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September 16 - 30, 2006
"September 16, 2006"
West Midlands Would love to be able to see Richard Thompson play live again.
North Carolina My wife and I first saw RT at Be Here Now, in Asheville, NC about 12 years ago and saw him one more time there. We talked to him after the show. I had some old Fairport Convention albums with me and he signed those. I was working in radio then in Elkin, NC and had purchased Rumor and Sigh, which he also signed. We went back a couple of years later to a show and my wife and I told him we would be getting married soon. Richard laughed and said to us something like ""so your going to make her an honest woman"" or something like that. He is still one of the greastest performers and songwriters around. So we're trying to see if he is going to be in our area again. This time will be bringing our 9 year old son.
"September 17, 2006"
California Moving back to the Washington, DC, area and wonder if RT will ever hit The Birchmere again, or will I have to keep wandering around the country - missed him by a hair in the UK last year - or should I just keep upgrading the system in my pad and be grateful?
Illinois First heard him via Fairport Convention, next got Shoot Out the Lights, and on from there.
"September 18, 2006"
Florida I wish I could download the song Don't roll those blood shot eyes at me
Colorado We think your music is the greatest! Thanks so much for years of amazing song, guitar playing and singing.
"September 19, 2006"
Connecticut I was drawn to your site through its reference in Nigel Schofield's "RT" - A Celebration of the Life and Music of Richard Thompson (booklet from the RT boxed set). What a great (and overdue) piece of work! I would consider myself a casual admirer of RT's work, having owned a few albums and seen a few shows...however, after reading through Nigel's essays, I would consider myself newly devout! Keep up the great work...there is still plenty of room out there for great songwriting and guitar play.
Ontario Liege & Lief goes gold! High fives all round!
Pennsylvania I recently attended a Philadelphia Folksong Society Fall Fling, and about a third of the performers played Richard Thompson tunes, all of which were interesting. I am a guitarist, and I would like to learn to play some of them myself, as well. Do you have music books and/or tab available? I look forward to learning more. So soon old; so late wise...
Yorkshire First admired on 'What We Did on our Holidays' as a schoolboy in 1969. In 2006 I bought '1,000 Years of Popular Music' ... 37 years of magnificence!!!
merseyside I think the man is a genius please keep me informed of events- thanks
"September 20, 2006"
British Columbia I love you
Leinster Richard's music, along with so many others from the british folk-rock of the 1970's has been the source of much joy and inspiration for me over the years. I was privelaged to see Richard in the Enmore Theatre, Sydney a few months ago (even got a request played) and it was a mind-altering experience. I'm loving the new album, and can't wait for him to come to Ireland again :) Thank you Richard ;)
"September 21, 2006"
California Walking on the wire is one of my favorite songs, especially when you sang it with Linda
Michigan I found out about you from a public library, when I was just a kid. You should donate CD's to library's anywhere you can! You rule.I checked it out because it had a picture of a person (you) with a guitar, and I am a player, more people need to hear your music. Your name poped in my head years later, and I got online and bought, I think like 6 of your CD and DVD's plus the box set. I didn't see the CD that I had checked out years ago. The live DVD's are the best, because I prefer that kind of thing. I wish you would play Meadowbrook in Auburn Hills Mich. I know it's just a wish. The way you talk to a crowd is slick too. You are great, really great. Peace.
Illinois You are truly a storyteller. A master of your craft. Thanks for all the great music to come also!
"September 22, 2006"
kent come to kent!!!
"September 23, 2006"
Alaska Love the Song Finder!
Co Durham A relatively new convert/listener; introduced by my good friend and source of inspiration who is himself a life-long fan... Seen RT twice this year... all part of the richest tapestry. thankyou.
California favorite guitarist-songwriter/linda t favorite singer
Pennsylvania I've seen Richard perform live 8 times...he is an incredibly talented guitarist and songwriter. Recently bought 1000 Years of Popular Music DVD+CDs. He continues to amaze me.
weymouth sheer brilliance
"September 24, 2006"
Surrey mighty fine
"September 25, 2006"
New York I love all of your concerts especially the ones at Tarrytown Music Hall
Texas Who knows how many dull songs I could have learned by the time I figure out just one of yours...i.e. Bees Wing, 52 Vincent. Your songs have raised my guitar playing to a new level. thanks.
London Shame on me I know! Just started!! But via his son teddy who I saw tonight at the ICA in London, together with his sister (very pretty!) and a guy called Ed Harcourt ? Teddy was absolutely awesome; I have never heard him before his appearance on Later (Jools Holland) and I have been an ardent fan ever since, his voice is just beautiful and his guitar playing is extremly versitle. I would love to know the title track of the "track that never made the album" and the correct spelling of his sisters name so I can look out for her rising success. Brilliant gig, brilliant together with his sis, fabulous.
"September 26, 2006"
Cornwall So so special - thank you
Pennsylvania Richard's live performances are simply amazing.
"September 27, 2006"
Limburg At this very moment very busy completing my very own RT-Collection! Mostly originals...
"September 28, 2006"
England Don't know what to say without seeming too sycophantic! My favourite musician. Hope you keep writing & live to be 100 (that should see me out...).
Speyer I just love Richard's music!
Pennsylvania highly anticipating seeing Richard play at the Wilmington opera house in Wilmington, DE
Wisconsin Caught his show August 20, 2007 at Irish Fest in Milwaukee.
London RT is one of the two greatest living Englishmen (other being Alan Bennett)
"September 29, 2006"
Stockholm He's the man!
Utah long live RT
Texas Saw a sample of your show on the Sierra Nevada website. AMAZING!!
"September 30, 2006"
Wiltshire Come back to tour UK soon.… we miss you. Last seen in Bristol in the Spring.
California Great show last week in Sebastopol!