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SEPTEMBER 16 - 30, 2007
"September 16, 2007"
Pennsylvania saw your performance on PBS Sierra center stage and was in awe!!!
Utah Saw you in San Francison 9/7 and then again in Salt Lake City on 9/15 - the greatest musician most Americans have never heard of. I was sorry you didn't do Beeswing at either concert, but thrilled to hear Wall of Death, '52 Vincent, and I Still Dream. You are getting better with age, as songs like Guns are the Tongue, Sunset Song and Needle and Thread so aptly demonstrate. Your mates in the band are all fantasic. I hope to see you again.
"September 17, 2007"
Chester Hope to catch the Philharmonic gig at Liverpool. Saw you in Chester,Southport and Burnley previously and were fantastic!!
Colorado My friend is taking me to a show tonite! I am sure I will love it! I love music, so can't wait to hear something new (to me)!
"September 18, 2007"
Arizona Can't wait to see Richard at the Phoenix show this month.
Somerset went all the way to the newport festival from bath a couple of years ago, just to see you, (honest!)
Leceistershire Can't wait for the songbooks!!
"September 19, 2007"
Colorado just saw RT @ the Gothic theater in Englewood,CO. An awsome show.
Washington Great show in Vancouver BC last week! Consider stopping in Olympia between Portland and Seattle next time on I-5! (20-30 yrs! That's a long time!!)
South Australia Come to Adelaide please!
"September 20, 2007"
Berwickshire, Scotland Can you please help me. I am trying to find the chords for Mole in a Hole by Richard and Linda. Thanks
Nevada Love ya', Richard. Keep it up.
California I wonder when I have to stand in line to get tickets when RT comes to Sacramento 12/5. But I will do it!!!! Can't wait!
"September 21, 2007"
Bologna thompson is basic
Texas How Do i get tickets to his austin tx show tomorrow ?!!!!
Worcestershire he's a very special musician
"September 22, 2007"
Michigan I am listening to Sweet Warrior.Rumour and Sigh, was the first for me. I had heard about Fairport Convention, but wasn't exposed to it,I guess they are a little before my time.
California Yeah, you know how we feel about you. I was scouting lyrics to Guns Are the Tongues and thought I'd drop you a line.
Texas Just got home from the 9/21 concert in Dallas...gotta be one of my all-time favorite concerts! Please keep me informed on when you will be back in town. You (and your band) were great! Thank you so much for a fantastic show!
California The Mountain Winery show was fantastic! Your solo on "Hard on Me" was mind-blowing! Also, nice to hear the rarely played songs "A Bone Through Her Nose" and "I Still Dream". Looking forward to yor upcoming UCLA show. Since you're packing the electric guitar, I am obliged to step forward with a request...would you consider playing "Put it There, Pal" or "Can't Win" ? The guitar solos on those songs would be worth the price of admission alone! Thanks for the memories!
Yorkshire Saw your tour poster in Brugge,but when I got home tickets were sold out for the Irish Centre. I'm gutted!
Maryland the "how long" question does not include my real answer which is: ever since Fairport Convention -- longer than 30 years but not my whole life
New York KeepOn
British Columbia Thankyou so much for the new music & the Vancouver Show. I feel this is your best work ever, but as I start thinking of all my Richard Thompson favourites I become somewhat confused and unable to believe I've come to that conclusion???? Definetly some of your best guitar playing. I'm proud of you and proud to have shakin' your hand back in 1991 when you played the Commodore with Shawn Colvin. A sweeter version of Waltzings for Dreamers shall never be heard again. It will be a dark day for me when you stop making the effort. You keep me picking up my guitar and singing. If you can play a song in someones living room and move them then you have a good song and artist. You can do that. I've seen you solo, with Danny Thompson on Bass and with a full band, and all were powerful emotionally conective performances..what ever that means??? I've got to go have supper now. Thank you Richard Thompson
"September 23, 2007"
North Carolina Richard rules!
Texas Attended back to back RTB shows in Dallas and Austin. These guys make magic every night. Wish we could follow them to the coast. They're the best!
"September 24, 2007"
Western Cape I am in possession of a Henry the human fly LP and I every now and then when I am alone I would enjoy it as loud as aloud in the neighbourhood and I must say I still enjoy the Brass sections on the LP the best.Thank you for great musical memories.A true fan from africa.
"September 25, 2007"
Texas I've been listening to Richard forever, but I never actually followed music. Until now! What an amazing musician, and the band is also astounding. My sweetie is also a musician.
New York Rich. Thompsons musical talents and interesting tone has mystified me for quite sometime. Makes me feel real down to earth. I'm English by descent and enjoy english folk music.
Western Australia Travelled to UK to see the band and loved the show on Aug8. I can't imagine the band could sound any better. Richard's voice is sounding awesome and the music is second to none. Hope to see you again soon when you come back to Perth.
"September 26, 2007"
Tennessee I love Richard's music and have for several decades.
Arizona My Father and I will be at the Rhythm Room this evening and I can't wait to hear Vincent 1952!!! They are all great, but that is my favorite!
Missouri Love you and your body....of work!! :>)
"September 27, 2007"
Arizona I saw Richard for the 4th time last night in Phoenix. The show, as usual, was fantastic.
Bristol still fresh after all these years
"September 28, 2007"
Limerick Love Sweet Warrior.
Arizona Hi. I'm long term fan of your versatile music and witty lyrics, but this week was the first time I've been to a concert. The band's energy and RT's beaming face made it a magical evening for me. Probably the best concert I've ever attended. Come back to Tucson soon, and Thanks!
Arizona Use to play his music on the radio in the 70's in Washington State.
California RT - You're a brilliant man. Just heard you again - at Royce Hall. I wish those damn women would stop breaking your heart. I wouldn't do that to you. Your secret admirer...
"September 29, 2007"
California Richard is a god. I just introduced another friend to his music and she's now a fan for life. What could be better?
Missouri I would lie to find a recording of "I Misunderstood", acoustic.
South Carolina I love Richard's music and listen to him often. My friend Steve Carson introduced me to Richard back in the 60s and he also visited with him in the U.K. even having him perform at his home in Cincinnati. I hope Richard tours the U.S.A. again and that I will be able to see him again, having seen him in San Diego a few years back with Chris Hillman (of the Byrds). Huzzah for Richard Thiompson! He's one of my favorite guitarists ever.
Colorado Been listening on Folk Alley and WUMB Boston - the few songs I've heard have moved me to laughter, tears, regrets and joy. I am so moved.
California Great Stuff!!!!
Thornaby Love the new album and looking forward to seeing at Sage Gateshead in October.
"September 30, 2007"
California He is the most amazing guitarist ever. Vincent 1952 is the best song ever. i nearly have worn my cd out.
Norway A huge thanks for amazing songs by the barrelful through the years. Keep it up!
West Yorkshire Just found the site! very interesting.