Montalvo Request Tally
12/21/2008 (updated 1/18/2011)

The lovely Sharon in our market research department has added up all the slips from the two request shows at Montalvo. The totals are published below. There was less 'nobbling' this year, i.e. vote stuffing, and voting cartels were less in evidence. Requests on non-official paper were discounted. Where there was more than one request on a slip, only the first song was counted We were glad to see some items from Sweet Warrior doing well, and alarmed at the rise of Free Bird.

Photo courtesy David Sals

20 votes:

15 votes:
Vincent Black Lightning

11 votes:
Sunset Song

10 votes:
Cooksferry Queen

9 votes:
Wall Of Death

8 votes:
Dimming Of The Day
I Feel So Good
I Misunderstood

7 votes:
Tear-Stained Letter
Killing Jar
Down Where the Drunkards Roll

6 votes:
Dad's Gonna Kill Me

5 votes:
Crazy Man Michael
Who Knows Where The Time Goes
Hots For The Smarts
Free Bird
Guns Are the Tongues

4 votes:
Genesis Hall
Uninhabited Man
Galway To Graceland
Smiffy's Glass Eye
Janet Jackson
She May Call You Up Tonight
Woman Or A Man
Angels Took My Racehorse
Meet On The Ledge
One Door Opens
Waltzing's For Dreamers
Madness Of Love
Season Of The Witch
God Loves A Drunk

3 votes:
Put It There Pal
Both Ends Burning
Crawl Back
Pat Metheny
Poppy Red
Shoot Out The Lights
Great Valerio
Taking My Business Elsewhere
Night Comes In
Time To Ring Some Changes
King Of Bohemia
A Love You Can't Survive
A G Bell
Here Without You
How Will I Ever Be Simple Again
Read About Love
Calvary Cross
Modern Woman
Blind Step Away
Bright Lights
When The Spell Is Broken
Razor Dance

2 votes:
Why Must I Plead
Push And Shove
King Henry Fights The French
Egypt Room
Wind Cries Mary
Miss Patsy
Time Will Show The Wiser
Night And Day
Walking The Long Miles Home
Hand Of Kindness
Bone Through Her Nose
O I Swear
Can't Wake Up
Roll Over V. Williams
Dark End Of The Street
Turning Of The Tide
Heart Needs A Home
Poor Ditching Boy
Crash The Party
All Along The Watchtower
Man In Need
Hokey Pokey
Time Has Told Me
Don't Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes
Just The Motion
Orange-Coloured Sky
Sam Jones
Walking On A Wire
Suspicious Minds
Outside Of The Inside
She Twists The Knife

1 vote:
Hard Luck Stories
Boris The Spider
Business On You
Someone To Watch Over Me
Little Wing
Jet Plane In A Rocking Chair
Keep Your Distance
Two Lonely Hearts
Across The Universe
Wrong Heartbeat
Words Of Love
Who Medley
Needle And Thread
She Sang Angels
Johnny's Far Away
Brass In Pocket
Happiness Is A Warm
Never Give It Up
Poor Will
If It Feels Good
I'll Tag Along
End Of The Rainbow
Sneaky Boy
With A Little Help From My Friends
When I get To The border
Jimmy Shands
Don't Tempt Me
Happy Birthday Larry
Traces Of My Love
That's All
Dirty Linen
Any Crowded House
Matty Groves
Friday On My Mind
Fana Fi'llah
I Still Dream
Mama Tried
My Dingaling
Blue Xmas
Let It Blow
Machine Gun
Can't Explain
Ticket To Ride
Nearly In Love
John The Gun
Sweetheart On The Barricade
Dr Of Physick
Blues Run The Game
Under My Thumb
Bird In God's Garden
My Sharona
Blitzkrieg Bop
End Of The Rainbow
Hide It Away
Mystery Wind
Smack Water Jack
Mrs McLeod's Reel
I Ain't Marchin'
Jersey Girl
Tom Sawyer
I Ride In Your Slipstream
My Daddy Is A Mummy
Way Down In The Hole
Jennifer Juniper
Poor Ditching Boy
Ain't Gonna Drag My Feet
Mr Stupid
Wine Spo Di O Di
Long Dead Love
Reckless Kind
Beethoven 5TH Symphony (disco version)
Borrowed Time
Dead Man's Handle
Song Of Teddy's
Love Is Bad For Business
Madonna's Wedding
Bogie's Bonny Belle
See My Friends
How I wanted To
I Wish I was A Lesbian
Roddy McCorley
Freedom Trilogy
Next Time Around
Beat The Retreat
Sake Of Mary
Erin Go Braugh
Bonny St Johnstone
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
Click Song
Backlash Love Affair
She Don't Love Nobody
Shaky Nancy
Pinball Wizard
She Said It Was Destiny
Harlan's Bounce
Jerusalem On the Jukebox
She Thinks I Still Care
Red Wine Promises
Two Left Feet
Danny Boy
Sam Hall
Willie O Winsbury
You Win Again
Amazing Grace
I'll Regret It All
Ghosts In The Wind
Can't Win
Diamond Joe
Wondering Aloud
Hard On Me
Train Don't Leave
One More Cup Of Coffee
Woods Of Darney
Grizzly Man Soundtrack
Feels Like Rain
Mingus Eyes
She Moved Through the Fair
General Taylor
Ghost Of You Walks
Strawberry Fields
Take Care The Road You
Word Unspoken, Sight
Trafalgar Square
Streets Of Paradise
Blackleg Miner

Photo courtesy David Sals