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September 16 - 30, 2005
"September 16, 2005"
Wiltshire "Thank you SO much for the mesmerizing rendition of Keep Your Distance at the Lyric (at the Cropredy signing session I had asked if this could be included on the next tour...didn't expect it so soon). Have been to many concerts over the last four years or so...all wonderful beyond words, but Devonside would be the icing on the proverbial. Also thank you for the performance with Fairport at Cropredy on the Sat night...the whole place suddenly came alive and not before time.The sudden surge of electricity was a moment never to be forgotten. Roll on Jan/Feb 2005."
North Carolina Love his music!!!
New York "My brother, Tom Garnsey of Vootie Productions in Bozeman, Montana, has promoted a number of shows for Richard over the past 10 years."
Connecticut I would love to see Richard play close to my town - a nice small (or mid-sized) venue and a good chance to get tickets would be great!
"Moira, County Down" Time for a return to Northern Ireland. The Ulster Hall gig was the best gig I've ever been at - anywhere!
California wonderful site! the most I like the design!
"September 17, 2005"
South Carolina I first saw Richard at Newport Folk Festival many years ago and have been enjoying his music since.
California "The song ""1952 Vincent Black Lightning"" started my singing ""career"". It was the first time I ever sang in front of other people. Singing eventually led to me learn how to play guitar because my boyfriend couldn't always be there to play guitar every single time I wanted to sing. Learning to play guitar lead me to write my own songs when I decided it was ""too hard"" to learn all other people's songs and must be easier to write songs of my own. Plus, I got my nickname ""Red Molly"" from singing your song so I owe you a debt of gratitude for all of these things. Thank you for that song and all of your songs! You are truly a wonderful and talented man."
"September 18, 2005"
Maryland Huge fan!! Keep it coming!
Massachusetts miss patsy is a classic
California "Thanks for all the great shows at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma, hope you come back soon!"
North Carolina see you in carrboro nc on 11-2-05
Pennsylvania keep up the Great Work!
Cheshire Richard - Many years have I waited to get the chance hear and see you live - and it was magical at MAC on 23 July. A front row seat and a huge smile on my face all night long! Thank you .... and 'Superb' is 'Front Parlour Ballads'!!
Ohio Great Site
Pennsylvania Was just listening to the greatest hits album today and I forgot how excellent a lyricist and musician RT really is. I know he's played my city (Harrisburg) in the past and I hope I get the opportunity to see him in the near future!
"September 19, 2005"
Ontario Very excited that I will see & hear RT again soon!
New Hampshire I heard the song Persuasion on the radio a couple of years ago. I was going through a tough time and that song really said it all for me. I bought Action Packed and loved all the songs. Thanks for making such great music!
New York "Tom Dube once considered producing a record for a band I was in (early 90's). The band was popular in NYC, but pretty mediocre really. Tom made the right decision. The record flopped and so did the band. The bright side was that I was able to shake hands with one of my heros. Tom invited us to a show that RT was doing at a festival in NJ on a miserably hot summer day. After the set, TD invited us ""backstage"" to meet Richard. I think my palms were even sweatier than Richard's. Anyway, Richard stayed there for a couple of hours shaking folk's hands and saying hello. Thanks for all the hard work."
Ohio "As the ""Metho-Catholic Rabbi"" of Ohio Wesleyan University (student dubbed), who is engaged thickly in Zen-Buddhist/Native-American Spirituality and blue-grass music, Richard Thompson comes to me as a coherent voice of clarity. OWU is a Global Village in the Heartland of America. Richard Thompson sings our soul's songs."
"September 20, 2005"
Oslo "Well, I just want to say that Richard Thompson is one of the finest musicans from England and I really had great moments in life listeing to his music. From my point of wiew is ""you? me? us?"" one of his greatest albumes ever. Certainly it was because it ""stroke"" me at that particulary moment in life."
Brighton First saw Richard with Fairport Convention at Bath Festival 1970. Seen him countless times since
London "really quite hard to convey without sounding like some dropsy teen but ...rare 'n joyous - long time since i found myself holding my breath on a single chord or a lyric just stop the day-to-day dead and make you laugh or cry for stuff you never knew, happened only yesterday or had long short - you do good stuff - don't stop."
"September 21, 2005"
trelleborg One huge favorite song is Don´t sit on my Jimmy Shands. I own a big collection of Jimmy Shands 78´s.
"September 22, 2005"
New York where is the tour list?
Sachsen-Anhalt please richard play in germany
Washington a bright star in any day is a thompson tune
"September 23, 2005"
Dublin Any chance of an Irish Date in the New Year ????????
Renfrewshire I have an appreciation of the music that goes back a long time. He really is a special talent.
Rutter Best musician in the world!!! x
New York "Originally from Dublin Ireland. Just got back from Galway, and had the pleasure of seeing Christy Moore in Clifden. He performed a song that he said was written by you, bloody hell I just wish I could remember it! It was absolutely brill! I'm a new fan and looking forward to seeing you in Albany on Oct 21st at the EGG! If I can think of the song by then I hope you do requests! :-)"
Indiana "The first album I ever bought was a compilation that included ""Meet on the ledge"" by F.C. and some other good hippie stuff. Very little else from that time has stayed in my head."
Quebec I saw one gig in Ghent-Belgium and was completely swept away by Mr. Thompson's and his band's joy they spread through the cosy concert hall. Looking forward to the next RT concert ever since…
"September 24, 2005"
London "Why don't you guys release 'Jonny's....' ive seen it live and its superb, makes me crack up! RT ROCKS MY SOCKS!"
Sussex "I'm always 2 albums behind, only just really got into Mock Tudor, slow down the releases, I'm bankrupt!"
Illinois "THANK YOU, I mean, thank you, (without yelling, although it was a joyful shout,) for the song Let It Roll, I heard it through sweet serendipity when flipping through music options on digital cable. I adore it, hooray for good music! Thank you thank you thank you!"
England "Been listening to others sing Richard's songs for years. They've gradually ""crept up"" on me and I'm using some of them in my own set. Hope that's okay!"
"September 26, 2005"
Midlands "Bit late I know, but really great to see Richard at Cropredy again. Could only make it on Saturday this year but managed to get right to in front of the stage. I thought it was quite noticeable that the minute Richard came on, everybody else on stage raised their game. Only RT can do this!!"
Baghdad "Grew up with Danny Ferrington David Doucet's brother in Law Baghdad reminds me of Gethsemane"
"September 28, 2005"
Illinois heard your music for the first time this weekend in chicago . 1952 vincent it was outstanding
South Carolina Richard Thompson is one of my favorites.
"September 29, 2005"
USA More please!
Amsterdam Go On!!!
Witney As seen at Abingdon 2004!
New York "Great job on the design of your site. Everything looked very custom and professional. It's a niche market and you target your market beautifully. Graphics look original, page design is consistent throughout the site."
"September 30, 2005"
Hamburg "please come Hamburg, germany again soon, because I wasn't able to visit your concert in the Knust and my girlfriend keeps on telling me how great it was."
Worms "Saw you at Cropredy this year and it was so brilliant that I was in tears. Bought the 2 DVDs and the new CD the next week and all the material is just fantastic.I´m looking forward to the gig in Coventry next January."