Dec/Jan Answers, Part VI
3/1/2009 (updated 7/4/2012)

Another astounding show, the 1000 years at Salford Lowry last night! Any chance of your tunings and chords/tab for Shenandoah and also thanks for a beautiful version of Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime (any chance of your chords and tuning for that too)? I'll leave it there. Thanks for the music! Dav Devalle

I play Shenandoah capo 3, drop D:

|| D / / / | / / / / |G / / / | D / / / | G / Asus / | Bm / / / | D / / / | F#m / / / | Bm / E / | Asus / | D / / / ||

Note the penultimate bar of Asus is 2 beats.

Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime we play in A minor:


|| Am7 / / / | Am6 / Am4+ / || play x 4

|| Am7 / / / | E7+ / E7 / | Dm13 / / / | Gsus / / / ||


|| Em7 / | F / / / | (Dm over B) / || play x 2, third time:

| Em7 / | F / / / | (G over B) / | C / Cb5 / | C / Cb5 / ||

More 2 beat bars!

You co-produced Sandy's 'Northstar Grassman & The Ravens' album. Any memories of those sessions in particular? Cheers, Jamie Taylor

I think we did most of it at Olympic Studios in Barnes. It was a joy to sit out on the studio floor and listen to Harry Robinson's string arrangements being recorded. I don't have any stunning anecdotes from the sessions'I think I've said before that although the album is well made, there is a lack of variety in tempo in the material, and to compensate, other songs were rather tacked on, which was probably a mistake. As one of the producers, I could have done a better job in that regard.

As someone who is politically conscious - and strongly left leaning - what was your reaction to the inauguration of Barack Obama?

Very moving, very historic - I thought his speech was terrific.

Since the election of Barack Obama, one can sense a sea change in the American zeitgeist. Idealism over ideology, hope over despair and cynicism. Of course, the gloom associated with the economy cannot be ignored. As a songwriter, where do you think the regime change in America will take you?

You have the hope of the Obama years balanced against a huge economic depression. Perhaps it's time for songs like 'Buddy, Can You Spare $700 Billion?'

What impact do you think this new, more optimistic era in American politics will have on popular music as a whole?

Wish I knew.

I'm curious as to why the 1000 Years shows have yet to feature a song by the Rolling Stones (I could see you doing a killer version of 'Paint It Black'). And while you have covered The Who and The Kinks, what about The Yardbirds, Hollies or Searchers?

I wouldn't rule it out. I think Lennon/McCartney, Ray Davies and Pete Townsend are better writers, but I dig a lot of that Brit invasion stuff.

Any chance of you ever doing an all-request show here in New York City? (I fondly remember The Bucket Show at The Bottom Line.)

There is every chance.

How do you prepare for an all-request show? Cheers, Douglas Alan Feinstein

Run three miles a day, lots of yoga, cut out red meat.

You've occasionally mentioned your children on your site. Do they share your interest in music and if so is there anything they've introduced you to which you may not have discovered or considered yourself? Can we expect a slew of releases in years to come a la the Wainwright clan? Thanks, Sean

I have 5 children, for the record:

Jesse, oldest, grew up in LA/Boston, now lives in London. Has written several film scripts, currently working for Motorola. Loves music, faves include Aimee Mann and Weezer (me too).

Muna, busy being a mum, expecting her third in two weeks. Lives in London. Mother of Zak Hobbs, 14 year old guitarist/singer/prodigy.

Teddy, international celebrity, doing really well in the UK at the moment, loves those old Everlys songs. Lives in New York.

Kami, just finished her first album, voice of an angel. Lives in London.

Jack, bass player, 17, still in school. Plays in Mangrass, a terrific Crossroads School band. Loves that Norwegian death metal!

So potentially we've got 4 musos there, that might challenge the might of the Wainwrights. Have I picked up on any of their music? Well, not much, I'm afraid.