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September 16 - 30, 2004
"September 16, 2004"
Brisbane "I drool each time I see you in Australia. Know it would cost the earth but there must be someway to get a Richard Thomspon & BAND tour of OZ. (If I win Gold Lotto I'll be in touch !)"
"September 17, 2004"
Michigan Richard's songwriting & guitar playing is so beautiful it makes me cry.
california Hope to see you at Luther Burbank or The Mystic soon!!!
"September 18, 2004"
california "Thanks for coming to San Luis Obispo to put us on the map! ""I've got the hots for the smarts"" was hilarious."
california Come back to San Luis Obispo again soon! We loved it!
california Saw a wonderful show in the Cuesta College auditorium on the central coast of California. The intimate setting and wooden structure acoustics made for a special night with RT for the 300 or so lucky enough to be there. RT was in excellent form on the guitar and voice. RT wasw kind enough to come out after and sign my vinyl album cover of SOTL and a picture with my twin brother. It was our birthday and we are both big fans.
california We saw him last night for the first time live in San Luis Obispo. Awesome!
"September 19, 2004"
Indiana Love it when you came and play in Indianapolis!
california Saw his show in SLO was GREAT!!!!
England "as has been said on many occasions..the most underated British guitarist around...brilliantly understated guitar work,fine songwriter...Oh how I wish he had been at this years ,possibly final,Cropredy Concert.."
"September 20, 2004"
Nevada "Saw RT in Reno last night(9/19), best version of 57 Vincent, Shoot out the Lights, and I Misunderstood I have heard yet."
Helsinki When are you coming to Finland?
New Jersey "This website is like your music. Mighty meaty, matey! Well done!"
Wisconsin "Richard Thompson is the best: lyrics, melody and above all, guitar playing."
california "Thanks for being yourself, Richard!"
"September 21, 2004"
Regensburg "Love this website! Have been a big fan since I was a teenager but have lost touch somewhat since moving (from England) to Germany, bringing up kids etc... This brings it all back! Maybe there'll be a German tour someday…"
california Went to Reno to see your show yesterday. I loved it. I hope you do some more solo shows around the San Francisco Bay area
"September 22, 2004"
Alaska "That was a cold one in reno baby, but i only saw 2 people leave early - and they had to be carried out-hypothermic!"
edinburgh scotland "After watching RT in Edinburgh's Usher Hall a couple of months ago, I am still in awe of not only his playing but of his superb voice. A genuine craftsman !"
california "Richards music always touches my heart.I find more possibility in myself and the world I live in.Listen,love,learn.He's just a guy telling my story. Bittersweet and comical and the most intellegent bloke I ever ""saer"".Cheers!"
New York "Looking forward to the 1,000 years tour coming to Albany, NY in Oct.Cheers."
"September 23, 2004"
Pennsylvania "I feel priveledged to be one of the seemingly few americans to realize that Richard is one of the most talented, and virtually unknown singer / songwriter/ guitar player ever to exist. Absolutely amazing. Such emotion in words and music."
california RT just gets better ... and better ... and better
"September 24, 2004"
Massachusetts Nice site!
oxfordshire Wonderful song writing and beautiful songs.A true craftsman.
Hanover When will he play live gigs in Germany again? All the best to him and his musical spirit
Tennessee My boyfriend got me into his music and I was a big fan right off the bat.
"September 25, 2004"
california "Hi Richard and Nancy, I got to hang out with you in 1984....Festival Tours...Still wanting to hear Angels Have Taken My Race Horse Away. Hope to see you in Irvine."
Maryland Please play Ram's Head in Annapolis again.
Pennsylvania Have seen richard three times and love the live performances he gives. Was at an acoustic show in Conn earlier this year and requested From Galway To Graceland and Richard so kindly came out for the encore and serenaded us!
Slane Co Meath Please come and play for us a little more often
"September 26, 2004"
Washington "Flew from Seattle to Reno ( ""It's a long long way down to Reno, NV ..."") for the concert on 9/19/04. Another great show even if the weather was very cold. this makes my 4th RT show for 2004. (Portland, Seattle, Dublin, Ohio) I will make it 5 when I attend the 1000 Years show in Ann Arbor in Oct."
california "I saw your show at the Cuesta College Aud. It was the best guitar preformance I've ever witnessed. I'am not educated so some of the songs did not click but sounded great. I listen to people like James McMurtry, Robert Earl Keen, Tom Russell,Todd Snider, and people like that. I build elevated water towers I have to travel all the time. Before that I worked on the family farm and ranch cowboying for a liven so not an easy life. Music helps Thank You "
"September 27, 2004"
Illinois "Look forward to seeing you October 16th College of Dupage, Illinois."
california "RT rocks, I can't get enough. I love the live Cd's, keep 'em coming!"
california More collaboration with other artists (like Roger McGuinn?)
England " I grew up round Whetsone too. It'd be cool to claim I remember Richard, but not true. Though I guess he has to be 5 or so years older"
"September 28, 2004"
NSW "I heard Richard interviewed on Sydney radio earlier this year and liked the sound of his music and the things he said he wanted to communicate. So I ordered his Old Kit Bag CD at the local store, and bought it. I like it."
Ohio You need to stop in Cleveland more often!
North Carolina "Is there a recording of RT playing RagMop available anywhere? Does he read these comments? Thanks for the many years of pleasure and thought you have given me.I see you every time you come to Durham..............NC."
"September 29, 2004"
Oregon Never miss a show in Portland!
oxfordshire "Got into Richard after reading review of Amnesia in Q Magazine. Instantly fell in love with his songs and his music."
Texas Love the music!
Georgia Saw the RTB and thoroughly enjoyed. Then saw RT solo acoustic and was blown away.
Pennsylvania "please keep coming back to the Keswick Theater in Glenside, Pa. It is only 5 minutes from my house!!!!"
"September 30, 2004"
Texas I love your music. I wish I had discovered it early. Looking forward to seeing you live!!
Kentucky "Richard T., hands down is in the top 5 of singer/songwriter/guitarists in this universe!...(and then the material w/ Linda....My God!)"