Dec/Jan Answers, Part III
3/2/2009 (updated 7/4/2012)

Hi from Scotland! Was the 'Industry' album with Danny ever released on LP? The Amazon site indicates it was but I have never seen a copy. All the best for the New Year. Malcolm

Sorry, I don't know.

Hello, Richard, I understand you will be performing at Penn State in June. Any plans for stopping by either Kent Stage in Kent, Ohio, or the House of Blues in Cleveland while you "are in the neighborhood"? You could, of course, be the headliner at my fantasy graduation party in Mentor, Ohio. Regards. Bambi

Penn State is a one-off, and involves a lot of rehearsal beforehand, so probably not this time.

Any concerts planned for the Philadelphia, PA area (e.g., at the Keswick Theater in Glenside or in Southern New Jersey)? Thanks, Linda Crews (fan since 1971).

See above.

Did you have any dreams in your childhood that were so vivid that their images remain with you to this day? David Koral - New York, NY

The earliest dream I remember. I was probably about 5 years old, the sugar man was coming for me. I had better explain - on the Tate and Lyle sugar packets, 2lb bag, was a little cartoon of a packet of sugar with arms and legs and a face, smiling and child-friendly of course (not unlike a monochrome Spongebob). For some reason, I found this image disturbing, and in my nightmare, he was coming towards me through a 5-bar country gate. I was sweating profusely, and awoke to find myself under the covers at the bottom of the bed, oxygen starved. Hasn't put me off sugar for life.

Any chance of RT appearing at the Jazzfest 2009?

No, but I'm at The Parish in New Orleans on March 15th.

I'm sure you get many requests but I appreciate if you would inform as to why you never come to Northern Ireland? I have seen you twice at the Barbican in London but would dearly love to see you in Belfast. We have some amazing venues such as the Ulster Hall and the Waterfront (where Louden Wainwright performed last year with his daughter).

I'm a great fan of your music and gig's as you have a lovely mix of humour and interaction with the audience but unfortunately I am unable to afford the travel and accommodation costs to London or across the mini pond to see you perform. I would be eternally grateful if there was some way you could schedule a performance in our green and pleasant land. I look forward to your reply! Drew

I'm sorry to have neglected Belfast. I have played at the Waterfront, a fine venue. It tends to work that promoters ask me to play, rather than I pick my favourite places and solicit for gigs. If there is enough demand, I'll be there soon enough.

Do you have an East Coast tour schedule as yet? Carole

Just wondering.....Any NY or New England tour dates comming up? The Feb. funk is setting in and we all need something to look forward to......... hope all is well....Deborah G

We were around the East Coast fairly extensively in Oct/Nov 08. Nothing else planned just now.

Please forgive the length, but I have several questions for Mr. Thompson. First, are there any country guitarists (Merle Travis, Roy Buchannan, Jimmy Capps etc.) that you count as an influence on your playing style? Second, what kind of plectrum(s) have you found to suit you the best? Thank you for your time,-- Andrew Sovine

We heard Chet Atkins in the UK from early days, about 1960, and I heard Hank Garland and Grady Martin without really knowing who they were at the time. James Burton, of course, and later on I heard Jimmy Bryant and Thumbs Carlille. I'd say all of those were influential.

I use equivalents of the old Les Paul teardrop pick, which I can't find any more. Fender make the only one I seem to get these days. Medium gauge. For recording sometimes, I use heavy picks for better tone, especially for flatpicking.