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SEPTEMBER 16-30, 2008
"September 16, 2008"
Horse I was wondering if there is any chance that Richard might consider doing a cover of metallica's 'nothing else matters'
"September 19, 2008"
London When is the damn songbook coming out?
"September 21, 2008"
New Jersey "Say hello to nancy and jake. have a great photo of jake silhouetted against the stage, from the 40th. all the best"
"September 25, 2008"
MIERES-ASTURIAS please can you tell me how to contact Danny Ferrington in order to buy a guitar from him? I had try to find in google but failed - thank you
California Some of the best shows we've ever been to.
"September 26, 2008"
Malaysia Richard is totally superb and incomparable even to his peers! Cheers!
Northumberland Brampton Live - Wonderful
"September 27, 2008"
Manitoba Actually, since about 1972, When I bought "Henry the Human Fly" and loved it. That's about 36 years. I probably heard some Fairport before that, but my mind dims.
"September 29, 2008"
California I first heard your voice on the cd of sea chanties, etc via Johnny Depp et al and your voice just took my breath away. Love at first note. A friend of mine, Cathal Coughlin, got me in touch with moreof your music and I have yet to hear anything you've written that I dont care for. Like most others who listen to you, I guess we all feel you are writing for us alone. No fan seems to be ho-hum about you, it is die hard or none at all. Every time I get a new cd of yours ( newly issued or an old release), it becomes my favorite and I listen to it for weeks on end allowing nothing else near the cd player! I have seen you a few times and each time it is just as I would of hoped. Even if it is the same tour, two days in a row, you make each date sound different and wonderful. I always appreciate that you take the time out to meet your fans and give them a minute or two to gush over you. At my age, I have enjoyed several types of music and different musicians, but I have never fallen so hard for for one artisit talents as I have yours. I own twice the amount of your cds than of anyone elses and when ever I see a new one I dont have, I purchase it immediately, never having to guess if i will like it. I only regret is finding out about you so long after you started...but then again, makes for the availability of constantly finding "new" music! I recall hearing Beeswing and Vincent and thinking the recording director was great, the way he blended the different guitars; when I saw all those guitars were actually YOU on ONE guitar, I was totally taken away. You've got my soul on your strings and my heart with your lyrics. Always the best, Richard! With sincere affection
Massachusetts Please keep me updated on tourdates. Thanks!
"September 30, 2008"
South Wales thank you for your greenman show, now i know where hugh cornwell nicked his guitar style from!