent show at the Sadlers Wells - the version of 'Oops! I did it again' is something else!
Farnham - Surrey Sorry I did'nt switch on to Richard a long time ago. I feel I am desparately catching up!
California "Just heard your version of the song ""Shennandoah"" on radio station KVMR this weekend - truly brilliant!"
Zuid Holland When will Richard be back in Holland?