Dec/Jan Answers, Part VII
2/28/2009 (updated 7/4/2012)

Went to see you/him in Glasgow a few nights ago and, excuse the ancient medieval Italian, but it was fucking magical. I am now entirely in love with the song so ben mi ch' bon tempo now, being a big lover and in fact studier(better than 'student' yuk) of italian and italian culture old and new. I've been looking everywhere online to try to track down the guitar tablature for this so I can learn it myself for my acoustic nights but can't find it anywhere...and unfortunately I am not musical enough nor have the spare time (lie really) to work it out for myself, don't suppose you could post it on your site? That would be rather very awesome. Thanks for your time. Catherine Larkin, Glasgow

I put together the guitar part from the arrangement for 4 crumhorns. TAB would be the best way to convey this, but I don't have the time to do it now. I shall endeavour to get to it in the next few months - meanwhile, a quick chord chart:

Dm || Dm (A over C#) Dm Bb | A / / / / || Dm (A over C#) Dm Bb | A / / / | Am / (G over B) / | C / / / | Dm6 / Esus / | Am / / / | G / A / | D / / / | Am / (G over B) / | C / / / | Gm / (Dm over F) / | Em / Dm / | Bb / A / | Dm / / / | / / / / | / / / / | / / / / ||

First Dm is the pickup beat (on the word 'SO')

There's been a bit of a revival in interest in Jake Thackray recently and I was interested in your thoughts of him as a songwriter, performer and guitarist? Have you considered or ever used a nylon strung guitar like Jake on your recordings/performances? Thanks. Will from North Yorks

Jake was a one-off, quite a unique performer. He was of a generation that preferred the nylon-strung guitar, or just didn't have access or cultural need of the steel-strung. For the most part, it's not the instrument for me, although I love it, and love the classical guitar repertoire.

I wonder if you are a fan of Kate Rusby, and if you have ever have/ever might consider performing with her? I don't know if you think your styles would match well, I'm just a huge fan of you both.

Kate has such a beautiful voice. We have toured together, but never played together. I would be very open to the idea.

The 'shuffle' mode on my itunes player picks two artists more often than any others; Richard Thompson, and Bela Fleck. Have you ever played together, or ever thought of collaborating? many thanks, Chuck Moody

I've done shows and festivals with Bela and the Flecktones, wonderful, jaw-dropping stuff. Our styles might not be compatible, but who knows?

**Footnote: Pam Winters says, "Both play on Shawn Colvin's "Tennessee," although possibly not together (and I'm assuming they weren't together for the recording). The track is on her album Fat City."**

I know that you played on Bless The Weather & Solid Air: I wonder if you are deeply saddened at the loss of John Martyn. After all, Danny Thompson and John made excellent music together. What are your fondest memories of the great artist ? Is there a favourite song? Thank you, Thomas Casagranda

I am truly devastated by the loss of John. I knew him very well in the late 60s, early 70s, when we were neighbours. A great, unique talent. Solid Air might be my favourite song.

I've just enjoyed the 1000 years of popular music show, laughed at the amusing patter between numbers and marvelled at the amount of research that must go into it. I wonder, have you ever thought of researching music from other cultures - north Africa, India, Ireland, China to name but a few for inclusion in the show? Roger of Wales

Are you insane? Increase the scope of the show? Isn't 1,000 Years enough, even if it's only one language? One thing I hated about Fifties folk was the colonial requisitioning of other cultures - middle-class liberal well-intentioned versions of Kumbaya, Guantanamera, etc., sung with a sense of international brotherhood, but with no cultural depth. The idea is appalling (but we do do a song from Ireland).