Update! Race for Life
7/28/2009 (updated 7/28/2009)


Back in February Richard very kindly consented to feature my "Race for Life" in memory of my brother David Smith (of "Great Valerio" fame) on his Catch-of-the-Day. For that I am truely very thankful. I also want to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who donated thru' the page. We raised 88.00 for Cancer Research from your website. Between us from all means we raised over 400. Emma, (David's daughter) and I did the race using space hoppers. It was a day of mixed emotions, but I know David would be more than amused looking down watching us!

Once again thank you all very much, your kindness and the wonderful comments you wrote about David were incredibly heart warming. If anyone still wishes to donate as we now rapidly approach the first anniversary of David's passing you still can.

Once again Richard, thank you very much and thanks to your website visitors who donated.

Jane Wainhouse



Jane Wainhouse, sister of Dave Smith (author of 'The Great Valerio' book), is honoring the memory of her late brother as follows:

"In Dave's memory and as close as was possible to the first anniversary of his death, I am running the Manchester Race for Life on the 21 June 2009. It is fitting because the race is to raise funds for Cancer Research.

If possible it would be wonderful if some of Richard's fans who read Dave's RT biography (and hopefully enjoyed it) would sponsor me in the race.

I hope you don't think I'm being too pushy here, it is for a good cause. The sponsorship would be direct to Race for Life via the link:

Thank you for your consideration."

Jane Wainhouse