Dec/Jan Answers, Part I
3/4/2009 (updated 7/4/2012)

Where on the web can I find the correct chords of that amazing song Farewell, Farewell? Piet Buunk

The tune is the same as Willie Of Winsbury. The usual chords are:

|| D / A / | / / E / | D / E / | D / / / | A / D / | A / | F#m / / / | D / E / | D / / / | / / / / ||

Note the bar before the F#m bar has only 2 beats. This is in a baritone key - transpose to suit.

When is, if at all, Richard coming down under? I moved here three years ago and am waiting patiently after seeing him almost every year in Scotland. Can you convince him to tour oz esp. Melbourne, as i am having withdrawls. Yours in music, Derek Cunningham

Dear Richard, when are we going to see you down this way. (NZ)? Lisa McDonald

Is there an Australian tour planned in the near future? Matt Lambert

Re Oct/Nov Q&A 12/05/08 Part V on the prospect of a band tour for the UK in 2010, what about Australia any time soon? Ian Hennessy

My plan is for a band tour of the Pacific Rim - NZ, OZ and Japan. This is not the year to do it economically. Let's see how 2010 shapes up.

Richard, I had the pleasure of seeing you both in Tucson and Phoenix when you last stopped in our state. Any return trip planned? I think Mesa Arts Center would be acoustically perfect for a 1000 years show. Fred Cummings

No plans yet, hope to be back soon.

I have had the pleasure of attending RT Concerts in Pittsburgh, PA, Nelsonville, OH, Morgantown, WV and Kent, Oh. Please appear in the Pittsburgh, PA area again soon. The Carnegie Lecture Hall in Oakland would be ideal. Of course, any venue in our Tri-State area would be more than acceptable. Thanks. Noel Foreman

We are at Penn State College on June 10th, with 'Cabaret Of Souls' tickets available! Sponsorship available! See home page.

Have seen just about all your Dublin / Irish concerts since R&L in the late 70s. When are you coming back to us, in particular the "1000 years" show which we haven't had? Do you remember playing "Madame Soustain" on the mandolin in Liberty Hall, Dublin in the early 80s? Did you ever feel the urge to record it? I know you only did "Joshua gone Barbados" as a tribute to Erik von Schmidt, but do you ever do it live these days, or plan to record it? Raymond McGee, Dublin

Sorry we missed Ireland with 1000 Years - next time. I don't think my version of Madame Sustain is particularly striking, so no plans for that. 'Joshua' was recorded at Montalvo, and could be on a live CD soon.

Do you ever feel temped to leave the guitar at home and perform onstage with your hands in your pockets in retaliation to excessive attention to your guitar playing? Mr. Stupid could be a good one to open the show with :-) Vincent

I might do a whole night of whistling - people really dig that!

I really enjoyed your anecdote about the Parliament Hill Fields gig with the Airplane in 1968. Is this the same gig that Ian Matthews talks about below in the Sandy box set booklet? Cheers, Jamie Taylor

I remember an outdoor show, on Hampstead Heath , in 1968. Sandy was late and the show had to go on. As you may well know, I sang almost all of the time, and still do, with my eyes shut tight. As we cruised into a solo of a particularly inspired vocalization of 'Reno, Nevada' there was a tremendous applause. I remember thinking "yeah, I was pretty good there, wasn't I?" only to open my eyes and glance left, to see Sandy, guitar in hand, waving a cheeky "am I forgiven? Hello..." to her adoring fans.

That's the one. It must have been chilly - Grace Slick kept her coat on.